friday five//what the actual ugh

I tell you what, this week was weird, and now it's Friday and I'm just spent because yesterday was a grueling tear stained kind of day where I learnt some things about my mental health that I didn't want to know. Wouldn't you know it but I was kind of perfectly happy trotting along in my Generalised Anxiety Disorder and then you find out that you have all these other things piled up on top of it and it ain't no fun. Why do I need 5 disorders? Why can't I have 1? Or none, but you know what I mean. I mean, ugh, honestly PTSD & OCD {amongst others} really? Why?

Anyway, yesterday was stressful and today is stressful and I wasn't going to post anything but then Husband and Bailey went on a field trip to buy their own knitting needles and wool to copy me {yes, I knit now - 2 days in} and I was like, no, I am going to post because today is Friday and Friday means Friday Five. So there, here's my Friday Five or a.k.a 5 movies {or 4 movies & 1 documentary} I've watched and enjoyed/loved lately.

love, rosie -- a romantic comedy that's not too obvious. I adore Lily Collins & the scene with the song Push It is my favourite. Also, and actually, the whole soundtrack is just spot on.
secretary -- I watched this last night with Husband and it's kind of weird and amazing and I loved it. Also, I have this weird thing for James Spader {especially psycho James Spader in The Blacklist} and, oh gosh, he just makes me feel things. 
two night stand -- a perfectly cliché & funny romantic movie. I think Miles Teller is adorable.
after porn ends -- Husband recommended this documentary to me and I'm glad I watched it. It's sad, poignant and insightful and gives a glimpse into porn that is rarely seen.
the hundred-foot journey -- this movie is slow & simple in the most perfectly delicious way possible. I adored it and it is now officially added to my one of my most favourite films that make me feel all the feels. I love the dad in this, he is hilariously adorable. 

What movies have you seen lately? Leave some recommendations below!


current beauty obsessions//february

Remember when I mentioned that I wanted to try a no-buy again in February? Ha! Neither do I. Or rather, I do remember but I'm just going to pretend I don't because this post features all new products that I have been obsessing over this February. Some are very new but they hit the mark instantly and are perfection. Here are my current obsessions --

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray -- I was a tad nervous to take the plunge and purchase this simply because of the "beach blonde" in the name but after reading some information on it I realised it wouldn't actually turn my hair blonde - phew. The spray enhances my natural waves and lets me go longer between straightening and washing. It has a ropey sort of texture that feels rather nice and doesn't become straw-like or crunchy. Spray into dry or damp hair and tousle for a messy-beachy look.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater -- a delicious facial spray that I picked up to replace the Iluka Hydrating Toner Mist {the taste on this, as it lingers on my lips, was so horrid I couldn't continue with it}. This spray, on the other hand, doesn't taste foul and leaves skin hydrated. I like to use this in the morning, if I can't have a shower as soon as I get up, after splashing my face with cold water. It's an instant refresh. Also works great after face masks.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost -- the perfect serum to use in the morning after cleansing with the Origins Ginzing Refresh Scrub Cleanser. It doesn't have an overpowering scent, isn't too thick or too thin and ensures skin is hydrated and perked up.

Origins Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask  -- at first this mask feels a bit frighteningly tingly as if it might suddenly set your face ablaze but soon after application it calms down. The perfect mask for calming breakouts {also works well for any oily skin} and ridding your face of dirt and dead skin.

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream -- an eye cream to brighten and de-puff. I use this for the morning after my Vitamin C Skin Boost and it's morning perfection. The eye cream ensures my eyes look brighter and that I feel more awake. It can be used day and night, however, I use and adore the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream at night and didn't want to give it up {this also works amazingly for dark circles}. I also adore routine and for my skincare I like to use different products for day and night, it makes me feel kind of special.

If you haven't used any of these products I highly recommend giving them a go - they are amazing.

& let me know, what products are you loving at the moment?


life is too important to be taken seriously//random gaff stories

You know when you have those moments/days/weeks/months/years/whatever where you're so down and everything feels wrong and just blah and ugh and none of it really feels worth it? Yeah, those... I don't have those moments for very long but I do have them. Anyway, you know what else? You know those moments - that's basically every single waking moment - where you have that deep down in your bones feeling where your life is so awesome and it aches in the most luscious way possible? That's me.

