friday five

Bloody hell -- is it Friday again already? Jeez, this week went ridiculously quickly didn't it? & it ended with some mummy-style meltdowns for me. You see, if all goes well and she keeps doing what she's doing Bailey will be starting school next year. So, this year we're trying to focus on getting her into a kindergarten a few days a week as well as keeping her at her kindy for one day. Which means, if it works out, I will only get one day a week at home with her. Sob.

I know that I'm being ridiculous and I need to let go and all that stuff but, ugh, I'm just not ready. These past 3 and a bit years have just gone way too quickly and I really, truly, love my kid and love being at home with her. I chose to be a stay-at-home mum for a few reasons: when I was pregnant Husband and I both talked about how we wished we'd had someone at home with us when we were babies/toddlers and when we started primary school, so there was that. But, also, I felt like there was nowhere else I could be. You never really know if you can do this stay-at-home mum thing but as soon as I saw her little face I knew I could never leave her. I guess that served me well in some areas but in others, especially with this whole school thing, I realise that I'm probably too attached and that ain't good. I'm just not ready to let go yet.

Bailey, on the other hand, is fiercely independent, enjoys learning, being with other kids and adults and, also, loves to play by herself. She rambles on and on about the home corner at kindy and what she's going to do when she's there next and, well, she's more than ready to let go. This morning she said "mummy are you going to miss me when I'm gone?" and I said "of course I will. I'll miss you more than chocolate. Will you miss me?" and then she mumbled "yes" and ran, excitedly to the door and didn't give me a second glance. So... long story short -- she's ready, I'm not.

Anyway, what else is there to do when you're missing your kid and thinking her childhood went too quickly? Look online for some stuff {five things to be exact} to warm your soul and cheer you up. Here they are --

have a wonderful weekend x


personally j//why i hate kangaroos

One day when I was a youngin' my sister and I were attacked by kangaroos. I don't remember the name of the park or where it was {probably somewhere in Western Australia or Queensland?}. I'm fairly sure it was at a wildlife park or preserve and you got to feed the kangaroos and we got attacked by a frickin' gang of kangaroos.

Okay, I'm being a tad melodramatic but we were definitely surrounded by kangaroos in this damn wooden fort and it was scary and I for sure thought I was going to die. Seriously we could have died. Kangaroos are dangerous man.

Contrary to popular belief Australia doesn't have kangaroos jumping all over the place. There ain't no kangaroos hopping around the Opera House. But, yes, we have a bunch of kangaroos and while everyone is harping on about all our dangerous snakes and spiders {scary as they are} I think the real danger to Australians and tourists are kangaroos. Be afraid people. Be very afraid. I know I am.

& right now if you're thinking -- damn she crazy, well, you're correct, I often am but -- BUT -- I'm also telling the truth because I headed over to Google and found this on kangaroo attacks. This shit is real.


j style//the embroidered bag hunt

Following my favourite brands on Instagram is challenging -- they're always posting luscious items that make me salivate at the thought. The other day Dangerfield posted a snap of their new embroidered tote {follow them here} and, yes, I'm still mad at them because I need this bag and, of course, seeing its delicious design made me venture into an embroidered bag hunt. Here are my top picks --

^embroidered tote {or the one that started it all}
^bird bag -- for b.

*also, didn't you enjoy the additions of the embroidery art? Canadian bacon for the win...


watch//ridiculous & awesome in the same measure

Here's something you might not/need to know about me -- I love mockbusters. You know the kind of movies that you can't quite tell if they know just how ridiculous they are {at least with the older ones}? I only like the horror ones and I like them even if they think they're going to make an actual hit with it. Recently, my Husband commented that for my birthday he was just going to buy me a bunch of horror mockbusters and you know what? I'd be okay with that. Actually, more than okay with that. In fact, if I don't unwrap some I'm going to be mad.

Anyway, enough rambling. In the interest of full-disclosure and being myself and all that jazz I wanted to share with you the greatest movie that has ever been made*.

^that's right it's Piranha 3DD and it is hilarious, awesome and just plain good fun. When I say this I am being completely 100% serious -- it was so good that I watched it twice in one day and plan to watch it multiple times until the end of time. If you don't like movies with killer animals then you probably won't like this {but why wouldn't you -- Lake Placid and Betty White anyone?}. I could also say if you don't like breathing you won't like this but that might be taking it too far. Maybe. It has Doc Brown in it for goodness sake. Also, David Hasselhoff and that sports guy from Anchorman {because Googling his name is obviously too difficult}. Enough said.

