friday five//5 items you need for your nails

1. ciate nail superhero from mecca -- I love the ciate packaging so this purchase is worth it just for the cuteness factor but the word superhero in the name ups the need by about a hundred
2. ciate mint choc pot from mecca -- I have the Maybelline nail polish remover pot so I don't need this but it's so cute that I need it -- feel me? Also, it's a mint choc pot so I bet it smells delicious {there's tons of other "flavours" too}
3. sweet almond oil nail polish remover from the body shop -- nail polish remover is quite harsh and stinky. I also feel like most varieties aren't great for your nails either. I have never really cared about it all until I happened upon this nail polish remover from the body shop. Don't you just feel like it would be amazing?
4. coconut scratch & sniff nail stickers from asos -- how could you not want these? I love coconut and I also kind of love having a clear nail with a bit of detail like a nail sticker. These might be a bit ridiculous but they're scratch and sniff!
5. minty armour polish from the body shop -- this colour is divine and I need it... that's about as deep as it gets

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