Because my life is awesome and my kid is delicious and my Husband cleans a really good shower that really actually makes me... you know. And my dogs are ridiculous and hilarious and ultra cuddly and everyone in my family is perfection.

^we need to discuss Bailey for a minute. I mean, honestly. When we picked her up from her half day at pre-school on Wednesday we walked in while they were all singing songs and Bailey was right there in the group singing along and keeping up with the actions and as I watched her tears sprung up and I had to gulp them down and busy myself with the lunch order menu thing to avoid bawling my eyes out. I love her so ridiculously much and sometimes it actually aches. 

Also, for so long Bailey wasn't really a joiner, at least not with kids. She was always the kid who wanted to play with the adults or was happy on her own and now I feel like she's all grown up. She's also really loving pre-school and kindy and being out of the house for 4 days a week and I'm really very proud of her.

^Fred -- if you get any cuter! This was after he finished at the groomers and we toddled over to the off leash grassy area. He looks so young here and, yes, he's only 1 but he looks so little and adorable and delicious and, gosh, I love that dog. I don't know how he {or any dog for that matter} ended up at the shelter but I'm sure glad he did. He makes life a million times better.

^Bailey loves to play in muddy puddles but not the dirt

Bailey asks me if she's my best friend and I say "yes, of course". Then I ask who her best friend and she says "cucumber!" After pre-school the other day I asked her again and she sighed that real bothered ugh, mum! sigh and she said "it's still cucumber mum". 

Look, the kid really loves eating cucumber...

One day, one day, she'll say my name.

Goals, people. It's good to have goals.

Summer {or Bum Bum/Bumsy Cracktus} loves the trampoline even though it makes her look like a mad scientist & Freddie, gawsh, how someone hurt this little guy makes the mind boggle.

Bailey and I have this thing where we play a game of "I love you" and it goes something like this:

I love you
I love you
No, I love you
No, I love you!
I love you!
And I love you
Aw! I love you too!

*end game*

Also, the other day Bailey giggled and said to me:

"you're the best, mummy. You need a kiss"

& then she planted a sweet little peck on my lips {which sure beats that time she tried to force feed me her boogers}

& then life was even more perfect than usual

*end sop*

*end scene*


adventures in awesome//segway dude, orchard hills

In case you weren't aware -- I live in Sydney, New South Wales. And, to be honest, I've never been a big Sydney fan. Harbour Bridge - meh. Opera House - meh. I'm also not a big fan of the city {too busy and too easy to get lost in} or of the trendy spots. I'm more of a western suburbs kind of girl. I like how you can find random things to do that are easy to get to and they have parking! Oh how I love parking. Especially if it's free. Free parking at the location makes my mumma heart happy.

I've shared some of our family adventures before {see here} and today I wanted to share some more - of a little adventure Husband and I had the other week while B. was at kindy. We visited the Mamre Homestead in Orchard Hills where Segway Dude is located. I'd purchased 1 hour self-guided rides for Husband and I back in December last year for his birthday. They were intended for his day before birthday celebration but we had to keep pushing the date back due to my back issues {which they were lovely about, by the way}. Finally, the stars aligned and we managed to book in for February 12 as an early Valentine's Day date.

Can I just say that it was wonderful, scary and thrilling and I highly recommend it.

 Our instructor, Doug, was helpful, lovely and wonderfully talkative.

He gave us an instructive demo and made it all look ridiculously easy so you hop on thinking you've got it, you're fine and by the end the Segway people are going to crown you Segway King/Queen. Well... yeah, that didn't happen.

^I recommend you don't wear a dress to Segway. I mean, yes, I'm pretty stupid. Husband said I should wear shorts and I thought that was a pretty sensible suggestion but somewhere between couch & underwear I'd decided Jaye Gaff just does not do shorts even though she owns 3 pairs and certainly does. Ugh, I hate me sometimes.

