merry christmas//from me to you

It's Christmas! & to say that I'm excited is an understatement. For us, Christmas is about love, family and friendship and every year is better than the last. As Bailey gets older I get less excited about gifts for myself and more excited about what she receives and seeing Christmas through her eyes. This year, as always, we gifted pyjamas on Christmas Eve {this year we're all fitting in to a star theme} and wake to, first, dig into our stockings and then to move on to gifts. Also cinnamon swirl pancakes for breakfast -- enough said.

Today I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and share some photos from Bailey's visit with Santa this year {Santa is not a huge thing in our house but she asked so we got them done} -- they're pretty awesome if I do say so myself even without the pre-planned/brand new/special outfit that I would obviously have purchased if the kid had given me some warning.

^did you get through all those? I mean, my kid is cute, but mostly to me right? Anyway... if anyone is interested Bailey's shirt is a Darth Vader one from Cotton On Kids {the back has "the force is strong with this one" and, sadly, it's no longer available online -- get a similar one here} as are her skirt and espadrilles {come on, you know you needed to know that}.

So, that's that, have a Merry Christmas, however you celebrate. I hope it's wonderful. 


personally j//the anxious me

The last time I wrote about anxiety was 3 months ago {see here} and in that time I've come a long way. I have struggled with the idea of writing about my anxiety here for a few reasons: one: it's very personal and two: I feel like anxiety is one of those things where people don't quite get it and presume you're insane or just one of those overly sensitive people. People tell you to "just get over it" not quite getting that you so desperately want to but your brain won't let you. So, I kind of avoid talking about it as much as possible but then there are those times {like today} where I just need to, you know?, and there have been anxiety posts from others that have helped me so what's stopping my anxiety posts helping someone else?

I say that I've come a long way in 3 months but really I've only noticed the change in the past few weeks and here's how. I've been taking my medication every day {I did accidentally on purpose skip a few days --thinking I didn't need them anymore -- and I was tired and irritable and disheartened, so bad idea} and it's become something I don't even think about it. I just do it and my mind doesn't taunt me when I do. 

I've been waking up at 5.00 AM and going for walks with the dogs while most people are still asleep and I feel at peace. I have been dealing with this back/leg/pelvic pain with the mindset that it's normal and to just get on with it and it's actually worked. I've been cleaning and staying organised and relaxing and laughing and just being.

For years now {even before Bailey} I thought if I went for a walk or did something out of the house alone I was sure to be mugged/raped/murdered. I pictured all manner of terrible things happening if I did things so I did none of the things which made it worse. I let some frightening things that happened to me in my teenage years stop me from living. Whenever I left my house {before I lived with Husband} this guy used to follow me in his car and then when I got to where I was going {usually a train station} he'd get out of his car and follow me again. I was always scared. When I moved in with Husband it stopped and then one day, by chance, he found me and it began again. Eventually I caught buses everywhere and rarely left the house alone.

All this happened years ago, before I was married, and I was still terrified of it all up until a few weeks ago. I thought for certain if I left the house it would start again. Some days the thoughts wouldn't be overpowering but most days they were. And then one day I woke up while it was still dark out and decided to take the dogs for a walk and while we were walking I thought: if I'm going to die, I'm going to die.

I used to think this was a morbid way of looking at things but I've since come to the conclusion that I can avoid dangerous situations but walking the dogs or taking Bailey to the park is not one of them. Suddenly I feel free. 

Yep, I'm still scared of someone breaking into my house at night. I still check the doors and windows and Husband still has to check the car is locked right before I go to sleep but it doesn't feel as urgent as it did before. I can check all these things to be safe but that's all I can do. If something bad is going to happen it will -- that thought, the unknown, used to keep me awake at night and now it's where I find my peace.

After skipping my medication for a few days it became clear that I still need it and for the first time the knowledge of needing those pills was okay with me. 

I still have anxiety -- that much is clear. I still get head spins and feel panicky from time to time but the thoughts are less consuming and don't swallow me whole as much as they used to. I can shake them off and wash them away and this is magical. I adore this feeling.

I was diagnosed over a year ago after what felt like a lifetime of suffering {early teens on}. I am on medication. These are all things I am no longer embarrassed by. I can admit that there were days when I wanted to die. There were days when I wanted to run away and leave Husband and Bailey to live a life that would be happy and not marred by craziness. I wanted it all to end and contemplated suicide just like I did from ages 12-17. I longed to die because if life was a never-ending battle, if life was my brain telling me to die because I was worthless then what was the point?
And even though I never went past the thoughts because of all the good it was pretty darn dark and being scared to admit these things made it worse.

