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Last week we headed into Darlinghurst so I could do some consigning over at Blue Spinach {will post about this when the process is completed}. On the way home, since we were "in" the area we had to take a trip to Mr. Crackles and get some crackle in our bellies. We'd never been before but have been obsessed for ages thanks to Phoodie's Instagram snaps. Oh, goodness, she made it look so good. And guess, what? Her snaps don't deceive. Rest assured Mr. Crackles is divine {unless you don't like crackle and then maybe not...}
We ordered the Crackles Classic {pork belly and Vietnamese salad on a roll}, onion rings {comes with French dip} and a cup of crackling {and B. ordered a side of chips which she loved}. 

 Mr. Crackles is a definite must visit if you're into pork & crackle but be warned that it's a hole-in-the-wall/walk-in type place with limited seating. There are 2 long tables against each wall that seat 4. We got to eat in but as the place filled up {though most people there ordered takeaway} it got a little squishy. 

The food is delicious and quite well priced. The Crackles Classic was the most expensive of what we ordered at $13. The chips for B. were $5, onion rings $7.50 and the cup of crackling {above} was $5. Drink selections were limited so went elsewhere for those {though Husband was proud because they sold Dr. Pepper}. The roll was the highlight of the lunch and the onion rings were delicious {though the French dip was a tad weird. I would have much preferred an aioli} and B. loved her chips. The big disappointment {aside from the drinks} was the crackle in a cup which was yum, yes, but was bare and dry. It might just be me, but I much prefer crackle with a little bit of meat on it. I know that I wasn't ordering pork rinds but the cup was lacking and since it was the main reason we went we were a tad disappointed {I would order it again, however, and I won't even be sad about it since I now know what to expect}.

The roll made up for any sadness, however, and the drive home that was spent snacking on cold onion rings, that stayed crispy after the heat had left them wasn't so bad either.

Of course, as soon as we'd left we were craving some more and, yes sir, we'll be back. The lure of the Crispy Pork Nacho Fries is strong people. 

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