Anyway, yes I wore a dress {belted} and a kaftan and also closed in shoes because I'm 27 and I know some things about life, thank you very much. They give you a helmet to wear and a hair net if you want one. As Husband and I were walking up to the area I was like "pfft... why do we need helmets? I'm a girl! My hair! Ack" -- you know, the usual. If you go and then think the same cocky thoughts as me well... don't. You need the bloody helmets okay?

In the interest of full disclosure I need to say: the segways can be dangerous. I fell off twice. The first time a rock scared me and I fell backwards off the thing. The second time I imagined that a snake was going to leap out of the bushes and attack me all Snakes on a Plane style so I got scared and then fell forwards and the segway pinned me under.

This probably doesn't sound all that entertaining now that I'm thinking of it but I promise you it was fun! And for someone with anxiety it was kind of really wonderfully freeing. And then I fell and it was kind of really okay and not okay and after the second fall I just stuck to the bits that didn't have the rough terrain.

Husband, of course, was basically a natural. He fell off once, right at the end of his second last lap and then he looked like he had explosive diarrhea over the back of his shorts from the dirt which made my life.

If you're after something adventure-y to do in Sydney I highly recommend it. You get to feel the wind in your hair {and up your butt if you wear a dress -- don't wear a dress} and race around. You get to have a Segway pin your legs down and have your Husband save you while you probably flash the cars your new undies. I'm being serious! It was fun. Promise.

My butt is bruised.

Actually my entire body is bruised but it feels darn good. I swear these segways made me have some anxiety breakthrough.

And if you visit the Homestead {which is historic by the way, did I mention that? I forget and can't be bothered scrolling up and I really need to pee} there's a cafe for, you know, eating & drinking and you can also watch the wildlife and horses, explore the vegetable farm and buy plants from the nursery. It's all very beautiful and quaint.

So go do it! Bookings are essential {and let my story above be your what not to do on a segway}.


weekly spotlight//2 favourite apps

I've mentioned a few of my favourite apps here before {here and here} and I've also mentioned that I'm not a big game or app person in general. When it comes to apps I only regularly use a handful and they're all extremely cliche and obvious {Instagram, Twitter, Gmail and my banking app}. The rest are just fillers that might get used once or twice a month. So, for an app to still be around a few months after downloading and still be getting used on the regular, well, it has to be pretty special. These two are --

 Trivia Crack - the name says it all, this game is crack. It's addicting, & the feeling you get when you spin 2 or more crowns in a row. I can't even describe the feels you feel.

As the name suggests this is a trivia game. You can play against random opponents or your friends. You spin and if you get a question right you keep going until you fail. There are a few different ways to play, my favourite is to race manically to get all my crowns before my opponent and then cackle maniacally and yell BAM! as soon as victory is mine.
Cocoppa is an app to make your phone look all pretty and fancy and better than all those other boring phones out there. You can download icons, home screens, wallpapers & more. Some are free and some are paid {I don't like my phone that much to pay for it but each to their own}. There's some speculation that this is a "scam app" but I have had no issues with it as yet. My home screen is above and I have another 2 pages {organised into music/videos} and other most used apps {calendar, banking, calculator, etc}. 

Yes, it's kind of ridiculous to invest so much time changing the look of my app buttons but I love it and, what can I say?, it makes me happier to look at and use my phone. Also, some of my buttons are hilarious. For example; no one's calling you {thank goodness}, you never get texts {hey!}, but first let me take a #selfie {& pose}, so many bitches {ugh, so many} & google that shit {what else are you gonna do?}

What apps are you loving?
And if you have any recommendations for Android apps let me know below.


friday five

 Last Friday my special Valentine's inspired Friday Five went up before all hell broke loose so, today, I am going to discuss last Friday here. Really, all I need to say is that it was Friday the 13th and that day and I have a torrid relationship. My first Friday the 13th as a mother my child locked me out of the house and I was stuck trying to find a way to break into my own home for almost half an hour while my unsupervised baby wandered around the house giggling like a maniac. I finally pried open a tiny kitchen window and climbed through it into a sink full of cutlery and glasses.

