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Has anyone else had an insane amount of trouble finding headphones that not only look nice but actually work well too? My Husband is fine with the standard ones Samsung give with their phones but I'm a more complicated kind of creature and my ears are, apparently, really small.

When Mobile Zap got me to pick out a pair of headphones to review I wasn't that thrilled because, see, I'm twenty-seven and still haven't found the perfect pair so why would I now? Still, I jumped online and had a quick flick until something golden caught my eye and I fell in love. How could I not jump at the opportunity to review these? They're simple, yet pretty and flashy but not too flashy and I love them.

Also, their name is just so me -- happy plugs -- and it might be ridiculous but things like this do make me happy. Really, truly. Just staring at them lifts me up and don't even get me started on popping them into my ears and listening to my favourite songs. They make me feel hip and, let's face facts, I'm not hip so that's an achievement. 

As is the way, I have named my happy plugs Harry and Potter because... HP. And Harry and Potter fit perfectly into my ears. They don't slip and they don't hurt. They're also not tinny and they make the music sound wonderful. What else is there really? They also seem to not tangle, if that's possible. Even when they're tangled they magically un-loop themselves and are, generally, not a pain in the ass.

The Happy Plugs {or Harry and Potter} have noise cancelling features {the in-ear design helps filter out background noise}, 3 different sized interchangeable silicone buds {small, medium and large} and built-in microphone for hands free communication {which works remarkably well but I'm not really a hands free kind of gal}. There's also an integrated remote control on the microphone block that enables you to skip and change volume without having to touch your device. The Happy Plugs have a 3.5mm gold plated connector that delivers great stereo sound and makes them compatible with most phones, tablets and other devices.

Would you like some stuff that sounds confusing and that I don't get? here you go --
Audio: 9mm handmade drivers
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 16 ohm
Sensitivity: 102+3dB
Maximum Input Power: 10mW

purple monkey dishwasher

In conclusion, if you're after some headphones that are pretty, won't break two minutes in and actually work you need to give these golden beauties a try.

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. MobileZap gifted me the Happy Plugs, however, I was not paid for my review and was under no obligation to give positive feedback. Like, always these opinions are all my own. I genuinely love MobileZap and their products and it's a pleasure to continue working with them.

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