j reviews//napoleon bbb cream

I picked up this Napoleon BBB Cream {in the shade"light"} a few months ago and it's been wonderful to use as an at home/lazy day/primer. Now, finally, I'm getting around to reviewing it here for you all because, while it's not the most ground breaking "must have" product, it is quite fabulous. 

Napoleon says it's "a truly multitasking base" and I am inclined to agree. Sometimes it feels as though companies amp their products up too much but this description is just right.

So what the heck is a BBB Cream? Well, Napoleon has taken the BB Cream phenomenon and added an extra B to make the BBB, or the Beauty-Boosting Balm, Cream. It's a hybrid of skin-perfecting, HD foundation, an anti-aging moisturiser, and a broad spectrum sunscreen. It's light enough to give the natural look, yet it has enough coverage to even out and correct your skin.

It's wonderfully thick and easy to apply and blend which I adore. The light shade is perfect for pale people like me and it doesn't leave any strange dark lines like other creams I have tried. 

Usually I wear it alone with some concealer, if needed, however, it also works fabulously as a make up base/primer with another foundation over the top. Mostly, though, I like to wear it and then apply an Hourglass powder over the top for a simple yet flawless {or as flawless as I'm ever going to get} look. 

The BBB Cream comes in an easy-squeezy 30ml tube and retails for $55. You can pick it up in store or online right here.


watch//just chillin' with some psychos

We honestly need to discuss some psychos because some psychos be crazy and my house is seemingly full of them. On the screen that is. Well, actually my house is full of {fun} crazy people and animals too but that's another essay for another time. Let's discuss some of the crazy that's appeared in my lounge room via television lately.

Hey, look it's a creepy as f doll. Bloody Annabelle. This is a prequel/spin-off to The Conjuring {which wasn't that great to be honest, though it did scare the crap out of Husband} and it's creepy and well done. Loved it. The start of the movie scared the beejus out of me {that could really happen! Those damn cults}. Anyway, moral of the story -- don't have creepy ass dolls around especially when a cult comes a-knockin' {or a-breakin'-in as it may be}.

Hey, look it's Frank Underwood. Also creepy as f. That season two opener was jaw dropping. I just can't even... Love this show. If Claire Underwood died/left it would be even better. That woman is vomit-inducing. Also, Frank, stop being a douche for a minute would you? Moral of the story, if you see Frank Underwood don't take your clothes off and run, run away as fast as you can.


my bed time essentials

Bed time is always a struggle with me. Having anxiety and all the other stuff means I'm constantly tired, yet, when the clock inches closer to midnight I find myself either full of beans or exhausted with a racing mind. It can take me upwards of an hour to fall properly, deeply, asleep because my mind just never stops. Happily, though, I can say that these points that still seem quite negative are a change for the better because it used to be much worse. I think the positive change at bed time has been helped by these essentials --

1. There's not much I detest in life more than hideous "rainbow" pillows and the uninspired cases that fit them but one of these is essential to a good nights sleep for someone with my back issues. I picked up the posture support pillow from Target and it's a dream. It has worked better than all the expensive duck feather and back pillows combined and I love it even if it's ugly and makes me want to cry. 

2. I'm not a big diary writer and I hate writing about thoughts and feelings most of the time but these journals: Q&A: A Day and The Highlight Of My Day are wonderful {though at times they can be a chore}. What I like is you only need to write a few lines per day and you're done. They help release my mind of all the crap and remember the good bits of the day so I can go to sleep thinking positively. You can get the Q&A Journal from Amazon and, while the Highlight Journal is no longer available it's from Kikki-K and you can find similar journals here.

*p.s. I won a pack of Pilot Frixion pens, highlighters and markers and they are my new favourites -- find here.

3. I've mentioned my rather unruly lips here, so, of course, a lip balm at night is essential to wake up looking normal. My favourite is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm. A light touch is all that is needed to wake with supple lips and this step helps train my mind into: right, now sleep you fool! mode. 

*p.s. use any excess product on your cuticles.

4. My final bed time essential is a good eye mask. My favourites are from Peter Alexander because they last a good few months, the elastic isn't too tight or too loose and the designs are pretty. They are also only $9.95 which is fabulous. I'm very sensitive to light {as in natural or artificial light burns!} so an eye mask is perfect for ensuring all that nonsense is blocked out. It also helps me not look at my phone or stare at B. because once it's on my eyes are forced close. The discovery of these was wonderful.