This past Friday the 13th wasn't as bad but the day is still cursed. Why? Well, let's see. My child who is now so obsessed with going to pre-school and kindy 4 days out of 5 was so frustrated that we had nothing to do that day and were stuck in side with the threat of rain or rain itself and decided to be a horrible hobo. She ranted and raved. She ate my chocolate -- all of the chocolate! She ate all of the raspberries and blackberries. She threw a ball at my head and almost hit me. She stole all of my planner stickers and made a mess with them. She ate ham and threw the packet on the floor. She ate a myriad of other things and left remnants everywhere.

She was, in general, not her usual self because, while cheeky, she is generally a well-behaved girl and 100% awesome. Anyway, this was my kid. That was my day. I cried. Husband came home when I started to get really anxious. And then he swooped in with all his hero-ness and took us out for dinner and shopping and all was well with the world. Bailey gave me snuggles and all was forgiven and then as the day faded away so did her hobo-sity and life went back to normal.

Anyway -- enough rambling from me. Here's the 5, the very wonderful 5, for the week.
one. a print for the home - oscar wilde quote print
two. & another one too - imagine a city print
three. a dress for B. - H&M cat knit dress
four. a valentino rockstud dupe - hot pink adore heels
five. & another rockstud dupe too - black & nude delight flats

hooray for the weekend, make it wonderful


& click i'm in love

Well, hello, it's Thursday. Like so many other days of the week I'm not exactly sure how I feel about Thursday. You see, on one hand, it's usually the longest period of time I get all alone and that, in itself, is a fabulous thing. I adore time alone because I get stuff done. I write, watch movies, catch up on TV or catch up on sleep. I can be busy and relaxed and it's wonderful. But it's also frustrating because I miss my kid and I know when she gets home from kindy she's going to be like "hi mummy" all excited-like and then she'll be off doing her own thing because being somewhere else but here all day means she needs to catch up on her stuff. And then I have to make dinner and it's back to the real world.

So, see, I enjoy my real world but I also enjoy the la-la land I get to live in, especially today. So it's a double-edged sword or knife or whatever the sharp thing is called and I've had enough of my rambling haven't you? And, also, to keep going anyway, when I have things to do out and about and spend the entire day away from my comfort items like my tea kettle, like today, well I'm not sure how I feel about that either. I want to be out shopping, my favourite activity, but I also want to be at home, away from people bumping into me and terrible cups of tea. Life is just so darn hard. Okay, that is enough rambling, isn't it? Here's some click love --

the new pitch perfect 2 trailer was released - I'm excited. Also, I hate when Australians say a famous Aussie actor/actress is "ours" but, ugh, can I just say how proud I am that Rebel Wilson is... ours. She's awesome 

this 3 year old's instagram is amazing - this kid!

this jack wills knitted cape from asos is everything I need in my life and more

I have found my dream couch - it's called a pit sectional and it's what dreams are made of {if you buy it for me I'll send you a thank you note, I'm lovely like that}

a gorgeous mumma let her toddler dress her for a week and the results were hilarious & amazing {day 2 with the mickey shirt is my favourite}


fancy dress//bailey style

It's a very rare occasion that all us Gaff's are invited somewhere that involves dressing up. We're just not that kind of family and if we were to be invited somewhere that did, Bailey would most likely not receive an invite. Well, times are changing because this weekend we're all invited to an engagement party of a dear friend.

As is custom, whenever we have somewhere, that's a bit more somewhere than ordinary, I scour the Internet for things we can all wear. Usually I like to have us all somewhat match as a family -- as in we won't wear colours that clash hideously with each other. And yes, look, I have toyed with the idea of Bailey and I wearing matching dresses but quickly tossed that out the window because hey, that's just crazy. But see, the thing here is that the line between kids clothes being dressy and/or too cutesy/too old for them is ridiculously thin and it's not something I have down pat yet.

