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I've mentioned quite a few times that I despise wearing my engagement, wedding and eternity bands and more often than not I can be seen without them. For quite a while this has made my stomach clench with guilt but I eventually came to see that other items, particularly my Tiffany Infinity bracelet, hold the same meaning that wedding and engagement bands do for others.

It occurred to me that it was strangely silly that we automatically presume others married or un-married by rings, or the lack thereof, on their fingers. I've felt the particular, annoying, sting of the judgement from others when I've been out with Bailey without a ring on my finger. The idea that one has to be married to have a child is ludicrous and although part of the reason Husband and I decided to marry was to have a child I despise the judgement and harsh words I've received when I've been with child and ring-less.

Sometimes there have been parts of me that have wanted to stamp and shout "but this bracelet is my symbol!" Of course, I haven't and their comments haven't stung for long but it got me to thinking, and smiling, that this bracelet, gifted to me by my Husband, is mine, my thing and as time goes on I care less and less about venturing out without my 3 ring safety net.   

To me, this is my symbol of being "taken". This is my Husband's promise of forever. This is my wedding band.

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