So, hello, my name is Jaye. I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I eat chocolate for breakfast. I'm a morning person and an exerciser and life is pretty darn fabulous.  


& click i'm in love

Another random assortment from my Internet travels {the best kind of travelling if you ask me}.

I finally got around to watching this video a little while ago and it was all things amazing and weird. I am, apparently, this part -- sitting on a bed with a knife. The description is pretty accurate but I'm pretty sure I'd destroy the cake with my mouth.

Hilarious, always {watch all 8}

Am I late to the party? I have no idea -- love this song

Another new obsession of mine. Love. Love. Love.


friday five// perfect homebody gifts

By nature I am a homebody. I'm not sure how or why it came to be it just always ways. There's nothing I love more than being at home, surrounded by everything I love, in total comfort with the perfect cup of tea only a few steps away. I also love pyjamas and have, over time, compiled the most perfect collection of around the house and sleeping pyjamas -- I rarely wear the same pair during the day that I wear to bed {nope, that would be unseemly}. One of my favourite presents to receive is pyjamas and when I'm really feeling down a new pair of pyjamas is the one thing guaranteed to perk me right up.

This Friday I have collected the most fantastically fabulous homebody musts that I am currently craving and that would make perfect gifts for the homebody in your life.

ONE. Cinderella Nightie - look I'm a massive Disney Princess fan and I hope I never grow out of it. This nightie is perfection and I do adore Cinderella {it's one of my feel better movies}
TWO. Kate Spade Things We Love book - I adore Kate Spade and this book sounds divine to flick through whilst wearing aforementioned Cinderella nightie
THREE. Cinderella Slippers - I mean, I can't even with this. How many can'ts can I even? No idea. These are the perfect gift
FOUR. Laura Ashley Embossed Mug - perfect for endless cups of tea {or whatever else you fancy}
FIVE. Laura Ashley Farleigh Throw - I don't know why I only just discovered this but -- Laura Ashley has throws people! Couch or bed perfection


being mum//go your own way

Today I wanted to share some of the things I've learnt about being a mum to Bailey. Granted I've only been in this gig for 3 and a half years {over 4 if you count pregnancy} but parenting, so far, has been such a "meant-to-be" and fun experience and I do feel as though I have some wisdom and insight to share. Here goes nothing --

My first, and most important, piece of this is to go your own way. Trust your instincts. Listen to the well meaning people {ignore the idiots} but don't always jump on their wagon. Don't feel like you have to do it how your parents did, in fact do it the opposite {unless your parents were wonderful and if they were ignore me here, I won't mind}. But, honestly, if I went into parenting with my parents as role models I would have had an affair and left Bailey at 2 or I would have resorted to physical and emotional abuse. Anyway, moving on.

The piece of advice/the mantra I hate the most is: you aren't her friend, you're her parent. Why? Well, I like to think of Bailey as my friend. Yes, I have to send her to time-out or refuse her dessert sometimes but most often we have fun and just click. When we're together for a day out shopping we feel like pals. We hold hands. We giggle. I also have to recite "mum mantras" -- toilet first, then we'll play/two rides on the Peppa Pig ride is enough, etc. So, for me, parenting is all about being her friend and her parent.

I like to treat Bailey as an equal. I do not hit and we do not condone hitting in this house. Of course, I am extra sensitive to violence and physical contact like smacking but I do not believe that punishing your child for hitting another kid or you by hitting them back makes any sense at all. Seriously, has anyone thought that through properly? Also, I would never hit Husband, our dogs or any of my extended family or my friends so why can I hit Bailey? Because she ripped open my vagina? Seriously?

I don't claim any possessive rights over her. Yes, I am her mum and she is my daughter but she's also her own person and she doesn't owe me anything just because I gave birth to her. I want to earn this mother title, it's not an automatic right. I need to earn her respect just as much as she would mine. I also believe that I need to earn her love. Yes, my love for her was automatic and I would hope she loves me without questioning it but I don't think she should love me just because Husband and I decided to have a baby. She doesn't owe me anything.

