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For our anniversary this past Saturday we took a little trip out to Glenbrook and made a day of it. It's the sweetest little town that's perfectly quiet and since it's not too far from where we live the trek is ridiculously easy and not really trek-like at all. 

We stopped in at 2773 for lunch and it was everything we expected and more.

Since they were still doing breakfast I ordered the plank for one. 

 Husband ordered their beef burger {upon recommendation of our waitress} and B. ordered the cheeseburger from the kids menu {she left the burger and ate the chips}. 2773 is ridiculously kid friendly and is really a wonderfully different kind of cafe. We ate indoors because there were no seats available outside {that place is busy!} but outdoors is a treasure trove for kids and B. loved it.

{also, food wise, make sure you order one -- or 50 -- of their brownies either dining in or to-go which is how we had ours. It was, quite possibly, the best brownie I've ever had}

There's chickens...

& pigs...
{& a sheep who scared the crap out of B. by baaing before I could snap a picture}

 & there's a cubby house with slide

 Later in the day we headed back to 2773 for tea/coffee and ice cream from their cart and got  to sit outside. They have heaters and blankets which were both much needed to beat the chill.

2773 is located in the heart of Glenbrook and is a must visit if you're ever in the area. Next visit we're def. going to stop by for dinner {and pizza!}. I must warn you though, they do get ridiculously busy and if you're planning to go for dinner -- make a booking!

 After lunch we stopped by the Glenbrook Village Nursery and explored. Husband picked out a blueberry tree {plant? bush?} to take home. 

If you love plants/gardening, etc it's a must.

After the nursery we had a good wander around. Must visits: Blue Dragon Books {wonderful used -- and some new -- books}, Cons Continental Deli {lady fingers!} and Little Knick Knacks {for kids and adults alike}.

& while you're in the area, take a trip to Springwood and visit: The Turning Page Bookshop and Butterfly Garden {a divine kids clothing & toys store that stocks Rock Your Baby}

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