Yes, there are boobs and nudity and it's a bit crude but I like that kind of thing when it's making fun of itself. Yep, it's also gory and there's this one scene in a bedroom that makes the film {for me} but might break it for you. 

But if none of that stuff turns you off then this movie is necessary viewing and once you've viewed it view it again {just for fun} and then try and tell me that all of it, especially the motor boating with the head, wasn't completely necessary. 

Also, piranhas.


Also as an aside, I watched the first Piranha {not the original} and it wasn't that great. It just felt like too much of a movie that was trying to be an actual movie rather than something ridiculously awesome. Got it?

*ok, it may have not been the best movie ever made but it's pretty darn close


real vs steal//contour kits

I'm sure we've all heard about the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette. It's annoyingly almost always sold out and it costs a pretty penny {but, really, shouldn't that be a pretty dollar?}. $79.40 {at Beauty Bay} -- a bit steep right? Yes I'm sure it's great but for those who don't want to fork out the big bucks there's good news. Australis has a contour palette of their very own and it's under $20 {$16.95}. Let's compare the two shall we?

 Each palette has 6 shades. Anastasia with: sand, vanilla, banana, java, fawn and havana. Australis with...? No names. Personally, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging with names included so this is a mark against the Australis one for me. Yet, the price differences are so bloody different that the Australis one wins out for now so it is on the must-have list when my no-buy is complete/when it's made available again {because the Australis is now sold out all over the place}.

Have you tried any of these? Tell me, which is your favourite?


one photo to sum up a life that is awesome

my adorable kid and a dog that winks as if perfectly on cue


j style//dressing for the weekend

Some weekends my style is fairly non-existent -- as in I'll spend a few minutes a day thinking of which pyjamas to wear. Other times I'll begin closet dreaming during the week, slotting in pieces and accessories for any outings planned. The issue with this approach, however, is that I usually begin acting as if I have a larger collection than in actuality. My mind, which has now turned into Cher's computerised closet, adds in pieces which I've lusted after online and don't own. The downside to this approach is obvious -- I'm left with this hollow don't own feeling -- and then, on the other hand, the upside to this equation, is that I get to put inspiration boards together where I can look back on to pull pieces from my own closet.

This week is one where all of the above has eventuated and here I am with a board of pieces, none of which I own, all of which should provide some inspiration --

darling sweater - it was raining and cool {ish} on and off this week so, of course, my mind is on pieces that I can wear in cooler weather and this sweater is just darling {had to}
stainless steel watch - my collection is lacking in a thinner watch like this and I adore this one from Fossil - the colour of the face and the bling
double studs - I'm on the hunt for a pair of double studs and these ones from Mimco are perfect because their studs are made with surgical steel posts which my sensitive ears need
owl coin purse - Fossil always has a wonderful range of coin purses like this. The owl is perfect for me and on the weekends, depending where we're headed, I like to take a coin purse or little wallet to simplify 
mimco flats - I adore a flat that is a statement and simple in the same breath. These are gorgeous
l'oreal pearl polish - sometimes just a hint of polish on my fingers is all I need
red textured flip skirt - I favour a pop of colour in a skirt {usually} and then keeping everything else simple -- this skirt is very me


friday five

It's Friday -- hooray for that. I love my time with Bailey and having my alone time on Thursday but I adore the weekends more. We're all together and can be as busy or as lazy as we want and that, my friends, is perfection. Care for an update on my no-buy? Not really... Too bad I'm giving one anyway. Actually, it's going well and I have not purchased any clothes or make up so, really, there's no update at all and this is pointless. Blah blah blah. 5 things, here --

kitty cushion {the cat is pimp. it has glasses. we all need it. deal with the facts of your life}


the search for the perfect love ring

The search for the perfect love ring is difficult man. Truly difficult. Ugh, life is just so darn hard. So stressful. Can't even believe it {sarcasm is my thing - annoyingly so}. But guess what? I've done some hard work {seriously, it was actually quite difficult tracking some down} and tracked down the perfect trio in: silver, rose gold and gold.

the paloma picasso love ring from tiffany&co {this plus the little blue box? perfection}

love letter ring from Etsy {I adore the crystals and the tiny ring on the rear}

kacey k loved ring {the addition of the "d" is perfection - because I love to be loved}

^if you've come across the perfect love {or loved} ring leave a comment/link/name below...


j obsession//dear kmart we need to talk

I'm sure that the majority of people are aware that shopping in Australia isn't that great compared to, say, America. Sydney just got Sephora last month. Last month people! Our Target is nothing like the American Target and, gosh, Whole Foods? I wish. But, Australia, I shouldn't be so harsh to you. You're getting there. We have H&M now. It's a crappy H&M {at least, the one in Macquarie is} but it's a H&M at least. Target had a Missoni release in October last year {that I really think under-performed -- Australians just didn't get the amazingness} & our Kmart has started to stock some really truly wonderful products.

