product rave//my palmer's cocoa butter saviours

I have spoken at length about my love for the Palmer's Purifying Face Mask {see here, here & here -- just to name a few} and even though I still adore it {and no face mask has ever surpassed its greatness} don't fret, nor fear, today's post is not about that beauty. Nope, I have branched out and discovered two other Palmer's products that quickly won me over with their saviour-like qualities.

Here's the illuminating brightening eye serum and the rapid moisture spray lotion in coconut rich {I naturally gravitate toward anything "coconut" except coconut water because... well, I don't know why. Healthy things scare me}.

Both products are must-haves in the time saver arena. The eye serum has little illuminating particles that gives your under eye area moisture and illumination for darkness. It's really very white and can be a bit sparkly so you must remember to blend properly otherwise you'll notice white stripes on your face and that ain't pretty.

The moisture spray is perfection for lazy people like me. The good thing is that it actually works so well that you don't feel so lazy using it. You just spray it like any spray bottle -- close to the skin but not too close and not too hard. It sprays and dries clear so be careful. I learnt the hard way when I got Husband to spray my back and I was soaked {he didn't think anything was coming out - ha!}. Luckily, even if you do apply liberally, the product isn't greasy and I only had to go sans top {yes, Husband, I am onto you} for a few minutes until it dried. With this, there really is no need for actual moisturiser which is good because using my hands and rubbing things in is just too damn hard. Ugh.

& in case you were wondering, no Palmer's are not sponsoring me or sending me products. None at all. How rude right? I know! But, also, yes, back on track, I know I talk a lot about Palmer's products but I just genuinely love them and can't help it!

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