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Today, I have a truly wonderful skincare duo to share with you that are perfect to use on those at-home spa or blah days when your skin is just not feeling it {why skin why?}. Behold {and then revel in my genius why don't you?}

The mask is, quite possibly, the best hydrating mask I've used. While most hydrating ones I've tried are clear{ish} and sticky this mask seems, at first, more like a clay mask in look and in texture {though it's obviously not as thick as one} but as soon as you apply it to your face you'll see the hydration benefits come to life. It's perfectly lightweight and it doesn't feel like an endless rough struggle to remove as some sticky masks can be. I like to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, after cleansing, and then remove to reveal ridiculously smooth, soft and plump skin.

After the mask is removed and my face is dry I love to add the Moreish 'Glory' Serum {that I raved about here} for some added moisture and to up the pamper factor. Though, to be perfectly, honest it isn't completely necessary. The Arden mask leaves your skin so delicious that you could skip this step but I really recommend you don't because the addition of this serum and these two products combined does something truly wonderful to your skin that can't be replicated elsewhere.

*for the best results do this little routine at night or first thing in the morning right after cleansing -- both options work the same {that would be amazingly!} even though this mask is marketed just for night. 

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