friday five

You know, I always feel like writing "happy Friday, y'all" but I don't think I can get away with saying y'all. Like, Britney Spears can say it but I don't think I can. Thoughts? Anywho, five of my favourite purchases from this week. Let's go --

This bird pillow from Ikea is my new favourite home decor item. We purchased it over the past weekend at our local Ikea. B. loves it there and is obsessed with their playground {we get a beeper so they can let us know if there's trouble which lets the mind rest easy a bit} so Husband and I get to stroll leisurely through the massiveness without needing to rush. This is a plus because we get to pick up random items like ridiculous pillows and the matching tray {both are from the wonderfully named OSKEDROM range. What does that even mean? Potato?}

I'm big on the adult colouring book thing at the moment so this past week I picked up three different copies. This Decorative Designs one was at Kmart {you can also grab it online, here} and I popped it into my trolley without even checking the price. I love this one because it has black and white pages and has really intricate beautiful designs that you can make your own.

*p.s. these Staedtler colouring pens are a new favourite {though the colour range in this 10 pack is a bit lacking}.

I also picked up The Little Book of Calm Colouring which combines lovely designs and calming quotes and the Zen Colouring book from a local store but I can't find it online {and I tried man, I tried!}

 Ever since Frank released a face range I've been dying to try it and, finally, I got my hands on a bottle of their creamy face cleanser. It's not hard to get, I'm just lazy. I ordered it online at frank body and it arrived this past Tuesday. It's a dark cleanser so it looks quite ominous at first but it's not strongly scented, doesn't burn or irritate the skin and actually feels really lovely. Like, when they say "creamy" they really mean it.

Obviously there are 3 rings here which is technically cheating on the five things but let's pretend it's all just one thing and move on... Husband gifted these to me last week and I am in love with them. I wear the love and xo rings together and when I don't want to wear my wedding bands {a.k.a always} these act as a nice substitute. The ball-y ring is the perfect index finger ring.

*p.s. these are all from our favourite local jeweller but they're by Pandora 

& lastly...introducing Liam Kickass Nissan, our new car! This is the first time Husband and I have purchased a brand new car and it kind of feels really darn good but also kind of the same as buying used. Every car that we've had together {now three} has been a Nissan. We love them so we had to stay with them for nostalgia's sake. B. picked the colour, we had the windows tinted to the maximum legal tint {because that's a thing apparently} and we drove it off the lot two days ago. There was no bow but there is a sunglasses holder in the roof so I guess that's something...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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