friday five

I can barely believe that July is coming to a close. As cliche as it sounds the year is just flying by and I can barely catch my breath. Bailey is growing rapidly and before I know it she'll be starting "big school" and I'll be over in the corner with a straight jacket having a nervous breakdown. This week it's really hitting home just how fast this whole parenthood thing goes and I'm not loving it. Here's five things that have made the week a bit brighter --

Asos Little Munchkin Flats in Gold and Black. These look adorable online but I must admit that I was worried they wouldn't translate well in person. Luckily, they look even better than I imagined and I am glad I purchased both.

This mug was a gift from Husband and B. when we were in Glenbrook and it's tea perfection {view the range here}. Also, these are the lady fingers from Cons Continental in Glenbrook, also. So darn good...

This photo of Husband & I makes my heart happy. 5 years married & 10 years dating feels so good especially since we began when I was 17 and it's been hard work and people didn't get it and it feels good to prove that we were meant to be...

One of my anniversary gifts from Husband was this love bracelet which, funnily, I love. It's from Pandora and I hope to wear it always along with my infinity bracelet.

Lastly, my anniversary gift to Husband. I had this made based on the You've Got Mail poster and how Husband and I met/first spoke which was him saying to me "you've got a message". My brother's fiancee's sister made it {check her out on deviantart here}, she based the characters on us {obv.} and did the best job. The outfits! The freckles! The colours! Love it. I may have cried many times during the design process and when seeing the finished product.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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