So...with that in mind, Kmart we need to talk. I mean, I'm glad that you've got good stuff as opposed to all the blah products people automatically assume you have but do you have to have so many lust worthy things? It's really not fair now is it? See what I mean below --

*ottoman for feet & bums {more colours available}

You may recall that I've mentioned a few times that Priceline is the shop where you can spend $200+ when you only meant to spend $20. Well, Kmart is the shop where $500 later you're still not done buying random non-essential items. Though, if they make your life brighter they can't be that bad can they?


personally j//first world problems

Look, I'm not the biggest fan of the term "first world problems" and before I started writing this post I even Googled "another term for first world problems" but nothing eventuated/I couldn't really be bothered looking so there it is. I'm going with first world problems for this here post in which I'm going to regal you with my ridiculous ones {and I think you guys should share yours too}. Here goes --

1. When it's hot I turn my air conditioner on {actually, that's a lie when it's not even that hot I turn it on too, I like cool air} but then it's too cooling and I get cold
2. My very expensive Breville tea kettle is amazing and steeps my tea for me but I still have to put water and tea leaves/bags in it and TURN IT ON
3. When I want to do a face mask at home I have too many selections to choose from
4. I wear my glasses all day everyday but I have to choose which pair to wear and I also have to clean them regularly
5. When I'm feeling sick my Husband is too caring. The other day I vomited while he was at work and he came home to take care of me
6. I have to drink soy milk for health reasons and my favourite coffee shop charges me extra for it
7. When I need a caffeine pick me up it's hard to decide between tea, coffee or an energy/soft drink and then when I pick I have to decide between a coffee shop coffee or one made at home or a tea in the pod machine or my tea kettle
8. I am a fast reader and I finish books too quickly and then I have to pick another book to read
9. I want to invest in my first pair of designer flats and I can't decide between a pair from Chanel or Louis Vuitton
10. My shiny new phone has a cover for the charging port and I have to open it when it needs to be charged and close it when it's done

--care to share any of yours?


watch//favourite new shows

Just so you know, when I say "new shows" I mean new to me not new, new. Anyway... I've cut down a lot on my TV watching. Not because it was getting out of hand or anything, more so because I was just watching a lot of okay and, really, I want to be watching a lot of good/great. Also, as I get older I find my tastes changing and I'm just not that interested in many of the shows I used to watch. Recently, I happened upon 2 shows that I fell deeply in love with -- so much so that I binge-watched them both and then I was left in that state of: oh no, what did I do? Did I do the right thing? You know, the usual anxiety of a good show being over too soon. Are you hooked? Keep reading...

^it was time for me to find a new comedy and I finally gave in to the recommendations {from my TV} and watched The Mindy Project and I am so glad my TV pestered me into it. TMP is hilarious and quirky but it doesn't try too hard. The cast is perfect and if at first you don't fall in love with each character, give it time, you soon will {a.k.a Peter & Tamra}. If I had to pick a downside to the show it would be the random cast departures that seemed to be hastily swept under the rug/never mentioned but luckily you get over these quickly with even better cast additions and ridiculous moments.

And yes, look, when I'm watching it I do think: I'm Mindy! because she's hilarious, smart & gorgeous and she loves You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally and so do I. Obviously, I am Mindy and she is me. Don't try to tell me otherwise. Just don't.

^look, I wasn't that into The Fall at first because I was all crime showed out but then I gave in and tumbled in all Alice-like. It's set in Northern Ireland which is another reason I thought -- snooze -- but it's not, I promise, trust me. In fact, I think its location is just one of the reasons it feels so fresh. I also adored the "outing" of Jamie Dornan as the serial killer {and the guy Gillian Anderson is hunting}. Too often, crime shows make you work for it and then blah, he's the killer and now he's captured/dead and, gosh, how tiresome is that? Jamie Dornan's performance is spectacular and, yes, he is attractive but Gillian Anderson, goodness, she's beautiful isn't she? And her character? Perfection. I also adored the addition of Archie Panjabi {from The Good Wife}.

2 sets of TV perfection. Watch. Now.

