j style//the hunt for the perfect black skirt

My closet holds no secrets and many black skirts but none are the black skirt. One has a floral-type print on it that's black, yes, but still noticeable. Another has a white bottom. A few have a tulle lining and, so, ballerina-esque and one of those is full on sequins too so not plain at all. Of course, these skirts would suffice if I were different but I am not, I am me, and I need a plain black skirt that isn't boring and doesn't collect lint on its rack at the shop and isn't too corporate. Silly me thought the task wouldn't be difficult at all but, man, was I wrong. It's a jungle out there and plain {but not boring} black skirts are extinct.

My search will continue and as it does here's four that scream perfection --

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