being mum//who gives a fuck?

Look, I've deliberately chosen a title for this post that seems very double-takey but, honestly, really, truly, who gives a fuck? For the most part, this is how I choose to view parenting {and life in general, really}. Of course, I have anxiety and depression so I can't always control how many fucks I give over things but lets forget about that side of things for now because I have something to say...

were you completely hairless during labour or did you forgo the razor/hot wax? 
did you go drug free, did you get induced, have drugs, have an elective c-section? 
did you choose not to breastfeed right away, did your baby decide not to breastfeed or did you breastfeed until you and your kid were ready to stop?
did you co-sleep? use cloth nappies? did you make your own baby food? 
were/are you a stay-at-home mum? did you go back to work?
choose child care to have some sanity? or stayed with your kid 24/7?
feed your kid McDonalds? chocolate? fruit? how much???
is your kid shy? outgoing?
quiet? loud?
did you love being a mum with everything you were right away? or did you take some time?
have sex after the first 6 weeks {or earlier}? haven't jumped back on the horse yet?
do you spoon nutella into your mouth while hiding behind a door and willing yourself not to cry?
house spotless? dirty? in between?
good at keeping on top of everything? juggling balls always on the floor?

I don't actually give a fuck and neither should you.

Is your kid happy? Are you happy? Is your partner {if you have one} happy? Are you hurting anyone?

If you answered: yes, yes, yes and no then use my mantra...

who gives a fuck?

My grooming towards the end of pregnancy and def. at labour was not up to my usual standards -- meh.

I had a drug-free birth. My baby refused to breast feed and even when I pumped like a mad woman she preferred formula to my milk and, eventually, I stopped breast altogether. I made my own baby food because I wanted to. Because I found it fun.

Bailey slept in a co-sleeper bed for her early morning sleep until she slept through the night at almost 10 weeks. Then she slept in her bassinet, her cot and my arms when it was needed. She sleeps in our bed now because she's terrified of the dark and monsters. Don't like it? I don't give a fuck.

I'm a stay-at-home mum even though B. is at pre-school 5 days a week. Think I should go back to work? I don't give a fuck. Because you know what? I actually really love baking cookies, doing laundry and all the other home-y stuff. It makes me happy.

Yes, I spoon Nutella into my mouth on hard days. Luckily, B. will grab a spoon and snuggle up next to me during those times and we get through the hard together. That's just the mum I am. Not that mum? Who cares!?

My house is currently spotless aside from the glitter, play doh, sticker and food infested carpets which have needed to be vacuumed for a few days now but...meh. That's just who I am.

So, yep, whoever you are, whoever your kid is, whoever your family are, as long as you're happy and not hurting anybody don't give a fuck. Don't let judgement get you down {because, lets face it, people will judge you for everything}, the should's and the shouldn't s and all the other crap that fills parenting {and life} these days. Just do you. Just be you. And when life gets really hard just don't give a fuck...

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