I insist.  


let's discuss a no-buy

Ok, righto, let's discuss a January no-buy. But, first, and really seriously, I need to take a deep breath in and out because this is a big deal for me. All done.

I am undertaking a serious January no-buy. I say "serious" because I am actually serious about this unlike all those others times when I said it but didn't mean it. This time I mean it because 2015 is going to be the year of paying off my anxiety-induced debts {yep, those are a thing for me} and for learning how to say no. I can generally say no to people when I can't help {but I usually quite like helping} but I can never seem to say no to myself which is really quite annoying. Yes, sure,  having all that make up and clothes is really wonderful but it's also really frustrating to realise that I have some clothes I bought in August and September 2014 and still haven't worn {more because I haven't had the occasion for them but still} and the make up -- oh all the make up.

I want to learn how to say no to myself because I don't need it all. So, January is going to be a no-buy month where I will only buy skincare necessities {because it is a necessity for me} but I will not be buying masks and anything else I want but don't need. Example; I need a new cleanser, eye cream and serum/night cream because I am running out. I want some new masks but since I already have clay and hydrating masks I don't need more. I want more. This is something I need to learn. Need vs. want.

I began this no-buy on January 15th {this will be a pay-cycle month rather than a Jan 1st to Feb 1st month} and will finish on February 15th. It's already feeling quite hard. One of my most treasured activities is to "just pop in" to a supermarket or a chemist and picking up face masks and make up just for the heck of it. You know, I was out buying fruit so why not? And I totally needed that mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow... right?

When it comes to clothes I'm kind of the same and, actually, before I go any further I bought 2 kaftans at a special price of $10 each {so $20 all up -- see I am good at math} at a local shop we frequent. Did I need these kaftans? No, not really, but also, and this will sound ridiculous, I don't have many clothes for the really hot weather that I can just throw on and not feel overheated in. Most of my tops need something underneath and a lot of my dresses need slips. So that's my reasoning and I know it's not the best but, whoop, there it is.

I guess, technically you could say I already failed at the no-buy but I like to think semi-need is better than no need at all, right? Also, in the same day Husband got an XBOX game and B. got a bus {which cost 50 cents but let's forget about that}. I'm still learning and, possibly, most importantly I stopped at 2 when I could have gotten 3. Progress people. Progress.

{taps self on back}

The real challenge will be when I need to head to Priceline for my Moreish skincare top ups because, as you may know, Priceline is one of those stores where you can't just stop at one {$200 later...}

Wish me luck {seriously}

& now I have a question for you {if I were B. I would say "for ya"} --

have you ever conducted a no-buy? & if so, how did you go?


friday five//for all the lovers out there

I know, I know, Valentine's Day is just under a month away -- there's still plenty of time! -- and yes, there is but, also, it doesn't hurt to be organised does it? I've mentioned before that we celebrate Valentine's Day over here but we're not hugely obsessed with it. We also include Bailey in the celebrations because we love that kid more than life itself and for us V Day is about all kinds of love, not just the romantic stuff. Got it? Good. Here's the five, all heart themed, of course --

& I know I've said this before but I want to say it again -- if you're not in a relationship don't let Valentine's Day be that day when you feel sad and alone. Celebrate your family or your friends or yourself because we should be celebrating everyone we love -- even if it's "just" you! And let's face facts, celebrating yourself and having some "me time" is kind of really bloody wonderful.


j reads//recently devoured

I've gotten into a nice reading swing of polishing off a book over a few hours/days and then moving onto the next rather than spending months between reads. I've even begun researching other titles to source and have designated a hard cover Peter Pauper notebook to note down ones that tickle my fancy. Most of these new ideas came from suggestions from books I've just polished off and while not all of the recent reads were great I'm hoping some similar titles will fare better.

With this reading kick in full swing I wanted to share my most recent reads from the past few weeks--

I guess Gillian Flynn & I are not meant to be {my thoughts on gone girl and sharp objects}

i came to say goodbye

^this is so simply written, with every detail explained as if it's for someone who has just learned to read and this is their first book. This, in part, is what makes it so brilliant. At first the simplicity turned me off because I didn't get it but when it finally clicked, that it needed to be this way, I fell quickly in step with the rhythm. Overington's Goodbye is achingly sad and stayed with me, like a pit in my stomach, that gnawed away inside until I couldn't bear it -- as though I just needed to scream or cry, or something, to stop feeling everything this book left with me. Beautiful.


the differences between husband & wife

Allow me to take you for a walk down memory lane:

Picture it, July 25 2010. Husband and I are husband and wife and we're enjoying ourselves at our wedding reception/get-together/thing/whatever. We've obviously had too many of our signature wedding cocktails that had some sort of liquids in it. Anyway... the night is winding down, the place is closing up and we're bloody tired and also hungry because there never seemed enough time to actually eat that day.

