essentials for b//'14

I know, I know I just did a post on clothes for B. But, I mean, have you seen my kid? She's adorable and she needs all this stuff okay? Try and tell me otherwise why don't you? Anyway, let me tell you a little story. As long as I have known Bailey I have dreamed of filling her closet with tutus and gorgeous clothing items and... {drum roll please} Star Wars shirts. But guess what? Stores don't sell Star Wars shirts for people Bailey's size and if they do they are very boy-centric and most certainly none can be found in the girl's sections.

That is, until now, because guess what I've just found? The most gorgeous Star Wars shirts from Cotton On Kids have been released and they are divine. Yes, they're in the boys section but they aren't ridiculously boyish and are in flattering shades for both genders. So, obviously, B needs them all and a few more items just because.

three. chewie tee
four. play tent

perfect and necessary right?

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