*p.s. you can pick up eye masks from Typo for $4.95 but the quality on these is just not as good as the PA ones. So, go on, spend the extra $$$.

Perhaps, I should also mention that good quality sheets {I prefer Egyptian Cotton in the warmer months and flannelette in the cold} are essential. They need to be delicious once you climb into bed. I also recommend washing them weekly if you share your bed with a kid and animals/frequently partake in food/drinks on it. Also, bed is my sanctuary so there is no way in the world that my bed could be used only for sleep and well, you know. Movies/laptop/life in bed all the way.

What are your bed time essentials?


j reads//before i go to sleep by s.j.watson - review

I'm the kind of person who reads a book and if it's good the words will feel as though they are part of me. It doesn't happen often but when it does I feel as though a part of me has been left in between the covers and as though a part of the book has taken residence inside my body and soul. This was and is the case with S.J. Watson's Before I Go To Sleep. I'm writing this fresh from the final close so it's clear in my mind.

Before I Go To Sleep is a slow read in the most beautiful of ways. It tells the story of forty-seven-year old Christine who suffers from amnesia. Every night when she goes to sleep she loses the past day. In the morning she wakes next to a stranger, her Husband, who she isn't sure she can trust. Most of the story is told through Christine's diary/journal entries where she recounts memories she's recalled or facts she's been told. Slowly, she begins to recover fragments from her life and, yet, something seems off. As her journal grows it casts doubt on the truths she's been given and she works to discover who she truly is.

I must give praise to Watson for giving power to the mundane. Sleep recounts many steps of the drudgery of everyday life and, yet, you're enthralled from the first paragraph. I have rarely met a book that isn't obvious, even some of the best are, but Sleep had twists and turns that I didn't see coming. I'm grateful for that because the knot in my stomach at learning Christine's true fate has yet to subside. I feel off, sick almost, and curious as if I have lived her life, as if my Husband is hers.

Other reviews have stated that the ending feels hurried and I am inclined to agree. It feels like I say this for every review but it's true -- it's as if writers these days just can't be bothered and rush the end. Sleep feels somewhere between Sharp Objects {reviewed here} which felt horribly rushed and Summer Crossing whose ending was jarringly sudden but in the best possible way. I guess it's a tricky line to walk, I doubt I could convincingly, and, look, not everything can be Capote.

 I'm also surprised to say that I wanted, craved, needed a soppy "happily ever after" ending rather than the ambiguous. I needed to know everything was going to be okay in the end and that's not what you get. I guess, the ambiguity, fits better with the tone of the book but wouldn't some ridiculous fairy-tale nonsense be lovely after all Christine and I went through?

After I finished Sleep I was torn. Without wanting to give too much away, I felt as though the idea given of "if you love someone let them go" was off. I was unable to comprehend the full cut-off nature in parts and wondered how one could completely disappear, in a sense, without the ones who left originally knowing about it. This part, to me, seemed unrealistic. I could never imagine loving someone more than life itself and leaving them. I can see the motives behind it, and those make sense, however, the rest did not {a call to the care residence, something, anything...}

Still, I did adore the read and feel a sort of ache now it's finished as if I may never be whole again.

It's haunting and beautiful and achingly sad and I feel as if it is the kind of book that stays with you for years after it's done.


friday five//the target edit

This week has been a wet one in Sydney. A ridiculously wet one. And windy. Like, massive trampolines escaping from backyards and mini-flood-like water rushing the streets. When Bailey hasn't been at school we've all been cooped up inside enjoying our awesomeness. You know, one of the things I love most about my family is that we can spend days on end together and love it. But, also cabin fever...

Most of the time it's been too cold to do much other than dart from the comfy blanketed safety of the bed to the couch/day bed and take luxuriously warm showers and slip into winter jammies. There's been naps and hot chocolate and aside from the general destruction going on outside it's been wonderful. 

