a christmas eve tradition//pj party

One of our Christmas traditions falls on the evening of Christmas Eve. We each open a gift which is always a pair of pyjamas {sometimes themed and other times not} and, often, some other treats too, and we change as soon as the wrapping paper has been discarded. Bailey will usually open a Christmas movie and Christmas book and Husband a board game for us to play once B. is in bed but out of all these things the pj's are my favourite. I love that we get to wake up on Christmas Day in something special and I love that the tingly, joyous, feeling begins as bed time nears.

This year I'm hoping that we can all wear similar or matching pyjamas on Christmas Eve --something about it just makes it seem all adorably nerdy in the most perfect way. Since Christmas isn't that far away I'm currently on the search for the perfect options to begin our celebrations with and Peter Alexander, of course, doesn't disappoint.

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