Bailey is an individual - this I celebrate and, yes, sometimes it's harder than others. I hope I will continue to be someone who lets her be her and not push my beliefs on who she should be or what career she should have. I want her to be happy, healthy and love life. Yes, I have ideas of what this means -- drugs and alcohol are sore points for me and I know that I'd struggle to be accepting of these life choices -- but she needs to go her own way too.

I dream of Bailey growing up to be considerate and empathetic. Strong and sensitive. Not afraid to cry and not afraid to smile. To be proud and boastful when the occasion warrants and to know when it doesn't. To not be afraid of failure or success and all that wonderful stuff. But you know what else? I want her to be proud of her life choices if they involve wanting to take care of her family {if she so chooses to have one} like me. I want to her to see that, no matter what career path we go down, everyone is important and everyone should be valued.

So, whatever your values, your hopes, your dreams for yourself and your child/ren {current or to-be} just go your own way. This is one thing I feel confident {with this anxiety-riddled mind of mine} will make me a wonderful mum and Bailey a wonderful kid. Of course, you don't have to agree with my parenting style and that's okay because, hey, I don't agree with other people's either. I'm probably a bit too ridiculous in some aspects of my parenting style {not leaving Bailey for a night with someone other than Husband or myself being one} but I hope we can all agree that kids should be our equals and, as corny as it sounds, treated as we would like to be treated.

*I feel like I should sign off with the end but that would be weird wouldn't it? Yes it would.

& hey, share some thoughts {if you have them} why don't you?


this plus that//mask & serum

Today, I have a truly wonderful skincare duo to share with you that are perfect to use on those at-home spa or blah days when your skin is just not feeling it {why skin why?}. Behold {and then revel in my genius why don't you?}

The mask is, quite possibly, the best hydrating mask I've used. While most hydrating ones I've tried are clear{ish} and sticky this mask seems, at first, more like a clay mask in look and in texture {though it's obviously not as thick as one} but as soon as you apply it to your face you'll see the hydration benefits come to life. It's perfectly lightweight and it doesn't feel like an endless rough struggle to remove as some sticky masks can be. I like to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, after cleansing, and then remove to reveal ridiculously smooth, soft and plump skin.

After the mask is removed and my face is dry I love to add the Moreish 'Glory' Serum {that I raved about here} for some added moisture and to up the pamper factor. Though, to be perfectly, honest it isn't completely necessary. The Arden mask leaves your skin so delicious that you could skip this step but I really recommend you don't because the addition of this serum and these two products combined does something truly wonderful to your skin that can't be replicated elsewhere.

*for the best results do this little routine at night or first thing in the morning right after cleansing -- both options work the same {that would be amazingly!} even though this mask is marketed just for night. 


gift guide//for the dogs who light up your life

I am very much an animal person. In fact, one of my main goals in life {aside from being an awesome wife and mum -- check!} is to open up a massive property full of rescued animals who are all loved as equally as Bum Bum and Freddie. It may never happen but it's a nice dream {along with owning a delicious bookshop/cafe that sells new, second-hand and my own books plus delectable cookies and properly brewed tea}. So, yes, love animals but if we boil it down to the basics of being a dog or cat person then I am most assuredly team dog {mostly because I'm allergic to cats and because also some of them freak me out and, honestly, are they going to murder me in my sleep or what?}

We have two dogs at home -- Bum Bum who constantly craves love and approval and Freddie who either wants cuddles/tummy scratches or you to throw a toy for him -- all day long. They are polar opposites and, then, so alike in many ways and we adore them so. Come Christmas, they will, of course, be "opening" presents along with us so I've compiled a little list of perfect doggy presents for all you canine lovers out there.