Today I'm sharing a Target edit of 5 things -- mostly with Mother's Day in mind -- but don't get me wrong I still am quite cross with Target after my Missoni sheets and plates were "lost" in the mail and their only option was to give me a refund since the items were all sold out. I don't know what I was expecting from them but, ugh, a refund of items on major sale that I can't buy anywhere is not helpful. To get the same quality sheets elsewhere I'd be spending upwards of $200 and my total was nowhere near that amount. Sigh. So, yes, I'm still mad at them and, obviously, will no longer shop online with them but I couldn't resist some of their pretty items and, so, here we are. The 5 --

yeah printed cushion -- I change my home decor constantly but I'm loving this for my bed
brooklyn leather winged tote -- this bag is pretty pricey for Target but, alas, it's pretty and looks functional
good morning beautiful mug -- you may have realised by now that I am mug crazy. I just can't get enough and now I obviously need this one by Lisa T. The handle is amazing.
i love you, i know mug set  -- classic Star Wars mugs with a modern twist. Love these.
red rain boots -- my kid loves jumping in muddy puddles and I would love to jump in them with her. These boots are perfect because they're not expensive, they look pretty and the pop of colour is so me.

& without further ado I'm off to begin winding down for the weekend -- have a good one!


j reads//dear daughter by elizabeth little - review

The other week I found myself reading an article online titled 12 Books To Read If You Loved 'Girl On The Train' {That Aren't Gone Girl}. Now if you recall this J Reads post you'll remember that I didn't love, nor like, Girl On The Train. In fact, I called it "underwhelming, obvious & blah". So why the heck was I reading, with actual interest, these 12 recommendations? Well, let's just say that I love a good mystery {of which Girl On The Train was not and Gone Girl was semi} especially when it involves a death and people wrongly convicted. From the article I noted down a few titles that jumped out at me -- Elizabeth Little's Dear Daughter being one.

Daughter is being called the Gone Girl of mother/daughter relationships and, ugh, I despise that description. Daughter is wonderfully written and has an interesting story so it is like Gone Girl in that sense but the comparison, for me, stops there. And I'll just say it right now -- Dear Daughter is better than Gone Girl. Now onto the review.

Dear Daughter tells the story of Janie {or Jane} Jenkins who was convicted of killing her socialite mother when she was just a teen. 10 years later she's released from jail when her murder conviction is overturned. Due to the media hounding her and the general populace believing she's guilty Jane and her lawyer plan to make her disappear from public life, at least that's what she's telling him. Soon enough she's vanished all on her own, with a secret and mysterious plan to find out what actually happened the night her mother was murdered. And the ultimate question of all -- who killed her mother?

There are so many aspect of Little's novel that I loved. Janie is whip-smart and, frankly, a sarcastic bitch, something 10 years in prison couldn't take away. She's hilarious and superficial and lovable in the same ways she's despicable. Did she kill her mother? Even Janie can't answer that. She only vaguely recalls the night in question and she's the first to admit that she hated her mother. The idea that she might have done it even makes her imagine doing others harm, which she verablises to the reader. Still, you never really believe she did it which makes the ride with her pleasurable, thrilling and taut as both you and Janie try to find out -- who dunnit?

The novel is punctuated with articles from Us Weekly, fanatical crime blogger Trace Kessler, TMZ updates, tweets and other online wonders that are clever and breath modern life into Daughter.

Now, despite all the glowing things I've just noted there was one negative and it's this --

the killer was obvious upon our second meeting of him/her.

This encounter/obviousness happens early enough in the book that it feels for a bit as though you're twiddling your thumbs waiting for everyone else to learn what was so obvious to you. Luckily, Janie is such a wonderfully written self-obsessed diva and has many other things to uncover that she keeps you reading. The final reveal also wasn't as disappointing as I thought it would be due to the last few pages.

Mostly, I kept reading, despite guessing the main reveal so early on, was because, to me, the main mystery was Janie learning, not who killed her mother, but who her mother was and why she was, in a sense, framed for her murder by the victim herself. As a mother, that reveal left me torn and, ultimately, I think the question is: what wouldn't you do for your child?

Final Thoughts?

A wonderful read in both plot and words.

Highly recommend.


beauty//the lip balm guide

To be honest, I find the application of lip balm to be one of those annoying beauty things where I just don't wanna. I just want my lips to look fabulous without any effort okay? Sadly, my lips, without care, are perpetually dry and chapped. They can be prone to bleeding for no real reason whatsoever other than I laughed or sneezed too hard. I also get cold sores which is just lovely. With care, however, my lips remain soft and supple, I can wear whatever lip colour {usually bright} I fancy and cold sores are few and far between.

