the curse of the ghd

In the past four years I have purchased two GHD straighteners and I've finally had enough. No longer will I be tied to that brand. They're dead to me. In fact, they top my "dead to me" and "hate" lists and let me tell you, up until now, that list has only consisted of Mr. Charrington {he knows what he did}, Frodo Baggins, Claire Underwood {if Frank doesn't kill her in the next season of House of Cards I may boycott. I mean, come on Frank, you pushed *spoiler* Kate Mara in front of a train. Do that again. But instead of a train make it a chainsaw} and Apple {the tech company, not the fruit or person. I actually love green apples and I don't know Apple Paltrow {?} Martin {?} so I can't judge}.

So, one actual company person as opposed to ridiculous fictional people that actually make me so mad that I can't breathe. GHD is now on the list. The first one I owned was pink and I bought it over the plain one {and paid more!} because some of the proceeds {prob. 10 cents} went to breast cancer. On, or around, the two year mark I plugged it in and, suddenly, snap crackle pop and it stopped working. Just like that. And, lucky old me, the warranty had just run out. Ugh.

I hopped on Adore Beauty a few minutes later and purchased the gorgeous red one above {I wrote about it here - Tim Tams!}. And wouldn't you know it, just after 2 years later I plugged it in and, suddenly, snap crackle pop and it stopped working {in different houses, by the way, so different sockets}. Warranty. Out. But, even if it had of still been in warranty why would I even consider dealing with GHD again?

When it comes to Apple I really believe that they don't make their products to last beyond the 1-1.5 year mark and now I believe the same of GHD. These things are not cheap! And everyone raves about them and I loved my pink one and this ruby red one and now *sob* now I am straightener-less. I have frizzy hair! I can't be straightener-less. Also, I don't own a blow dryer and doubt I'd know how to use it in the first place {bar actually drying my hair}.

So, yes, I am disappointed. Mad. Somewhat sad. My Husband, on the other hand, is proud because I gave him license to pull it apart and have a fiddle {that's what she said} and if there's one thing you should know about that man is he loves a good fiddle {dirty as intended}.

So GHD how do you feel about being utter crap, devastating my self esteem and being on pair with Charrington/Frodo Douche Baggins/C. Underwood & Apple? Does it feel good? Do you not care? Yeah, I thought as much...

*psst. give me some suggestions for other straighteners...

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