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I recently went through a phase where I didn't wear any foundation {or BB/CC} at all. I would do my brows and cover any problem areas with some concealer and be ready to go. While I looked okay I just felt plain, naked if you will, and I wasn't entirely happy. It was just a bit blah and I craved a foundation to elevate the look a bit more and when I realised that one of my favourite concealers came in foundation form I knew I had to give it a go. 

The Match Perfection range from Rimmel is a favourite. As soon as I put it on I fell in love. The foundation is ridiculously easy to apply and works so wonderfully with any brush or blender I own and in the biggest pinch, applies beautifully with fingers/hands. It also doesn't crease or sink into pores and wrinkles and it lasts all day longThe concealer goes along in the same vein and works so well as a concealer and a highlighter. I've been using it for years and I adore it.

If you're a pale ass like me -- go with the shade ivory in both.

For brows I'm loving the Maybelline Brow Drama. I use the shade medium brown and I adore it. It's a wonderful brow mascara and is so great for people growing out their brows. It really picks up every hair, darkens any light hairs and gives your brows the best brushed look. If I'm going for a less "done" look I'll just use this but if I'm after something more I'll add some powder or pencil to the brows.

As for mascara I'm am completely obsessed with the L'OREAL Miss Manga Mascara. It's not too wet, dries quickly and creates wonderful curl and length. My favourite mascara that I've ever used. Hands down. Honest. I use the black {I don't know how I feel about coloured mascaras} and I love, love, love it. 

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