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As someone with anxiety/depression/ptsd I know that happiness isn't always easy. In fact, being happy is sometimes really darn hard but, for the most part, I am happy all day every day. Yep, even with mental illness... Here's how --

1. Be 100% yourself and have no shame in who you are -- why would you? I'm awesome and so are you. Are you hurting someone? No, then there's no need to worry...
2. Remove people from your life who don't need to be there -- this goes for anybody
3. Help whoever you can -- even if you feel like they don't deserve it
4. Volunteer -- when you can, where you can
5. Smile & laugh every day -- even if you feel like you need to force it sometimes
6. Tell your spouse everything -- communicate & don't lie
7. Acknowledge even the silliest or smallest of issues -- sometimes we cry over spilled milk and that's okay
8. Allow others to do the same -- ditto for above
9. Snuggle with your loved ones whenever you can -- because snuggles are the best especially with your kid
10. Don't view parenting as a job. It's hard but it's not hard. Your kid is your friend. Treat them as you'd like to be treated -- I may be biased but parenting is kind of the best thing ever. Sometimes it's hard but most days it's a walk in the park and so much fun. It's not a job. I'm not a doctor, a taxi driver or a chef. I am a mum and her friend
11. Be alone -- because you need it and with tea, preferably
12. Be surrounded -- because you need it
13. Don't judge -- anyone
14. Eat what you want to eat. I eat chocolate for breakfast and salad for dinner and I love cake -- because how can you be happy otherwise? I guess, unless you like being regimented and kale...
15. Own your choices -- again, if you're not hurting anyone who the hell cares? I am a stay-at-home mum. I spent the other day ironing an entire basket of clothes, cleaning the house and being all busy after waking up at 6.00 AM for no reason other than because I wanted to. I liked it. But if I didn't want to I wouldn't and that would be okay too
16. Dance -- even if it's in public
17. Be a kid -- as much as possible because grown up stuff {working/cleaning/bills} is boring and Nutella is much better
18. Colour in -- or find something that calms you and do it whenever you need
19. Read and watch TV and movies and listen to music -- devour as much as you can and then devour some more
20. Adopt a few mantras like -- it's okay
their opinions don't matter {they really don't}
celebrate the little moments

how do you do happy?

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be nice. unless you can be cake and then always be cake.