the pin collective//a random assortment

I've been obsessed - obsessed - with Pinterest lately and have been pinning far too excessively. So, if you follow me on Pinterest, I'm sorry abut that. The up side to this is, of course, an abundance of amazing pins and here they are.

^anxiety - story of my life

^conceal - love this and can't wait to try

^decrease clutter with this station - adore this idea, especially the donate box so Bailey can learn more about donating and take initiative with it

^tv bench hack - I love a good Ikea hack and a good end-of-bed bench

^this fringe - major hair envy

 ^dresser make over - this will be a Husband on holidays project and I'm excited

^coal rice krispy treats - I can't wait to make this as a Christmas dessert for the kids 

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