friday five//got milk?

I must confess, I forgot to actually write a post today. This morning a scheduled post went live and I only realised when Twitter told me. Ugh. But, also, working and keeping a house and being a parent and a wife and writing any freelance pieces along with jayebyday is tricky, man. I haven't got the juggling act down yet but I will. Or I won't and then I'll be the girl in the corner crying into a bowl of soup while stuffing ice cream {Ben & Jerry's Core, thanks} and chocolate in my mouth while twitching madly...

rose gold ceramic milk bottles from typo -- lined up together with flowers, right?
milk & cookies love card -- so sweet! Obviously, you need to gift this to someone with the bracelets below...
venessa arizaga milk & cookies friendship bracelet set -- it's really bloody lame but I need to have these and wear them with my Husband. 
benefit milk it! eye shadow -- highlight and, perhaps, all over base colour...
kate spade milk box cross body bag -- woah! that's a lot of money to spend on a novelty bag but I need it okay? 

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