friday five

If I could give this week one word it would be: vomit. Yep. Parenting these days can only be described as trying really hard to like your kid when she smells like stale spew {sorry B}. On the serious side of things, having a sick child and not being able to do anything is painful and the amount of times you lay awake during the night {whether you're the one catching spew in a bucket or trying to keep the dogs away from eating stuff they shouldn't} is ridiculous. Your mind turns over and it's as if you hear it thumping away trying to come up with a solution, any solution, please, to ease her pain. And nothing... it's just a waiting game and luckily my kid is the most awesome at being sick because she's just the same as always, albeit a little quieter and more sleepy and all she wants is hugs and her mum and her dad by her side. Minus the vomit it's kind of perfect actually.

Since this week was quiet and relaxed I had plenty of time to appreciate the little moments and things and I found my self obsessed, in the best possible way, with a number of little areas of my home.

One of my favourite parts of our garden. If fairies were real and fairy gardens were a thing this would be one. A meeting spot with mushroom stools and sparkly fairies pottering about, drinking tea and eating dainty treats.

 2 random egg cups I found at an op shop and fell in love with. I may just become an old lady who collects old egg cups...

A favourite stack -- a perfect mix of Husband's and my books.
*guess whose is whose?

A wedding card from my sister that's been framed basically since day one. This has moved places around every house we've lived in but now sits on the hall table with our "out the door" essentials. I adore it.

A new favourite lip balm -- Honeymania from The Body Shop. Wonderfully creamy and lush that gives perfect moisture and nourishment with no icky taste.

have a wonderful weekend x

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