being mum//what i hate most about being a mumma

If you catch me on a good day and ask me how I feel about parenting I'll wax lyrically about everything. Good sleeper. Good eater. Best friend. Rare tantrums. Hilarious. Fun. Catch me on a bad day and you might hear those things but you'll more likely hear about all the crappy parts, the things I hate most about being a mumma --

sharing my berries & chocolate
Bailey thinks because she has to share it means I have to share and that's just not fair. She says "mummy you have to share" and I think...how dare you use my parenting against me.

bed time...
Apparently children need to sleep at night. I would have liked to know this before I let the kid rip apart my vagina. Most nights 7.00PM rolls around and B. says "I'm ready for bed" and then goes to sleep! Can you even? Some nights I just want to eat popcorn and watch Disney movies with her. Is that so bad?

The other day I asked B. if she wanted to skip school and go shopping with me and guess what she said? *sigh* "no mum I have to go to school. I don't know everything yet."

missing her
When she goes to school.When I go to work. When she sleeps.When I'm sick. All the things.


head lice
But that's another post for another time and that time is never because talking about head lice makes me itchy.

Ugh, parenting... Am I right?

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