ONE. Missoni for Target Australia Dog Lead & Collar Set - this one is for large dogs so, sadly, Bum Bum & Freddie will not be gifted this one {and the other size from Missoni is still too large for them} but I do adore this so - classic Missoni
TWO. Aesop Animal - I'd barely spend this much on myself for shampoo but, let's face facts, the dogs do a lot more than I do and deserve it. And if not at Christmas then when?
THREE. Christmas Turkey Leg Toy - Freddie loves toys, Bum Bum not so much, and a Christmas themed toy is high on my must list for him
FOUR. Missoni Small Pet Bowl - I picked one of these up for Bum Bum & Freddie {and one for my sister's dog, Willow} the day Missoni launched and while it's more of a present for me - aesthetics wise - what dog doesn't need a good bowl?
FIVE. Alessi Lula' Jar Container - perfect for treats and pretty enough for display
SIX. Ho Ho Dog Bone - some dogs are fussy and won't go for treats like these {Bum Bum} but some {Freddie} will eat the prettier treats and give them the attention they deserve {and, who knows, after Freddie shows interest I'm sure Bum Bum will too -- her middle name isn't Jones for nothing}
SEVEN. Gingerbread Dog Costume - I will be the first to acknowledge that this is ridiculous and I am unlikely to follow through with this exact purchase {Minnie was the clothes kind of dog whereas Bum Bum and Freddie prefer to go down the naked route -- miss you Maxy} but I may end up sourcing some Christmas themed t-shirts
EIGHT. Darth Vader Plush - would you expect anything else from this Star Wars obsessed bunch? Granted, I am more of the Star Wars merchandise obsessed kind but still awesome things are awesome and this is awesome
NINE. Limited Edition Striped Dog Bed  - pretty & functional
TEN. Pupcorn Dog Toy - who doesn't need this? Fred certainly does

Oh, and P.S. to all those cat people out there -- if you don't buy this cat scratching DJ thing for your feline then we can no longer be friends. Got it? Good. 


friday five//all about the 29 year old danza

Today, is my Husband's birthday -- happy birthday Danza! In celebration of his birthday I wanted to share five things about him this Friday. Actually, specifically, I wanted to share 5 things I have learnt about him in 2014 because this year I feel as though I learnt some new things about this man that I fell in love with all those years ago. And before I get started can I just exclaim how flippin' weird it is that my Husband is now 29 and I met him when he was 19! Really weird. Anyway...

1. He's an ambitious reader but he always fails miserably at finishing books. When he visits the library he borrows books and never finishes them but the next time he visits he seems to forget this fact and goes ahead with more. I guess his unwavering optimism is endearing {maybe?} but, gosh, man finish a damn book for once. Also, he borrowed books that were like self-help books for people with a terrible memory at remembering important things {him} and then he never finished them and his memory is just as terrible as it was before and I'm confused as to what his purpose for this was.

2. Sometimes his mind is really blank. He's not stewing about something someone said to him 6 months ago or pondering outfits or contemplating getting out of bed to pee but trying to force the thought and need away because bed is comfy {he just gets up}. So sometimes I'll be all girly and ask what he's thinking and guess what...? He's thinking nothing. He's not mad. Or sad. Or anything. He's just content in silence and, yes, he still loves me and he's just being and it's weird.

3. He's a really wonderful anxiety partner and his skills at helping me and dealing with me are just getting better. He doesn't see me as a burden. He doesn't think about me with severe anxiety not being what he signed on for when we got married. He just takes me as I am and loves every part of me. This year, no matter what my head says, I really understood that.

4. He can do something mean or shitty and it doesn't mean he doesn't love or care -- sometimes he acts without thinking properly because he's a man? I don't know. He's confusing.

5. He used to eat pencils when he was a kid {lol, always and forever at this}.


So, happy birthday to my dear Husband/Husby Danza {and sometimes Fanza -- this is what you call a Danza who's being mean}. Thank you for loving all of me. This will always be the greatest thing you can do for me and I'll always love you for it.


red, gold & green//holiday dressing the j way

When it comes to the holidays I am always thinking about, and looking for, clothing and accessories that fit with my holiday needs. I like the idea of always being overdressed rather than under dressed but I never want to be anywhere too fancy because, lets face facts, I have a kid and a nerdy Husband and I'm also quite clumsy and will manage to spill something on myself {my wedding dress has a stain from a drink that I don't remember spilling and have never bothered to get cleaned}. Also, I never go anywhere too fancy because I'm more of a cheese fries girl than anything else.

& yet I've compiled this list without any of that in mind so here are my holiday dressing musts --

ONE. embellished shift dress - a sparkly dress, perfect for a fancy holiday party. Gorgeous, just gorgeous
TWO. starry eyed cocktail ring - a ring to perfectly hit the Christmas theme
THREE. house of harlow mini sunburst necklace - perfect for the holidays and all year round
FOUR. red carpet pump - green & glittery. perfect. would be more perfect in red but, alas, you can't have everything
FIVE. seeing spots midi dress - the perfect casual dress for the season. red!
SIX. decadent drop earring - so pretty
SEVEN. polka dot dress - a perfectly simple dress. dress up with pops of colour
EIGHT. dim the lights wedge - the perfect nude shoe that has height and comfort
NINE. molten mesh envelope - the perfect holiday clutch


the pin collective//a random assortment

I've been obsessed - obsessed - with Pinterest lately and have been pinning far too excessively. So, if you follow me on Pinterest, I'm sorry abut that. The up side to this is, of course, an abundance of amazing pins and here they are.