It has taken constant reminders and repetition as well as little lip balm "stations" around the house but I am finally at the point where taking proper care of my lips is ingrained in me. I think, in large part, this is down to the products I am using which are my lip balm holy grails. Without them I'm sure I'd revert back to my lazy ways. Here are my 4 lip lifesavers that create the perfect lip --

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm -- I shared my love for this lip balm here and everything I said in that post way back in September 2014 still rings true today. It is still the lip balm to end all lip balms and I don't know what I'd do without it
EOS Smooth Sphere Pomegranate Lip Balm -- while this balm is not as moisturising or as long lasting as the Elizabeth Arden it is still great. It's perfect for on-the-go because you don't have to dip your fingers into a pot or worry about what it looks like on as it doesn't have colour. The pomegranate scent is divine and it doesn't taste too bad. I also love the egg shape as it's something you aren't embarrassed to pull out whenever the need arises
Benefit Posiebalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm -- I was recommended this by a notoriously rude lady that does my eyebrows because my lips were "really dry and flaky". Her rudeness put me off purchasing this for about a second before I tested it and realised that it is a) moisturising and b) fun. It gives a sheer-ish tint of colour that doesn't bleed over your lip line {so no liner required} and is perfect for the times when you don't want a load of colour but don't want to go bare
Savex Coconut Lip Balm -- since I suffer from cold sores I know I need to keep a balm like Carmex around but I could never bring myself to take that difficult step. I dislike the smell and consistency of that brand and it just never seemed to work for me. Enter Savex which does the exact opposite. I tend to use this on a daily basis but as soon as I get one of the tell-tale tingles that a cold sore may be a-coming I spread this on and voila! tingles no more.

Tell me, what are some of your favourite lip balms?


being mum//the songs we sing

As we all know I am the world's most awesome writer. Ahem. Well, did you also know I'm the world's greatest songwriter? Bet you didn't and, look, don't be ashamed about your lack of awareness of every aspect of me/my life. It's not your fault. Well, it kind of is. Really you should have just known but I'll let it pass this one time. Here's the thing. I have penned some really, truly, {madly deeply?} wonderful masterpieces of song for my child. Of course, they were all created at the top of my head because I'm just that awesome and today I want to share with you the songs I have augmented/created for my little B. 

^look how anticipatory for my brilliance she is. I mean... good work at just knowing little baby Bailey!

^use when your charge has trouble pooping {though B. often requests it even when she doesn't}
is this too much information? I don't know...
^sung whenever B. requests it but most especially when she's sad or it's bedtime or during our many snuggles. I changed it to "every single day" because, look, I love B. all the time not just when skies are grey. Soft Kitty is also a perfect sad/bedtime type song and a favourite in our house.

^on the last line tickles are mandatory and B's favourite part. After B's turn she'll usually request I sing to her bug, myself, the dogs, Husband, her Aunty Lee, etc, etc.

What songs do you and your kids love?


watch//barely famous

Have you been watching Barely Famous


What's wrong with you?

But seriously, it's hilarious and you should be.

Erin and Sara Foster star in the faux-reality show that features a bevy of famous faces. 

Both are daughters of David Foster {who I didn't even know until The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because dude is married to Yolanda Foster}. Erin is an actress, producer and comedy writer {who I knew from Candidly Nicole}. Sara is an actress who starred in the remake of 90210. Both can dress and they are funny.

Desperate to watch them mock themselves?

You can thank me later. Or now...


friday five//the seed edit

Seed Heritage has to be one of my favourite stores. They do casual elegance so well and, ugh, their kids range, someone make me a billionaire now! I find that I can now be found spending snippets of my days trawling their online store and Instagram because I am beyond obsessed with their Autumn/Winter range. Beyond. I say that now. Here's my 5 --

pom pom perfection -- I love a good knit pom pom beanie & this is perfection
on sale! -- this cropped kimono is currently on major sale and ticks so many boxes: draped, scalloped edges and deliciously soft & comfy. I need
fabulously fluffy & furry -- I love a good snood and I love a good novelty item. This is both and I can just imagine feeling heavenly wearing it
ooh la la! -- this print blanket poncho is at the top of my list and I am hoping to purchase it soon. I love items like these that are easy to throw on but instantly elevate an outfit
delicious dots -- a slip on sneaker like this has become a wardrobe essential for me and a dotted pair would make a fabulous addition


gift guide//for all the mumma's

Aside from my birthday, Mother's Day is the only "holiday" where I'm not stressed and planned up to my eyeballs. Don't get me wrong, I love that kind of stress and obsessive planning but the twice a year break to not worry is lovely. Mother's Day is a Husband and Bailey holiday {though I do help with mother-in-law gifts/cards} since I don't actually need to buy anyone anything {mother-less by choice over here}.