Through my aforementioned trawling I came across some gorgeous kids pieces that fit perfectly into the fancy theme, though not too fancy that it can't be worn again and looks too out of place. Here's a paired selection --

SIX. little marc jacobs flower print skirt {would be perfection with a lace top she already owns}
SEVEN. roman holiday long sleeve dress {let's be honest, I want this for myself}
EIGHT. kate jewel ballet flat 

& this outfit, while not fancy, is everything I envinsoned when I heard I was having a girl

j style//novelty bags

You may have noticed that I can be a bit, well, weird and when it comes to my style I tend to lean toward quirky {or ridiculous} items {remember this poodle skirt?}. Lately, I've been on the hunt for weirdly wonderful novelty bags and have selected my top picks to share here with you because sharing is caring --

two. kate spade new york flights of fancy balloon bag {ack! this is sold out - hopefully it comes back in stock}
five. kate spade new york wedding belles adra zip pouch {the foil lettering says: cast a spell}
eight. asos robot clutch bag {this is a clear box -- I'm not sure how I feel about that deep down in my soul}


real vs. steal//shoes

Lately, I have been obsessing over the Valentino Rockstud shoes {flats & heels} and the Chloé Susanna studded boots. Sadly, as each shoe retails for over $1,000 I don't know if I'll ever own a pair so, perhaps, some of the "steal" variety will have to do.

Chloé Susanna studded leather ankle boots {$1,695.50 from net-a-porter} & studded boots {$59.95 from H&M}

Valentino Rockstud Patent Multistrap Sling {$1,259 - $1,299 from David Jones} & Diavolina Adore {$199.95 from Wanted Shoes}

Valentino Rockstud Double Ankle Strap Pointy Toe Flat {$1361.78 from Nordstrom} & Delight Flat {$189.95 from Diavolina}

a fave read//imagine a city by elise hurst

Last year, I shared a favourite picture book read -- Don't Push the Button -- that all of us Gaffs are obsessed with and today I want to continue the picture book sharing with my own personal favourite -- Imagine A City by Elise Hurst. We usually visit the library weekly and every time we're there, as Bailey bounds excitedly, darting in and out of the rows of books, I head over to H area in the picture book section and pick the cloth-bound Imagine up.

Every time I open the pages I am filled with such joy and amazement at the wonderful illustrations in this book. There are few words and there doesn't need to be -- the sketches do it all.

^this one in the bookstore is my favourite. I love that the longer you look the more you notice, as if the page is growing and changing upon your gaze.

^imagine a city where buses are fish and the fishes fly the sky

^there's something about this fantastic whimsical world that reminds me of The Faraway Tree series which I adored as a child -- the ridiculous comes to life in the most perfectly amazing and realistic way. Elise Hurst is a genius {you can see more of her work here and you can purchase prints here}.

^can you imagine?

If you haven't read this yet I suggest you do. It's an amazing look and read that transports you to the most fantastically fabulous world.


weekly spotlight//samsung galaxy s5 s-view case

When I first upgraded to a Samsung S5 I searched high & low for the perfect back cover for my phone. Sadly, nowhere had the perfect one so I gave up my search and purchased a cheap one to tide me over until "the one" came along. I guess, I was lucky because as soon as I snapped the cover onto the back of my phone I knew it would never work. For one, the back was made so it wouldn't really get covered in scratches and the cover made the phone so bulky it was unmanageable.

My search then moved to flip cases which also proved difficult as most cases had a built in/removable cover for the back and quite frankly, for some unreasonable reason, that just made me mad. Thankfully along came MobileZap* and the Official Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Premium Cover Case.

^I was sent the above case. It's a dark bluey-green with shimmer throughout {but not obnoxiously so}. It's lightweight but also has a sturdy feel to it and is reassuringly solid.

The case replaces the back cover of your S5, clips in easily and provides full coverage protection {front and back} without the added bulk. If you're anything like me, this may scare you at first and, to be honest, the idea of replacing the back cover was a bit off putting, however, once I looked through the instructions and then got my Husband to put it on for me {yes, I'm that girl} it made me wonder how on earth I lived without it.
^this back tech-y looking thing is what you snap your phone in to and before you think/ask if it's secure -- yes, it is, wonderfully so.

The case is on 24/7 and makes life easier because I can just throw it in my bag and go without having to worry about scratches or drinks leaking on it {like that time, years ago, when Bailey's milk leaked in her baby bag and my phone semi-worked and semi-didn't until the smell of rotting milk made me so nauseous that I had to replace it}.

My favourite part of this flip case and the thing that really sets it apart from the rest is the S-view screen which makes your phone functional even when the case is closed.