^anxiety - story of my life

^conceal - love this and can't wait to try

^decrease clutter with this station - adore this idea, especially the donate box so Bailey can learn more about donating and take initiative with it

^tv bench hack - I love a good Ikea hack and a good end-of-bed bench

^this fringe - major hair envy

 ^dresser make over - this will be a Husband on holidays project and I'm excited

^coal rice krispy treats - I can't wait to make this as a Christmas dessert for the kids 


j style//for b & me

I'm currently H&M dreaming for Bailey and myself. I'm also madly plotting a chance to go and visit their store in Sydney that's deliciously close to Husband's work and wondering if I can manage to swing a visit with Bailey and if her ridiculous almost 3 and a half year old body will allow it. Got all that? Good. Here's the lust list.

- some perfect stocking fillers for B. right there *claps*


friday five//gifts under $50

Christmas is coming quickly and as the days continue I'm struck by just how much money one can spend, not only on gifts but on all the extra trimmings too. With that in mind I wanted to compile a list of 5 gifts under $50 that would be a perfect mix for anyone in your life.

ONE. Karen Walker Home Runaway Girl Keyring - a keyring might not seem like much of a gift but one like this is pretty and almost like a piece of jewellery for your keys. Also, if you're like me having a gorgeous keyring {mine is from Mimco} makes it easier to remember and find your keys --an added bonus in itself.
TWO. Typo Black Dipped Pizza Board - perfect for a gift for one or a couple. I'd adore something like this because Husband and I frequently make Friday night a pizza night and whenever we have a date night in pizza is usually consumed {mmm...pizza}
THREE. Kikki-K Faceted Vessel - a pretty multi-functional gift that would be perfect for the homemaker or as a hostess gift for any holiday parties.
FOUR. Peter Alexander Xmas Pudding Candle - this candle is a perfect gift alone or would make an excellent add-on. Track it down in-store for a friend or for a little treat for yourself.
FIVE. Williams-Sonoma Gold Monogram Mugs - these mugs are part of Williams-Sonoma's Christmas range and I adore them for their Christmas feel but they can also be used year-round. They are luxurious and at only $12 they are affordable too.


skincare rave//more on moreish

I recently dipped my toes into the Moreish skincare pond with their Euphoria Cream Cleanser and Glory Serum. I first came across the brand in a catalogue and was in awe of their gorgeous packaging. Something about the blue and the muted flowers on the boxes made me feel giddy and the brand became stuck in my mind, staying there until I needed a new serum and cleanser.

I happened upon these items {and the entire range} while stocking up on unnecessary cosmetics at Priceline and just like in the catalogue the boxes stopped me in track and I picked them up immediately. 

Moreish products are made from pure superfoods like organic Argan Oil and New Zealand Avocado, Grape Seed, Kiwifruit and Olive Oil --naturally sourced and intensely rich in vitamins and essential nutrients to hydrate, protect and restore your face and body. Moreish nourishes your skin from the outside in with a range of delicious products sourced from the most beautiful natural ingredients known to womankind.

we are what we eat. we are therefore also what we apply to our skin.

Their serum {Glory} is perfect for those who prefer something more cream based rather than an oil. It's perfect for all skin types and has Manuka Honey, Goji Berry and Organic Argan Oil.

The cream cleanser {Euphoria} is balancing and softening for all skin types with Aloe Vera, Almond Oil and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil to smooth, cleanse and soften your face and neck.

The range is not only pretty, deliciously soothing and enriching it's also ridiculously affordable. The serum retails for $29.99 for a 30ml bottle. The cleanser retails for $14.99 for a 200ml bottle. The packaging is simple and pretty and has the most perfect pump for convenience -- a major plus for me.

Other products from Moreish include: Resurgence Hand Cream {$6.99}, Daily Redemption Day Cream {$20.99}, Liquid Gold Argan Oil {$20.99}, Emergence Clay Mask {$13.99}, Liberation Foaming Cleanser {$14.99}, Dream Night Cream {$20.99}, Reawaken Eye Cream {$13.99}, Empathy Sensitive Moisturiser {$20.99} and the Anew Exfoliator {$14.99}.  