But just because I don't need to plan and shop doesn't mean I can't put together one {or more, lets see...} Mother's Day gift guides for all you lovely people out there/my Husband who may need some help. Here are some of my favourite picks --

one. Williams-Sonoma Monogram Mug -- a touch different to their Christmas mugs. Pick one up with the letter of their first name, surname or 'M' for mum
two. Kit Cosmetics Polka-Dot Moisturising Socks -- for the homebody or the beauty/pamper lover. Who doesn't need a cute pair of socks that actually help make feet not so hideous?
three. Kikki-K Mum Card & four. Kikki-K Grandma Card -- love the colours on these
five. Jonathan Adler Dachshund Bottle Stopper -- our house is what you'd call a "dry" home {a.k.a we don't drink alcohol} but I want this anyway. Would be the perfect accessory to go with her favourite bottle of wine
six. Because  I Said So -- I adore this film and I think it's a perfect one to snuggle up with and watch on Mother's Day
seven. Love You Mum -- the perfect gift for the Mum who never grew out of the colouring stage {me!}. Pair with a pretty pack of colouring pens/textas, etc 
eight. Hampton Tote Bag -- perfect for the beach or a picnic or for around the house to keep clutter at bay
nine. Unicef Australia Mother's Day Bundle -- give the gift of love and protection with this sweet and thoughtful bundle
ten. Love U Inside & Out Print -- I am a big print fan {as opposed to full-on art} and I adore the colours in this & the sentiment. Give to someone who'd feel the same and who you really do love inside and out
eleven. Target Vanilla & Caramel Cork Candle -- a candle with a twist, for the candle lovers out there. How divine does vanilla & caramel sound?


j style//sesame street meets peter alexander

I love the Sesame Street characters. I love Peter Alexander. And guess what? The two have joined forces and the best sleepwear collection was made. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I'm beyond excited. I don't know if there's even a word for it. I may come up with one. I'll get back to you on that. For now, here are my top picks from Peter Alexander's Sesame Street Collection --

we have matching Cinderella slippers, why not some elmo mittens too?

bert and ernie button up top -- to be perfectly honest, I'd wear this as an actual outside-the-house cardigan


beauty//the face mask roundup

Greetings. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off with my family over Easter but I am now back to regular posting and amazing you all with my amazingness. Did you miss me? {har har}. Today I want to share a little face mask roundup -- 4 of my most favourite face masks of all time. Honest. All 4 are must-haves in my face mask basket and in my beauty/skin care routine. Without them I'd be lost. Okay, not really but you know what I mean. My skin would be less clear and more dull and life would be a lot less fun. Anyway, without further ado here they are --

 Palmer's Cocoa Butter Purifying Enzyme Mask -- my favourite of the lot. I will repurchase this until the end of time. Palmer's say it's "like a facial in a tube" and they're right. I've never met a mask that works so well for my skin no matter what. This cleans and purifies and leaves my face feeling all sparkly and new and I love it. The price on this makes it even better -- $9.99 and you can pick it up at your supermarket, chemist or anywhere Palmer's is stocked. Use it weekly.

Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask -- this is a sometimes mask just like cookie is a sometimes food. It's strong and doesn't have the best scent but it works and it's quick. When it says 10 Minute Mask it means it. Any longer and it would be too much {or at least it would be for my sensitive skin}. Out of Trouble quite literally helps you out in a jam. A breakout jam, that is. Apply to your breakout areas when you feel a few coming on and viola! they never actually appear. Pick yours up from Mecca for $34.

Origins Ginzing Face Mask -- this mask is my kick exhaustion in the butt lifesaver and I adore it so. When I am feeling truly ugh! I take a shower to refresh and then, once my skin is dry, I apply this and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. It is magic and transforms me from grumpy to refreshed. Pick it up from Mecca for $34.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydration Boost Night Mask -- want a mask that purifies and hydrates with the most delicious plumping effect? This is it. Along with the Palmer's this is my weekly go-to {usually bi-weekly for both} and it transforms my skin. Pick it up from Myer for $50.

