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I am a huge cupcake/brownie/baked goods fan. Huge. I'm also very picky so it's quite difficult for me to find a place that ticks all my boxes. They need to not be ridiculous to get to/park at {because that ain't no fun}, they need to do the simple well {some people rest on their laurels and if their red velvet or plain chocolate/vanilla don't make me want to orgasm then I'm disappointed in your life and would like to speak to your parents}, they need to not be too expensive {anymore than $6 a cupcake and I hate you}, their product range needs to be wide but not too wide because I'm often indecisive and, lastly, they need to have their sizing right {nothing too small, nothing too big and your icing to cake ratio needs to be 100% perfect}. Not too hard, right?

Enter, Mrs C's Cupcakes in Penrith {on High Street}. Divine. Decadent. Delicious. Other d words. If you live in New South Wales you might be anti-Western Sydney but I implore you to not be. I live in the west and, yes, while we reside in a "family" suburb that's quite lovely I also frequent the Penrith area and it ain't so bad. Also, Mrs C's kind of makes it worth it. Yes sir it does.

or, a lot...

^cupcakes, brownies, slices galore. They also do hot {tea/coffee/hot chocolate} and cold drinks. As a bonus they also have cake pops, fudge sauce to take home, cookies and Ben & Jerry's. I don't think you can get much better than that {though they do also cater -- follow them on Instagram here to check out some of their wonderful stuff & look out for that naked cake!}.

B's top pick is the vanilla with sprinkles & mine is the peanut butter brownie {above}. Ugh, dreaming about it always. I don't even like peanut butter baked goodies but this is the perfect mix between cake & brownie and it's so gooey and moist. I would like seventy please.

If you're going for the cupcakes don't pass up the Rocher {a Ferrero Rocher in cupcake form}, Red Velvet or the chocolate {"plain" never tasted so good}. 

Each cupcake is $4 each. Grab 4 {a must} for $15. I believe the brownies/slices are between $3-$5. Plan to go during the week in the morning or early afternoon and if you can take cash because their card machine/phone attachment thing is weird and puzzle-y but, also, it makes you feel like a boy wizard genius. 

Mrs C's is a must for the baked good lover. Go on an empty stomach and leave with a full one plus treats for later because one won't be enough. 

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