j style//the new wallet obsession

I have decided that I need a new wallet. A Chanel Camellia just isn't enough anymore. Neither are the two Fossil wallets. I just need more. I think I have issues. Feel me? Anyway, by wallet, I of course mean a pochette, card case and coin purse because obviously! What else could one mean by that? And, yes, I know I'm annoying and obnoxious. It's a winning duo I tell you.

Obviously I'd put the card holder in the pochette and just have the coin purse roaming about but, gosh, so gorgeous & so me. Love. 


adventures in awesome//mrs c's cupcakes

I am a huge cupcake/brownie/baked goods fan. Huge. I'm also very picky so it's quite difficult for me to find a place that ticks all my boxes. They need to not be ridiculous to get to/park at {because that ain't no fun}, they need to do the simple well {some people rest on their laurels and if their red velvet or plain chocolate/vanilla don't make me want to orgasm then I'm disappointed in your life and would like to speak to your parents}, they need to not be too expensive {anymore than $6 a cupcake and I hate you}, their product range needs to be wide but not too wide because I'm often indecisive and, lastly, they need to have their sizing right {nothing too small, nothing too big and your icing to cake ratio needs to be 100% perfect}. Not too hard, right?

Enter, Mrs C's Cupcakes in Penrith {on High Street}. Divine. Decadent. Delicious. Other d words. If you live in New South Wales you might be anti-Western Sydney but I implore you to not be. I live in the west and, yes, while we reside in a "family" suburb that's quite lovely I also frequent the Penrith area and it ain't so bad. Also, Mrs C's kind of makes it worth it. Yes sir it does.

or, a lot...

^cupcakes, brownies, slices galore. They also do hot {tea/coffee/hot chocolate} and cold drinks. As a bonus they also have cake pops, fudge sauce to take home, cookies and Ben & Jerry's. I don't think you can get much better than that {though they do also cater -- follow them on Instagram here to check out some of their wonderful stuff & look out for that naked cake!}.

B's top pick is the vanilla with sprinkles & mine is the peanut butter brownie {above}. Ugh, dreaming about it always. I don't even like peanut butter baked goodies but this is the perfect mix between cake & brownie and it's so gooey and moist. I would like seventy please.

If you're going for the cupcakes don't pass up the Rocher {a Ferrero Rocher in cupcake form}, Red Velvet or the chocolate {"plain" never tasted so good}. 

Each cupcake is $4 each. Grab 4 {a must} for $15. I believe the brownies/slices are between $3-$5. Plan to go during the week in the morning or early afternoon and if you can take cash because their card machine/phone attachment thing is weird and puzzle-y but, also, it makes you feel like a boy wizard genius. 

Mrs C's is a must for the baked good lover. Go on an empty stomach and leave with a full one plus treats for later because one won't be enough. 


taking over australian fashion week with farfetch

I was recently contacted by Farfetch about their competition where bloggers {like me! that's me! hi!} get to "takeover" Australian Fashion Week. So, what's happening? I'm using this brain of mine {yep, I do have one} to take over Australian Fashion Week. In this post. Not for real. Because I'm me and ain't nobody actually hiring me to take over anything. Let's get into my takeover shall we?

I envision a festival of fashion that's more accessible to the masses. I want a fashion week where everyone who loves fashion is welcome. Any gender, any shape and size, any budget. My fashion week is structured and free flowing. It's traditional and nontraditional. It's a mass of amazing and it comes to life here --

It's still all about the fashion but it's not uptight {and pyjamas are mandatory}. I want brands that are accessible and play into the idea that everyone is welcome. We welcome diversity. We're approachable. We love people of all shapes and sizes. Men, women and kids. Everyone who adores fashion. We're not menacing or strict. We won't seem imposing or better than. It's all about the celebration, supporting one another and giving back. 
We'll swallow every inch of The Grounds. Rather than catwalks we'll have sections that flow beautifully. Here it's all about the designs becoming one with the beauty of The Grounds. Flowers, food, drinks. Fashion shows will morph into something else entirely - as if like magic.

 Baked goods.
Delectable one-serve salads.
Polenta fries.
Drinks for everyone.

Food & good times.

& what would I wear? These.
Gorgeous items while staying true to myself. Whimsical and serious. Fun and glamorous. Comfortable and beautiful. Everything that makes me me. Nothing less. Nothing more. A true representation of my fashion week take-over.

look one: dress, ring, clutch, heels

look three: cuff, clutch, dress, pin, heels

That's how I'd do fashion week.