What face masks have you been loving lately?


weekly spotlight//veho 360 m4 bluetooth wireless speaker

I have been on the hunt for a wireless speaker for my home for months. Months I say! And the task was quite blegh. Some were way too big. Others looked too techy and too tricky. Some were pretty and expensive. Some were adorable and too likely to get Bailey-napped. And, so, around Christmas time last year I gave up my search with a hrumph! and settled into a life of traipsing my phone all over the house whilst cleaning.

And then, just like with this phone case, MobileZap came along and answered all my prayers with the Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker*. 

I named him Augustus, in case you were wondering {which you obviously were}. Augustus as in Gloop. Husband asked if it was ironic so we're just going to go with that because Augustus here is teeny tiny and Augustus Gloop ain't. So yep, irony...

Let's get into some of the technical stuff shall we? The speaker is perfect to use with my Samsung Galaxy and is also compatible with all wireless Bluetooth devices. It's ultra small and portable with stereo sound and has a built in Li-ion rechargeable battery that gives up to 5 hours of constant playback. It also comes with a line-in port and cable for use with non-Bluetooth devices and has a Micro SD slot to play music direct from the source.

In the box you get the speaker, the mini USB charging cable, the line-in cable, easy-to-read instructions and a carry sock. A carry sock! Can we discuss this for a minute?

A frickin' carry sock! Of course, this is such a Jaye thing but the sock is my favourite part. It's so teeny and adorable and is perfect for taking little baby Augustus wherever you need to go to, you know, make sure he's all snug as a bug. I don't know about you but if your wireless speaker doesn't have a sock I don't know what you're doing with your life. Really...

Augustus currently lives in my kitchen and fits in wonderfully with our little family. He's perfect for mini or marathon cleaning sessions and Gaff-family dance parties. The sound isn't tinny and travels well. Volume and track controls are located on the speaker so you can control music from the device whether you are using wireless Bluetooth or the Micro SD port. It's also ridiculously easy to charge with the mini USB charging cable. 

I like how un-fussy the Veho is -- as if it was made just for me. It fits perfectly into our home and is even easy enough for B. to use. I also love that if I needed to I could take it to any room in my house without hassle. It's also perfect for outdoor fun whether it's as simple as an outdoor play session, a family BBQ or a large gathering. Augustus is the no-stress music solution I've been searching for and I can't wait to use him during B's birthday party in June.

The Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is $40.99 from MobileZap and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something cute, fuctional and portable. And, also, let's not forget the sock. The sock people! A must.

*Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I was gifted this speaker, however, I was not paid for my review and was under no obligation to give positive feedback. The opinions in this post are all my own and I genuinely love little Augustus. I mean, how could you not?


j tip//remember your expiry dates

We all know makeup expires, there's nothing profound in that but I'm here to remind you of that anyway...

For weeks now my chin and nowhere else has been breaking out on the constant. I had no idea why and it was frustrating beyond belief. I've never really had many pimples before, one or two, here and there, but that was it. And now, here I was, 6 or more breakouts in and feeling quite ick. 

And then it hit me as I hurriedly applied some concealer so I could head out the door feeling somewhat normal - my concealer was way past its use by date. Way back, many moons and one pimple ago, I'd used this concealer to cover up the spot and some redness around the area on my chin. This went on, almost daily, until the other day when it hit me...

I had barely made a dent in the concealer and it was expensive so I was reluctant to get rid of it. I was probably using the product for 6 months past its use by date and that is just gross. I wasn't doing it intentionally, per se, it had just simply slipped my mind. And now that I've stopped using it the breakouts have subsided and the already erupted are going away. Hooray!

So, just a reminder people, because we all forget from time to time, remember your expiry dates.


happy easter

^Bailey's 1st Easter - 2012

Happy Easter everyone.

I hope whatever you're doing and however you celebrate it's wonderful.

I'm hoping to enjoy lots of chocolate, Easter egg hunts with family over the Saturday and Sunday and lots and lots of fun and love.

