friday five//date night-in essentials

It's Friday {finally!}. It's also my monthly date night-in with Husband {25th} and it's also Bailey's annual awesome day that's since been cancelled because that kid be hobo. Today, I want to share five date night-in essentials. Sometimes there isn't anything better than a date night-in with someone who just gets you --

eat. candyhouse liquorice allsorts -- because yum
snuggle. i will do it tomorrow pillowcase {but I probably won't}
pom pom coverlet -- date night-in with a pillow/blanket fort or hidden away in bed is a must
wear. star wars for her & star wars for him -- because you're not really married if no one else will ever have sex with you 
{p.s. matching star wars pj's may just be our christmas family pj theme this year}
play. devilish dilemmas -- cute & fun  

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