merry christmas//from me to you

It's Christmas! & to say that I'm excited is an understatement. For us, Christmas is about love, family and friendship and every year is better than the last. As Bailey gets older I get less excited about gifts for myself and more excited about what she receives and seeing Christmas through her eyes. This year, as always, we gifted pyjamas on Christmas Eve {this year we're all fitting in to a star theme} and wake to, first, dig into our stockings and then to move on to gifts. Also cinnamon swirl pancakes for breakfast -- enough said.

Today I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and share some photos from Bailey's visit with Santa this year {Santa is not a huge thing in our house but she asked so we got them done} -- they're pretty awesome if I do say so myself even without the pre-planned/brand new/special outfit that I would obviously have purchased if the kid had given me some warning.

^did you get through all those? I mean, my kid is cute, but mostly to me right? Anyway... if anyone is interested Bailey's shirt is a Darth Vader one from Cotton On Kids {the back has "the force is strong with this one" and, sadly, it's no longer available online -- get a similar one here} as are her skirt and espadrilles {come on, you know you needed to know that}.

So, that's that, have a Merry Christmas, however you celebrate. I hope it's wonderful. 

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