be brave//the kikki.k edit

Here are some things I adore -- 1. having lovely words as reminders 2. gorgeous stationary items & 3. kikki.k and, hey, fancy that! this edit is all three of those things combined. What a coincidence! That just happened all on its own without any forward planning at all {I swear}.

one. boxed sticky note set -- love a good sticky note
two. lovely things inside gift bag -- imagine receiving a gift with this bag. divine.
three. glitter tape -- love a good tape like this. perfect for wrapping or making your diary/planner, notes, anything pretty
four. adhesive note butterfly -- how gorgeous is this? the colours!
five. sticker book -- these kikki.k sticker books are perfection. I currently have 3 and plan to keep adding more to my collection
six. bowl {set of 3} -- a gorgeous set, every house needs some gorgeous bowls
seven. wooden frame with print -- such a perfect message
eight. be brave be bold peach mug -- if you didn't know by now, I am mug obsessed. need to add this to my collection
nine. butterfly dish -- perfect for beside the bed for rings and frequently worn jewllery
ten. my daily thoughts journal -- what made me happy, what I learnt, I am grateful for, tomorrow I am going to...
eleven. quote cards {set of 12} -- frame & keep or gift

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