As we're on our way back to our room at the hotel {we had the reception in their bar} Husband holds on to what will become a prized possession of his -- the pen we used to sign our marriage license with that the celebrant gave him to keep. My responsibility {because I'm a woman} was to take care of the marriage license. Apparently, women are more careful with such things. And what am I holding on to? I actually forget but it was most certainly not my marriage license {or is it a certificate?} because I'd left the darn thing at the bar and when someone mentioned it in a panicked tone I was like meh...

That night wasn't the first time I've misplaced it or left it somewhere while my Husband kept close tabs on that pen because that's who he is. And me? Well, I'm still hopelessly misplacing things, important or not...


thoughts for twenty-fifteen

Since I'm not really a resolution person {I'm much more of a do it now gal} I haven't, and won't, make any resolutions for twenty-fifteen. Instead, I have some thoughts & goals which I wanted to share --

one. share more adult time with Husband {you know what I mean? winky face}. It's easy to fall into the trap of once a week especially with Bailey around and frankly that's just not acceptable to me so the goal is a minimum of three times a week and, really, it ain't so difficult and does a marriage good
two. read more -- I'm a quick reader and if the book is good I can breeze through it in a matter of hours so why the heck don't I read more? Often a TV show or a movie seems more relaxing than reading but I want to learn how to divide my time between the screen and the page and consume more words
three. comment more on other people's blogs, etc. So often I want to comment and don't because I fear I'll come off as a weirdo. Well, no more
four. focus less on pain even when it's immense. Can't walk? Big deal. Some people have no legs! 
I hate that way of thinking but sometimes, especially with my mind, it's the only thing to get me out of wallowing and into a better mood
five. write more. I write a lot but I want to do more, broaden my horizons and stop resting on my laurels
six. be less anxious
seven. do more with Bailey, Husband and the dogs. Do more around the house and out of the house. Do more for myself
eight. get ready for the day - every day - even if I'm not going anywhere
nine. paint my nails more often and practice my technique to change from sloppy to ok-looking or, better yet, presentable
ten. buy less - I don't even need to explain this one do I? I buy too much {clothes mostly} and it's unnecessary, leads to debt and anxiety. I will try to buy more of what I need rather than what I want

& that's it -- ten goals for the new year.

Do you have any to share?


friday five

It feels semi-weird to be doing a Friday five post so close to Christmas just gone but watcha gonna do? Does anyone else feel like the holidays just went so darn quickly? One minute it was Husband's first day off work and the next he's back again without any time to breathe in between. And as corny as it may sound -- I miss that man when he's gone. Sure, he's annoying and makes lame dad jokes and thinks DJ Hero is fun but he's also my stinky, lampshade, Danza and the best friend a girl could have. Anyway, enough sap, here's the 5. Go buy yourself something nice why don't you?

TWO. breakfast at tiffanys eye mask {sold out online -- can be found in-store which seems necessary right?}
THREE. mimco flip case for samsung galaxy s5 {can't decide between the pink or red -- p.s. loving my new S5}
FOUR. valentine's day mug from williams-sonoma {I'm so glad they have these back again this year and this time around, hopefully, I can scoop a few up}
FIVE. chanel miroir double facettes mirror duo {I don't know why it took me so long to realise that Chanel has a compact but I am so glad I discovered this because this is simple and divine and I need it}


best in beauty//the fourteen of twenty-fourteen

This year, I found that I fell in love with a significant number of skincare products and while I branched out in terms of lip colours {favouring bright pops} I mostly stuck to the same make-up products and looks I did last year {and there ain't nothing wrong with that}. Here are my top fourteen beauty products from twenty-fourteen {that still feels so darn weird to say} and why I loved them {plus, a bonus product for good luck -- a.k.a I accidentally listed 15 products and couldn't decide which to let go of/couldn't count so let's pretend it's for luck okay? Okay?}