How would you?


friday five//date night-in essentials

It's Friday {finally!}. It's also my monthly date night-in with Husband {25th} and it's also Bailey's annual awesome day that's since been cancelled because that kid be hobo. Today, I want to share five date night-in essentials. Sometimes there isn't anything better than a date night-in with someone who just gets you --

eat. candyhouse liquorice allsorts -- because yum
snuggle. i will do it tomorrow pillowcase {but I probably won't}
pom pom coverlet -- date night-in with a pillow/blanket fort or hidden away in bed is a must
wear. star wars for her & star wars for him -- because you're not really married if no one else will ever have sex with you 
{p.s. matching star wars pj's may just be our christmas family pj theme this year}
play. devilish dilemmas -- cute & fun  


misadventures in parenting//discipline

I'm currently nursing a discipline hangover. The other day I had to discipline my adorable child for doing something naughty with her cousin, the toilet and some toilet paper and band-aids. Confession? I hated it.

I hate being disappointed in my child. I hate feigning mad. I hate all of it actually. Because, let's be honest, stuffing things into the toilet is quite funny. The toilet is fine. It feels kind of violated and it may have to tell a therapist that two four year old kids touched it in inappropriate places but it'll live. So is there any point? I mean, really...

I know my Husband's stance on life. We need to help her grow into an adult and adult's don't do stuff like that. But, guess what? I kind of, actually, would and I'm perfectly normal {ha!}. So when it comes to discipline I'm faking it. And as B. would say "it's horrible and it's got spiders in it" because it really is that bad...


happiness is golden//happy plugs review

Has anyone else had an insane amount of trouble finding headphones that not only look nice but actually work well too? My Husband is fine with the standard ones Samsung give with their phones but I'm a more complicated kind of creature and my ears are, apparently, really small.

When Mobile Zap got me to pick out a pair of headphones to review I wasn't that thrilled because, see, I'm twenty-seven and still haven't found the perfect pair so why would I now? Still, I jumped online and had a quick flick until something golden caught my eye and I fell in love. How could I not jump at the opportunity to review these? They're simple, yet pretty and flashy but not too flashy and I love them.

Also, their name is just so me -- happy plugs -- and it might be ridiculous but things like this do make me happy. Really, truly. Just staring at them lifts me up and don't even get me started on popping them into my ears and listening to my favourite songs. They make me feel hip and, let's face facts, I'm not hip so that's an achievement. 

As is the way, I have named my happy plugs Harry and Potter because... HP. And Harry and Potter fit perfectly into my ears. They don't slip and they don't hurt. They're also not tinny and they make the music sound wonderful. What else is there really? They also seem to not tangle, if that's possible. Even when they're tangled they magically un-loop themselves and are, generally, not a pain in the ass.

The Happy Plugs {or Harry and Potter} have noise cancelling features {the in-ear design helps filter out background noise}, 3 different sized interchangeable silicone buds {small, medium and large} and built-in microphone for hands free communication {which works remarkably well but I'm not really a hands free kind of gal}. There's also an integrated remote control on the microphone block that enables you to skip and change volume without having to touch your device. The Happy Plugs have a 3.5mm gold plated connector that delivers great stereo sound and makes them compatible with most phones, tablets and other devices.

Would you like some stuff that sounds confusing and that I don't get? here you go --
Audio: 9mm handmade drivers
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 16 ohm
Sensitivity: 102+3dB
Maximum Input Power: 10mW

purple monkey dishwasher

In conclusion, if you're after some headphones that are pretty, won't break two minutes in and actually work you need to give these golden beauties a try.

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. MobileZap gifted me the Happy Plugs, however, I was not paid for my review and was under no obligation to give positive feedback. Like, always these opinions are all my own. I genuinely love MobileZap and their products and it's a pleasure to continue working with them.


friday five//5 things i need now

1. Sportsgirl Printed Kimono -- the pocket detail is dreamy
2. Dangerfield Banana Pinafore -- ba-na-na!
5. Dangerfield Phone Conversation Dress -- why do I need more ridiculous dresses? Why?


life lately...

Yup, that's about it...


watch//the ageless community

2 must-watches: one movie and one show...

