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Recently {and by "recently" I mean ages ago} I was asked to do a post on how-to do eye shadow so, here I am, ready to do a how-to post on eye shadow. But, also, I'm going to go one step further and do a how-to on my simple eye guide. Let's get stuck into it...

Use a light concealer, an eye shadow primer like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or a cream shadow like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's in a colour as close to your skin tone as possible {or whatever you damn well please, really}. I currently use this Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer and apply gently to my eyelid to even out skin tone. 

Apply your first colour {usually a mid-tone} to your lid and blend so it's all nice and even. Don't apply your shadow all the way to the top of your brow bone {you will, of course, add a highlight up there later on}.

Apply your crease colour that's darker than your lid colour and blend. I like to do about half way along my crease. When blending ensure that the colour stays in the same general area that you applied it and that you blend enough so there's no visible line but not enough so you can't tell it's there at all.

Use your darkest colour for your outer "v". Draw a "v" on and then blend. Simple as that. Don't let the "v" take over your entire face.

First, can we pause for a moment to discuss how awesome I am at this? I mean... that don't eye/example!

Highlight with a shimmery shadow {a shade like champagne} or a pencil product to your brow bone or the inner part of your eye. Blend so it's barely there. You should be leaving the "glow" from the product and no chunks.

With a simple eye I don't use eyeliner but if you do apply it whenever you want. Same goes for mascara.

&, if you're still stuck, let's take a look at a basic shadow palette for some more ideas --

It's all in the name with this palette -- the Urban Decay Naked Basics -- 
It's as simple as you're going to get and it's actually a really fabulous palette. Urban Decay does good shadow.

& that's all she wrote...

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