j obsession//downton abbey

I know, I know- I'm hideously behind the times but, nevertheless, I've recently discovered Downton Abbey and I am obsessed. 

The obsession is not the same, heart pounding, lustful kind that I feel for How to Get Away With Murder or Scandal. Rather, it's the simple, quiet, peaceful kind that I've never quite felt for another show before. It's kind of magical the show, isn't it? The way they dress and talk. Their customs and way of life? Magical. And watching it one doesn't feel as though they are watching something modern pretending to be set back then. It's as if it is back then, as if you're tuning in to a show that your grandparents used to watch and has now had a television comeback.

I began watching with the notion that if Dame Maggie Smith was a member of the cast it couldn't be terrible. And it's not. Abbey has a beautiful, striking elegance that has one hooked from the get go and stays with you long after you've finished as if the music, the talk and the time has heavily perfumed your soul.

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