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I have been a long time fan of the First Aid Beauty brand -- their Instant Oatmeal Mask is divine. Unfortunately, FAB is one of those hard-to-find brands in Australia {or at least in Sydney} and while they're readily available online I find that I'm just not prone to going all out with skincare at the checkout. For me, there's just something special about seeing beauty items in person and taking them home with you that very day. But, hey, sometimes you've just gotta suck it up, purchase them online and wait...

FAB is one of those "worth it" brands {and not just because you can say "I'm using FAB!" though, that certainly doesn't hurt now does it?}. Here's the essential edit --

Facial Radiance Overnight Mask -- overnight masks always deter me a little because they're designed to be worn overnight and I wear an eye mask to bed so I'm always worried about the mask sticking and bothering the heck out of me. Yet, I'm still massively interested in this version, mostly because it sounds divine and, really, if it doesn't work for you at night it doesn't mean you can never use it again...
FAB Faves To Go Kit -- I always love having little travel items so I can test out products before I buy the full sizes {not because I travel... because I don't} and these look wonderful
Facial Radiance Pads -- I saw these randomly on Instagram as someone's "life-saver" product and now, of course, I need to give these a try. I do love using a good pad and, actually, I usually favour it over exfoliating
Anti-Redness Serum -- as a perpetual nose blower {allergies not drugs} the sides and bottom of my nose are always red. It's not pretty and I would love a miracle product that helps with it {though I can't help but wonder if this is just a gimmick?}
Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery -- this just sounds necessary
Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser -- the lure of a milk and oil cleanser sounds too good to pass up
Skin Rescue Purifying Mask w/ Red Clay -- I do adore a good clay mask
Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser w/ Red Clay -- the words "deep cleanser" suck me in every time as if it works so well that you'd never have a breakout again. I know that's not entirely possible {or is it? dun dun dun} but, gosh, a deep cleanser with red clay sounds divine doesn't it? Especially for the days/nights/years where your skin is feeling so congested and yuck...

Have you tried FAB before? Do you love it? If so, let me know your essentials...

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