being mum//5 thoughts on returning to work

For various reasons I have returned to work. Yes. I am a still a writer, jayebyday is still my baby, but I'm a working woman again. 4 years out of the workforce and now I need to wear something other than pyjamas and can't eat Nutella by the spoonful whenever I feel like it. Here's some other things I've learnt --

saying goodbye to your kid is really bloody hard

B. only drops me off once a week but it hurts my heart to say goodbye to her. I know I'm ridiculous but I really love my kid. I'm used to her leaving me but not the other way around and, yes, sometimes I need a second to compose myself before heading into the office. Breathe, blink away tears and away I go. Being busy helps but, also, doing something for yourself and helping others kind of takes any pain away.

you won't miss all those creature comforts

One of the first thing I said to Husband was: but what will I do without my tea kettle? I seriously love a perfectly brewed cup of tea but what it really comes down to is: for four years I was able to make tea whenever I wanted and now I can't. Sob. Yes, my Husband laughed at me and, yes, I laughed at myself. My tea kettle is there when I get home and I don't really miss it.

it's really bloody nice to wear make up and get dressed

Because it's nice to have somewhere to be.

you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think

It's a bit scary isn't it? Going back to work and feeling like all you're good at is being a mum and you're not even that great at that? But you're brave and strong and smart! A baby ripped its way of your vagina, you'll be fine.

life is just that much sweeter & time is just that more precious

Because absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Bed is more comfy. Husband's are more snuggly. Doggies are less annoying and even cuter and Bailey is even more adorable. I feel more appreciative and life feels more precious. 

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