The Age of Adaline -- I've been wanting to see this since before it was released in cinemas and I, not so patiently, waited until it was released on DVD to watch it. It's beautiful and peacefully quiet in the best way and if you haven't seen it, you need to. You'll fall in love with Adaline herself {the way Blake acts young and old in the same breathe is quite remarkable}, the clothes, her nails, the make up and hair! Just beautiful...

 I tried giving Community a go, once upon a time, but couldn't get into it but then I read this piece on Alison Brie, and saw some rather risque photos, and had to give it another go. And now I'm hooked. So, thanks, for that, Alison. Luckily I was laid up for two days straight with pinched nerves in my back so I got to binge a wonderful amount. It's dry and funny and real and I like it. Yup, I like it a lot. 

I do wonder though, was Chevy Chase always this funny?


being mum//what i hate most about being a mumma

If you catch me on a good day and ask me how I feel about parenting I'll wax lyrically about everything. Good sleeper. Good eater. Best friend. Rare tantrums. Hilarious. Fun. Catch me on a bad day and you might hear those things but you'll more likely hear about all the crappy parts, the things I hate most about being a mumma --

sharing my berries & chocolate
Bailey thinks because she has to share it means I have to share and that's just not fair. She says "mummy you have to share" and I think...how dare you use my parenting against me.

bed time...
Apparently children need to sleep at night. I would have liked to know this before I let the kid rip apart my vagina. Most nights 7.00PM rolls around and B. says "I'm ready for bed" and then goes to sleep! Can you even? Some nights I just want to eat popcorn and watch Disney movies with her. Is that so bad?

The other day I asked B. if she wanted to skip school and go shopping with me and guess what she said? *sigh* "no mum I have to go to school. I don't know everything yet."

missing her
When she goes to school.When I go to work. When she sleeps.When I'm sick. All the things.


head lice
But that's another post for another time and that time is never because talking about head lice makes me itchy.

Ugh, parenting... Am I right?


j style//the hunt for my own sophia bag

For as long as I can recall I have loved The Golden Girls. For as long as I can recall I have also been obsessed with having my own Sophia bag. There was just something about it that was sweet and adorable and reminded me of good times. Also, who doesn't need a bag that can hide awful food or pieces of a detested broken vase? 

The thing is, it's really difficult to find a bag like hers. I mean, what was it even made of? Wicker? Cane? Aren't they kind of the same...? I'm sure I could Google this but I can't really be bothered. I'd rather leave it as one of those eternal questions like: how does a thermos really keep things hot and cold? Sorcery?

I have spent months really, properly, hunting and have compiled a list with bags that remind me of Sophia's, one of which, will, hopefully, soon become mine --

bags by:
kate spade
forever new
olivia + joy
loeffler randall
olivia + joy

Go on and guess which one is my top pick...

Of course, it's the Ferragamo. Who wouldn't lust after a $3000+ bag. I mean...

Also, did anyone ever spend their life wishing Sophia was their mum? She was hilarious and awesome and wicked and loving and I used to watch her thinking... I wish! Sadly, I had to settle with watching Golden Girls on repeat whenever I had a "I need a mum" moment but it wasn't all that bad because, hey, I was watching Golden Girls and ain't nobody can stay sad watching that.


friday five

This week has been a blur of writing, work and sleep with not enough of the latter until this morning/afternoon. One day I'm going to get the hang of this busy thing but until then I'm just going to complain and whine. Nice, huh?

park view on father's day

inside of the brownie cake B. & I made for Husband on father's day
delicious, chocolatey, gooey

 dinner at work --
almond croissant & tea in my favourite mug at the office

my new "mum/wife" bag to carry all the snacks, wipes, tissues

always {unless it's killing people...don't do that}


one month until twenty-eight//a lust list

It just occurred to me, as the first week of September slipped past, that I'm almost twenty-eight. When did that happen? October is creeping closer and in exactly one month from today the seven in my age will be replaced by an eight and I'll be older. I'm not scared of getting older, in fact I kind of love it, and I'm not as anti-birthday as previous years, yet, I find myself mostly unexcited about the day. It's just another day, really, isn't it?