^the wallpaper can be the same or different from your home screen or if you'd rather you can pick one of the customised colours. You can also choose to view the weather or pedometer {swipe right to do this} or open up the camera {swipe left}.

^I usually make calls with the front closed {unless I know I'm going to be on hold for a long time or pushing loads of buttons} and it's perfect. You can also answer the call with the case opened, put the speaker on and close the cover. I was worried that if I did this I'd hang the call up but it doesn't! I swear.

{also the S-View screen, obviously, does not blur out people's phone numbers - that was me, you know, protecting my Husband's privacy and stuff and, actually, I didn't even notice at first so there you go}

^wanna take a photo with the case closed and without the flap getting all up in your grill? You can do that too {I feel like I'm on The Price is Right at the moment}. However, you can't take selfies in this mode which is a tad annoying but, perhaps, a good thing. And maybe the people who designed this case had that in mind? Too many selfies nowdays anyway...

 {randomly takes selfie for no reason}

Check out MobileZap for more on this case and other phone accessories, including a massive range of S5 cases

*Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I was not paid for the review. I was gifted this case, however, I was under no obligation to give a positive review. The opinions in this post are all my own and I genuinely love the case.


j style//cardi love

I'm secretly {out loud} an old lady at heart, especially when it comes to my style. Cardigans are my favourite items to purchase and the more quaint the better. I've talked about my cardigan style before {here} and since then it hasn't changed all that much. My obsession with needing to own every one that tickles my fancy hasn't died down either. Here are some of my current lusts --

You know, I was just thinking -- what would happen if I was one of those people who only needed and wanted one black cardigan and one pink one as opposed to a number of different designs in each colour? What would I write about? What would I think about? How on earth would I occupy my days? 

The struggle is real...


friday five//lovely beauty

In celebration of Valentine's Day tomorrow I'm sharing 5 things today that fit the theme. Hearts. Love. & more hearts. How beautifully lovely of me.

Have a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day everyone -- spread some love around why don't you?
{Psst, did that sound dirty? Spread some love around -- sounds like the beginning of a PSA. The last line would obviously go like this -- be safe, use a condom}.

The end.


j reads//recently devoured

A few weeks ago I couldn't consume enough words. I was reading like a... well, like a person who reads a lot. Some were good and some were great. Some were meh and some weren't finishable. Here's the list --

 close-up - esther verhoef
matilda is missing - caroline overington

{as an aside, I hate the term "bogan}

so much pretty - cara hoffman

 the girl on the train - paula hawkins
until you're mine - samantha hayes

don't look back - erica spindler
{wow I worked so hard on that one}

& now I want some of your suggestions -- lay them on me!


j style//the hunt for the perfect leather tote

In my very fabulous opinion I believe that everyone needs a leather tote. The perfect leather tote. And since I am part of an everyone {does that make sense?} I obviously need one too.

Here are my requirements: the leather must be buttery soft, it must be slouchy but not limp, able to be grasped in your hand and feel delicious and retain its shape. It can crease but it can't look old when or if it does. It needs to weather beautifully and it can't be black -- tan and/or a sunset colour would be ideal. Here are the options...

three. madewell transport tote {adore the pebbled leather}

thoughts, recommendations, advice?


j style//marble for the home & for you

I adore marble for the home -- particularly in the form of bench tops. I love the idea of marble in the kitchen and bathrooms but since we rent and I'm not the kind to rent a fancy house that would have all the marble my heart desires {all that upkeep!} my house is, sadly, marble-less. Lately, I've been on the hunt for marble that I can have in my home in the form of accessories. Here's a list of my top picks that will add something special to any room/area you choose.

12. orson & blake gold foil marble bookends

& now some marble to adorn yourself with

let's discuss//the fashion of the mary tyler moore show

I just started watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show and I'm obsessed with it {though when does Betty White come into it? I would Google it but I don't want any spoilers}.

Can we talk about the fashion? The fashion! Mary is my new style icon.

^just gorgeous
& now I finally get the Mary & Rhoda bit from Romy & Michele 

^this dress is my favourite outfit so far

*image one, image two, image three, image four {image five is a screenshot from the show}