Tell me, have you tried any products from this range?

a christmas eve tradition//pj party

One of our Christmas traditions falls on the evening of Christmas Eve. We each open a gift which is always a pair of pyjamas {sometimes themed and other times not} and, often, some other treats too, and we change as soon as the wrapping paper has been discarded. Bailey will usually open a Christmas movie and Christmas book and Husband a board game for us to play once B. is in bed but out of all these things the pj's are my favourite. I love that we get to wake up on Christmas Day in something special and I love that the tingly, joyous, feeling begins as bed time nears.

This year I'm hoping that we can all wear similar or matching pyjamas on Christmas Eve --something about it just makes it seem all adorably nerdy in the most perfect way. Since Christmas isn't that far away I'm currently on the search for the perfect options to begin our celebrations with and Peter Alexander, of course, doesn't disappoint.


gift guide//for the jotter

One of the gifts I adore receiving the most are journals of some kind. Writing is, of course, my hobby and one of my most favourite things and whenever I am gifted one {or some} I am filled with a deep sense of happiness because I feel like the giver really got me and sees me as a writer. Here are my four favourite jotting picks to give as gifts.

ONE. Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal - my Husband gifted this to me 2 Christmases ago and it has become one of my favourite gifts I've ever received. I'm on my 2nd year and seeing my answers from 2013 has been fun and healing in many ways.
TWO. The Secret Me: A Questionnaire Journal - this has been made specifically for you to fill out and keep your answers a secret or share with your friends. The questions are all unique and I adore the idea of purchasing one for Husband and one for myself and us sharing our answers with each other to see our similarities and differences.
THREE. My Daily Rant Journal - I want to gift this to my Husband because the man complains a lot - the driver in front of me was too slow/too fast, work was too boring/too busy, I'm hungry/I'm not hungry but I want to eat anyway, I'm tired/I was tired all day and then I stayed up to 2 am.
FOUR. Wreck This Journal {4 Volume Set} - this journal asks readers to muster up their best mistake and mess-making abilities and to fill the pages of the book {or destroy them}. Journalers are encouraged to engage in "destructive" acts like poking holes through pages or painting them with coffee in order to experience the true creative process.


personally j//the best gifts i've ever received

This is going to be a sappy post - just warning you now. Today, I wanted to share the best gifts I have ever received. All of them have been from Husband and they have touched me and my heart more than anything else. I feel like, perhaps, it's expected for me to say that Bailey is the best gift I've ever received but, honestly, I'm not buying into that stuff. She's my kid. I love her. End of story. Anyway, moving on...my most favourite material gifts ever.

For my 21st birthday my Husband gifted me the copies of my favourite books from childhood - Enid Blyton's The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree and The Folk of the Faraway Tree as well as Adventures of the Wishing Chair and The Wishing Chair Again. I had misplaced my well-worn copies somewhere along the way and I had longed for replacements that had the exact same covers and had no changes to the text. 

Husband ended up tracking down all 5 books and I cried when I opened them. These books meant so much to me as a kid. They inspired my love of writing and helped me whenever I was down. I love them as much as I did back then and can't wait to share them with Bailey.

Next, is the first edition first print of In Cold Blood that Husband gifted to me just because. Out of nowhere he presented this book to me. I had no idea it was coming {something that almost rarely happens when you share a life, home and finances} and that made it all the more special. The fact that my Husband knows that I love to collect different copies of my favourite books and supports my habit makes it all the more amazing. But the fact that he tracked down a first edition first print is something I will always adore him for.


So, yes, I am a consumerist and I love things and maybe so does someone you know but, really, when it comes to gift giving nothing can ever compare to opening something that has been given with so much thought and love. Also, can I just say how great it is to know that someone {and it doesn't have to be someone you married} just gets you. All of you. Isn't that just the perfect gift alone?


j essentials//christmas baking

This Christmas I'm dreaming of making {and devouring} simple appetisers and having a dessert bar as the main attraction. Sometimes I feel like people place too much emphasis on actual food and not enough on desserts. For my engagement party and wedding I desperately just wanted all desserts and nothing else but, apparently, that's not something that's done because people like to eat. Bah-humbug.

This year my Christmas baking plans have begun to revolve around pumpkin and pecans and are, of course, from Williams-Sonoma because, well, did you expect anything different?