*I'll be taking a few days off during Easter starting from today until Tuesday. Even though B. is on school holidays I'm hoping to keep my regular posting schedule from then on. Let's see how that goes!


friday five//the check edit

Lately, I have had the beginnings of a thing for checks. I blame Bailey because I purchased the most adorable vintage check skirt for her and I'm one of those delusional people who think if their kid can pull off something they can too. Despite my delusions I'm not sure how I really feel about checks for adults. Are they too naughty school girl? Too geeky? Too I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay? Or are they perfection? Regardless of my uncertainty I'm forging ahead with this semi-obsession and I've collected 5 items that have caught my eye recently --

ONE. forever new tassel check cape - I do adore a good cape, either undone or more structured with a belt
TWO. burberry small house check & leather crossbody bag - the classic check is hard to pass up even if I feel like some of the more "classic" items are too dated for me. This crossbody, on the other hand, looks perfect and the leather seems buttery soft
THREE. miss shop sleeveless check knit cardigan - I love a good cardigan especially when it comes in this vest-like form. I like to throw these on with either short sleeved or long sleeved T's
FOUR. witchery oversized check scarf - who can pass up an oversized scarf? Nobody. Bigger = more versatile
FIVE. cotton on check boyfriend shirt dress - this is next on my "to-buy" list for my autumn/winter wardrobe and I dream of wearing it belted with boots and a floppy hat


in the kitchen//my essentials

The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in my house. I am no gourmet cook or even, really, a cook at all but I love the room all the same, more for its organisation potential than anything else. You may have noticed that I adore a good pantry {see here & here} and I am forever reorganising my kitchen cupboards to fit my ever growing kitchen needs. I'm quite proud of the collection of kitchen items that now sit in my kitchen and dining area and, today, I wanted to share some of those with you. Some are decorative, some are food/cooking related and others are fantastic kitchen tools that make life easier and more entertaining --

I have a thing for teapots and I have started collecting them as decor items. This cow is one I picked up from our favourite op-shop and it makes me laugh. He brings some brightness into the space.

 These silver sterling units stand in our dining area and hold more of our decorative or lesser used items. My favourites on these include: this Williams-Sonoma Ebelskiver Pan {perfection filled with milk chocolate} and my popcorn supplies {popcorn maker and popcorn tubs}.
One bench in my kitchen is filled with glass jars in various sizes and other such items. I like to pick up random jars from op-shops and shops and fill them with chocolates, lollies and nuts.
 An essential in our kitchen is this whiteboard sticker planner that goes on our fridge/freezer. This is the Martha Stewart Dry Erase Weekly Planner from Officeworks and it's wonderful. It's not our main organisational tool {I use a daily diary for that} but it helps to see a week at a glance and is a helpful tool for my forgetful Husband.

Also, in my opinion every fridge needs ridiculous magnets {Typo has a hilarious/ridiculous range} and family snapshots. We love a good photo booth over here.
Lastly, I think every kitchen needs these two items:

1. Cobram Estate Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil - this is my favourite olive oil and I use it in everything. Ok, not everything but it's amazing. Drizzle over meats before grilling or toss in pasta for an easy dressing {plus, all the other ways}.
2. A jug as a utensil holder - this is actually an owl vase/jug and it sits next to my stove top with some salad servers, ebelskiver flippers and Husband's vintage briki.

What essentials make up your kitchen? 


watch//"old" movies i adore

In case you missed the memo, I am a big movie watcher. Today I want to share a few of the "old" movies I love. You know, sharing is caring and all that jazz. Also, I say "old" like this because, let's face facts, these movies aren't really all that old. Onwards...

The Out-Of-Towners - I adore Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn & John Cleese so this is comedy gold for me. Always hilarious. Just don't ask me to pick my favourite part because I couldn't possibly.
The First Wives Club - 5 of my favourite actresses* are in this film so what's not to love? The singing. The outfits. The story. The message. The comedy. Love.
*being: Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Maggie Smith & Sarah Jessica Parker
When Harry Met Sally - one of my favourite films of all time {along with another Ryan classic, You've Got Mail}. I just love this film. Everything about it is magical. And, yes, they get together in the end but, gosh, it's so worth it and so meant to be. And... days of the week underpants!
The Shawshank Redemption - kind of cliché, I know, but gosh, I love this movie so. It makes me mad and sad and happy. Just beautiful.

What movies do you love?
Lay some recommendations on me...