ONE. Origins Ginzing Refresh Scrub Cleanser - the perfect scrub cleanser for the morning, the perfect pick-me-up that doesn't irritate sensitive skin and isn't too rough for everyday. I love it for all those reasons and because it makes me feel more awake/it makes my face feel all toothpaste/mouthwash {ahhh!} commercial-y
TWO. Hourglass Ambient Powder Wardrobe - the best darn powders ever. If you only get one powder product for the rest of your life this wardrobe needs to be it. Perfect for all over the face, contouring, blush and highlighting. The powders are all luxuriously silky and the packaging is divine
THREE. Clarins Eye Contour Balm - the best eye cream I've ever used. It's not too thick and not too thin and it adds something wonderful to your under eye area as if you've never had a bad night sleep in your life and your face is all like what are dark circles? I love to apply the balm before applying make up and sometimes after -- where I'll dab a little tiny amount over the top of my under eye concealer for a more hydrated look {it works I swear}
FOUR. Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm - my holy-grail lip balm. Perfect for all day but it feels like it was made for night time, to be applied right before bed so you can wake to deliciously soft and plump lips
FIVE. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - an amazing make up remover that takes everything off but also leaves your skin soft and hydrated rather than stripping it
SIX. NARS Eyelash Curler - I featured this curler last year in my top 13 of 2013 and it features here because it's the best curler I've ever used. It doesn't rip my lashes out, it hasn't loosened or aged horribly and it curls my lashes perfectly
SEVEN. bareMinerals Primer - I adore a sticky primer that allows my skin to breathe and doesn't clog my pores -- this one is fabulous
EIGHT. bareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener - I was recommended this eye brightener by someone at Mecca when I expressed a distaste for the YSL variety and this one did not disappoint
NINE. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - this sponge is similar to the Beauty Blender but it has the precision tip which I adore. It works perfectly wet and dry but it's much more effective with the former
TEN. Origins Ginzing Face Mask - this year I hit face mask holy-grail with this Origins offering and the next product on this list. This mask is perfect for the afternoon {or any} slump and leaves your skin beautifully plumped and refreshed 
ELEVEN. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydration Boost Mask - this is my favourite hydrating mask, it's creamy and leaves your skin wonderfully smooth and refreshed
TWELVE. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant Night Miracle Moisturiser - a night cream that is thick and needs time to sink in to your skin but one that's also luxurious and decadent. Perfect for the cooler months {not so much for warmer weather where it tends to melt off on me} where you'll wake with hydrated skin
THIRTEEN. Benefit They're Real Mascara - offers curl, length and body every time
FOURTEEN. Sara Happ Brown Sugar Lip Scrub - I've had this lip scrub for a few months now and it hasn't dried in to a lip tearing nightmare {plus!} so it's perfect for just that alone. It also works and smells amazing
& THE BONUS ONE/JAYE CAN'T COUNT. Stila's Kitten Eyeshadow - my most favourite eye shadow colour ever. Please Kitten never change

& that's it folks


on 2014 & thoughts for 2015

          STARTED -- ENDED

2014, I'm not sure how I feel about you, not yet. You were most definitely better than 2013 that's for sure but you were a weird one. My anxiety was, well, weird. My back was weird. Some relationships were weird and the world was weird. Weird. Weird. Weird. 2014 you were weird.

You were also kind of awesome. In 2014 I saw my adorable kid turn 3 {3!} and my marriage turn 4 {4!}. My nephews turned 3 {Kai}, 2 {Jet} and 1 {Flynn}. We met Sir Fredrick Maxington Jedi and he came home with us making us the happiest Gaffs that ever did live. I consumed too many red jubes. I turned 27. Husband turned 29. We ate a lot of cake.

We had dance parties. I shopped too much. Bailey developed a shoe shopping addiction. Husband and I saw 2014 out with mock-busters and I watched When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail an awful lot.

We played games, went out, stayed in, read books and watched things. We saw friends and shut ourselves of to the world when we needed to. Bailey consumed more popcorn than normal. We all watched a lot of Golden Girls together -- Bailey loves it which makes me happy dance inside. 

Life was good. Life was bad.

You know, all that wonderfully corny stuff?

Mornings began with Bailey cuddling up next to me and us talking about our sleep and our dreams and our plans for the day. Then I give her kisses and breathe in her scent until she tires of me. 

So...2015 -- what have you got in store for me/us?

Will Bailey get weirder?

Will my Husband finally go completely bald?

Will I finally get my second tattoo?

Find out in the upcoming installments of Some Random Crap She Wrote


happy new year//2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. It feels strange that it's now 2015 - - this year I'm hoping to stop writing 2014 by the beginning of February. We can dream can't we?

I apologise for the lack of posts, I'll be back with a top 14 beauty products of 2014 soon {and more}. I'm currently enjoying time with my family before Husband returns to work late next week.