In previous years I've had high expectations and wishlists up the wazoo but now...? I don't know. Expectations are useless and wishlists mean you're never surprised and all I want is to eat cake and spend the day with loved ones which is what I do pretty much every day of the year anyway. Still, cynical as I sound, I do love a good gift, especially when they follow this recipe --

love some good homewears

adult colouring is my new obsession and you can't go wrong with a favourite book and a sweet print

for the home// imagine a city print 

love a good mug/print/ridiculous item

love a good planner/diary {but only it's a daily one} and pens to colour/write with


the pangs of the father

As Father's Day drew to a close on Sunday I found myself feeling pangs of sadness that wouldn't go away. I look at my Husband, on this day out of them all, and feel resentment toward him. Because he is, mostly, the father I always wished for except he's not my dad, he's my Husband. I am, of course, grateful for his love for B. but I'm also jealous and in some ways I think it'd be easier if he were an awful one like my own so I could see it wasn't just me. Because, sometimes, I feel like the only one...

But, also, on days like those I am grateful. I'm grateful to know that there are amazing fathers and there are kids, like my own, who will feel that forever kind of love that I ached for.

I feel moments like that on Mother's Day too. Most of the time I just want to have a mother and father worthy of celebrating with. Instead I have a Husband to celebrate and I am that mum worth celebrating...

So, life isn't so bad...


i am...


1. Does anyone else hate bras as much as I do? I don't know.
2. Pants are also useless. Unless they're about three sizes too big.
3. I also buy underwear like two sizes too big because I don't want to show my stuff but I also hate wearing underwear and baggy underwear {my Husband is so lucky!} feels like I'm not wearing anything. I, obviously, favour boy legs but they often fall down and that's awkward.
4. When I get home from work, one of the first things I do is strip off and get into pj's and then I slip into bed and tell him how much I missed him. So comfy.
5. I name inanimate objects. 
6. I don't know if I'll ever get over loving polka dots and I don't know how I feel about that. How many polka dots are too many?
7. I have a dog that is one part dog and one part dinosaur. The other thinks he's a black man who starred in every movie every made. He's also very proud of his penis.
8. I've decided I now like The Beatles. Hey Jude is my favourite.
9. I've decided my dream job is to go store to store and be paid {millions!} to straighten their stock. Can you imagine how awesome that'd be? 
10. I am weirdly attached to sippy cups.


beauty//real techniques bold metal brushes at priceline!

Did you hear? Priceline is stocking the Real Techniques Bold Metals brush range. Yup. Yup they are. Took them long enough but, look, Priceline I'm not going to hold it against you. I could also get mad that most of these brushes are currently out of stock. Did you not think this through properly? Or was it deliberate? Like, what were your motives behind it? Other than to not send me free stuff?

I don't really like how some or gold and some are rose gold/copper. What is that about?

I know, I know, you're just paying more for pretty handles but, look, they're so nice! If you don't get it, I liken it to liking to sperm on a girl's boobs. It's just a matter of taste. I personally prefer pretty brushes and handles but each to their own...


friday five//got milk?

I must confess, I forgot to actually write a post today. This morning a scheduled post went live and I only realised when Twitter told me. Ugh. But, also, working and keeping a house and being a parent and a wife and writing any freelance pieces along with jayebyday is tricky, man. I haven't got the juggling act down yet but I will. Or I won't and then I'll be the girl in the corner crying into a bowl of soup while stuffing ice cream {Ben & Jerry's Core, thanks} and chocolate in my mouth while twitching madly...

rose gold ceramic milk bottles from typo -- lined up together with flowers, right?
milk & cookies love card -- so sweet! Obviously, you need to gift this to someone with the bracelets below...
venessa arizaga milk & cookies friendship bracelet set -- it's really bloody lame but I need to have these and wear them with my Husband. 
benefit milk it! eye shadow -- highlight and, perhaps, all over base colour...
kate spade milk box cross body bag -- woah! that's a lot of money to spend on a novelty bag but I need it okay? 


i am so smart & really, really dumb

I've never really been very book smart. I've always been better at life than at scholastic endeavors. Don't even ask me how I got through University without failing any classes and with high distinctions under my belt. I mean... I'm me. I kind of really adore myself and I still don't get it. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and think -- how do you survive? Most of the time I forget to eat proper meals and wearing bottoms is a real hassle. I basically live on bites of chocolate to sustain myself and I'm rarely clothed in anything other than pyjamas. I don't life very well and being an adult is really damn hard.

Sure, you get to eat Nutella from the jar for dinner three nights in a row and you {kinda} get to do whatever the heck you please but you know what else? You're not really supposed to still get mad at soy milk for not really being milk. And you're not supposed to only just get that Red Rooster is red because it's red. And you're certainly not supposed to think Houston was a person! But also, this...

How could you Pauline Hanson? How could you???