weekly spotlight//olixar 3-in-1 universal clip camera lens -- mobile zap review

Greetings, and hello. This week I am desperate to talk about a wonderful new product that I was sent by Mobile Zap some weeks ago. Usually, if I like something I'm pretty quick to rave about it over here {and ditto if I hate something} but with these lenses I wanted to take my time and ease into this post so I could get a feel of all 3, take some pictures in different scenarios and allow some time for my thoughts to sit a bit. Perhaps, I'd hate the lenses or maybe I'd love them? I figured for a product like this, only time would tell and here's the verdict... I love them! But were you really expecting anything different?

Here's the breakdown -- the Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens has 3 {obv.} lenses and one clip and is easy peasy to use. The kit combines fish-eye, wide-angle and macro lenses in one universal clip. In the package you also get a nifty little pouch so you can take the lenses on the go.

& the clip attaches easily {by clipping} onto your smartphone or tablet. It's universal so it will work on any device/model which is pretty darn great isn't it? I love how inclusive the Olixar brand is {remember their tablet stand?}. It's really nice to not have to trawl through hundreds of iPhone only products {designer phone cases I speak directly to you} to find one that fits your phone {which just so happens to be better than the iPhone anyway}. If you don't have a phone with a camera then, I guess the clip may probably still attach to it but I doubt it'd work and, really, why would you buy these lenses? That's just really weird and, honestly, I feel like you may need to see a Doctor.

& now, enough of the technical stuff... here's some evidence -- a.k.a photos we took using the lenses. Let's start with the macro, shall we?

now let's examine some wide shots for comparison...

^see the black at the bottom? that's a lens that ain't clipped properly but, still, cute photo no?

& here's a comparison between wide with lens and no lens...

first. lens -- second. no lens

& lastly, the fish-eye lens

^while I wouldn't use the fish-eye most of the time I think it has its place {though, for me, it's more a novelty than anything}

Husband & I had a lot of fun playing around with these and since we take so many photos with our phones it seems only natural and, really, a perfect fit to have lenses for them. We're not professional photographers so we don't need anything too fancy but we do appreciate something a bit special. These Olixar lenses fit the bill and are everything we wanted/needed and more {and another bonus: they're under $30, so, super affordable too}.

I didn't have any complaints but Husband did have one niggle and wished for me to warn that when you're combining the wide-angle & the macro it can be a bit difficult to tighten and loosen and something else...yadda, yadda, yadda. I kind of stopped listening because, blah...

& that's all folks!

def. give these lenses a go if you're in the market for some {and if you don't have any then you should be in the market for some because they be awesome}

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. MobileZap gifted me the Olixar lenses, however, I was not paid for my review and was under no obligation to give positive feedback. Like, always these opinions are all my own. I genuinely love MobileZap and their products and it's a pleasure to continue working with them.

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