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This is, quite possibly, the driest, most hilarious show I ever watched -- Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow {as Fiona Wallice, the therapist}, Dan Bucantinsky {as the hapless, Jerome} and a bunch of other stars that pop in and out with hilarious ease.

I can't even really explain why I love it so much. It's just... Kudrow uses this dry voice and she's just so uncaring and so meh and so in love with herself that she's perfect. She insults her patients and is so unethical and I love it.

If you haven't watched any episodes you need to.

At first it seems like a "in the background" kind of show but it's not {so be warned, you won't get anything done watching this}. It commands your attention and I have never laughed out loud so much watching a show in such a long time.

It's really wonderful...& you must all watch it. Watch it now!

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