misadventures in parenting//discipline

I'm currently nursing a discipline hangover. The other day I had to discipline my adorable child for doing something naughty with her cousin, the toilet and some toilet paper and band-aids. Confession? I hated it.

I hate being disappointed in my child. I hate feigning mad. I hate all of it actually. Because, let's be honest, stuffing things into the toilet is quite funny. The toilet is fine. It feels kind of violated and it may have to tell a therapist that two four year old kids touched it in inappropriate places but it'll live. So is there any point? I mean, really...

I know my Husband's stance on life. We need to help her grow into an adult and adult's don't do stuff like that. But, guess what? I kind of, actually, would and I'm perfectly normal {ha!}. So when it comes to discipline I'm faking it. And as B. would say "it's horrible and it's got spiders in it" because it really is that bad...

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