watch//some new favourites and... a psa on safe sex?

As I post this even I'm thinking: how do you get the time to watch all of this stuff? Do you shower? Don't you have a kid? Is your house piled high with garbage? Sometimes even I don't know how I manage it but I am still a functioning person. I shower, spend quality time with my kid, my Husband and others. I clean. I write. I shop a lot. I even read. I don't know... I'm just magic I guess. But, anyway, moving on... here are some current watch favourites and a random huh? kind of one --

Hollywood Game Night -- the kind of show that's good to just have on while you're doing other stuff but it's also funny and fun. Jane Lynch is a fabulous host who can pull off the lamest jokes and watching celebrities be ridiculous and competitive and drunk is a good combo.
It Follows -- I had heard that this movie was one of the best new horror films so, of course, I had to watch it and... wah! It was okay but I found myself needing to do something else while watching to avoid dying of boredom or succumbing to sleep. The thing that follows was creepy at times but this film wasn't scary in the slightest. I liked that it wasn't too "glossy" and seemed more realistic {or as realistic as passing on something creepy through sex can be} and raw but it was just kind of dumb and seemed like a PSA for safe sex more than anything.
The Affair -- this was wonderful, so perfectly done and achingly sad. I didn't want to like a show about an affair {because bad} but I was hooked. The cast and locations are so spot on that it feels as if you're watching something real, as if it's not really acted at all and... Joshua Jackson!
Masters of Sex -- I've only just started this but I already love it. The clothes, the time, the softly spoken voices and, of course, the sex doesn't hurt either. I love Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan and they don't disappoint in this. I can't wait to binge watch all the seasons...

Have you watched any of these? What did you think?

And if you have any TV or movie suggestions let me know!

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