i am so smart & really, really dumb

I've never really been very book smart. I've always been better at life than at scholastic endeavors. Don't even ask me how I got through University without failing any classes and with high distinctions under my belt. I mean... I'm me. I kind of really adore myself and I still don't get it. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and think -- how do you survive? Most of the time I forget to eat proper meals and wearing bottoms is a real hassle. I basically live on bites of chocolate to sustain myself and I'm rarely clothed in anything other than pyjamas. I don't life very well and being an adult is really damn hard.

Sure, you get to eat Nutella from the jar for dinner three nights in a row and you {kinda} get to do whatever the heck you please but you know what else? You're not really supposed to still get mad at soy milk for not really being milk. And you're not supposed to only just get that Red Rooster is red because it's red. And you're certainly not supposed to think Houston was a person! But also, this...

How could you Pauline Hanson? How could you???

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