thoughts for twenty-fifteen

Since I'm not really a resolution person {I'm much more of a do it now gal} I haven't, and won't, make any resolutions for twenty-fifteen. Instead, I have some thoughts & goals which I wanted to share --

one. share more adult time with Husband {you know what I mean? winky face}. It's easy to fall into the trap of once a week especially with Bailey around and frankly that's just not acceptable to me so the goal is a minimum of three times a week and, really, it ain't so difficult and does a marriage good
two. read more -- I'm a quick reader and if the book is good I can breeze through it in a matter of hours so why the heck don't I read more? Often a TV show or a movie seems more relaxing than reading but I want to learn how to divide my time between the screen and the page and consume more words
three. comment more on other people's blogs, etc. So often I want to comment and don't because I fear I'll come off as a weirdo. Well, no more
four. focus less on pain even when it's immense. Can't walk? Big deal. Some people have no legs! 
I hate that way of thinking but sometimes, especially with my mind, it's the only thing to get me out of wallowing and into a better mood
five. write more. I write a lot but I want to do more, broaden my horizons and stop resting on my laurels
six. be less anxious
seven. do more with Bailey, Husband and the dogs. Do more around the house and out of the house. Do more for myself
eight. get ready for the day - every day - even if I'm not going anywhere
nine. paint my nails more often and practice my technique to change from sloppy to ok-looking or, better yet, presentable
ten. buy less - I don't even need to explain this one do I? I buy too much {clothes mostly} and it's unnecessary, leads to debt and anxiety. I will try to buy more of what I need rather than what I want

& that's it -- ten goals for the new year.

Do you have any to share?

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