friday five

It feels semi-weird to be doing a Friday five post so close to Christmas just gone but watcha gonna do? Does anyone else feel like the holidays just went so darn quickly? One minute it was Husband's first day off work and the next he's back again without any time to breathe in between. And as corny as it may sound -- I miss that man when he's gone. Sure, he's annoying and makes lame dad jokes and thinks DJ Hero is fun but he's also my stinky, lampshade, Danza and the best friend a girl could have. Anyway, enough sap, here's the 5. Go buy yourself something nice why don't you?

TWO. breakfast at tiffanys eye mask {sold out online -- can be found in-store which seems necessary right?}
THREE. mimco flip case for samsung galaxy s5 {can't decide between the pink or red -- p.s. loving my new S5}
FOUR. valentine's day mug from williams-sonoma {I'm so glad they have these back again this year and this time around, hopefully, I can scoop a few up}
FIVE. chanel miroir double facettes mirror duo {I don't know why it took me so long to realise that Chanel has a compact but I am so glad I discovered this because this is simple and divine and I need it}


  1. I'm not meant to be spending money on non-essentials at the moment but all these things have me tempted! Especially the eye mask. I love wearing eye masks to sleep.

    1. Let's face facts -- an eye mask is an essential item!


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