gift guide//for the dogs who light up your life

I am very much an animal person. In fact, one of my main goals in life {aside from being an awesome wife and mum -- check!} is to open up a massive property full of rescued animals who are all loved as equally as Bum Bum and Freddie. It may never happen but it's a nice dream {along with owning a delicious bookshop/cafe that sells new, second-hand and my own books plus delectable cookies and properly brewed tea}. So, yes, love animals but if we boil it down to the basics of being a dog or cat person then I am most assuredly team dog {mostly because I'm allergic to cats and because also some of them freak me out and, honestly, are they going to murder me in my sleep or what?}

We have two dogs at home -- Bum Bum who constantly craves love and approval and Freddie who either wants cuddles/tummy scratches or you to throw a toy for him -- all day long. They are polar opposites and, then, so alike in many ways and we adore them so. Come Christmas, they will, of course, be "opening" presents along with us so I've compiled a little list of perfect doggy presents for all you canine lovers out there.

ONE. Missoni for Target Australia Dog Lead & Collar Set - this one is for large dogs so, sadly, Bum Bum & Freddie will not be gifted this one {and the other size from Missoni is still too large for them} but I do adore this so - classic Missoni
TWO. Aesop Animal - I'd barely spend this much on myself for shampoo but, let's face facts, the dogs do a lot more than I do and deserve it. And if not at Christmas then when?
THREE. Christmas Turkey Leg Toy - Freddie loves toys, Bum Bum not so much, and a Christmas themed toy is high on my must list for him
FOUR. Missoni Small Pet Bowl - I picked one of these up for Bum Bum & Freddie {and one for my sister's dog, Willow} the day Missoni launched and while it's more of a present for me - aesthetics wise - what dog doesn't need a good bowl?
FIVE. Alessi Lula' Jar Container - perfect for treats and pretty enough for display
SIX. Ho Ho Dog Bone - some dogs are fussy and won't go for treats like these {Bum Bum} but some {Freddie} will eat the prettier treats and give them the attention they deserve {and, who knows, after Freddie shows interest I'm sure Bum Bum will too -- her middle name isn't Jones for nothing}
SEVEN. Gingerbread Dog Costume - I will be the first to acknowledge that this is ridiculous and I am unlikely to follow through with this exact purchase {Minnie was the clothes kind of dog whereas Bum Bum and Freddie prefer to go down the naked route -- miss you Maxy} but I may end up sourcing some Christmas themed t-shirts
EIGHT. Darth Vader Plush - would you expect anything else from this Star Wars obsessed bunch? Granted, I am more of the Star Wars merchandise obsessed kind but still awesome things are awesome and this is awesome
NINE. Limited Edition Striped Dog Bed  - pretty & functional
TEN. Pupcorn Dog Toy - who doesn't need this? Fred certainly does

Oh, and P.S. to all those cat people out there -- if you don't buy this cat scratching DJ thing for your feline then we can no longer be friends. Got it? Good. 

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