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Hello! Another little click love from me to you with some of the best things, I feel, the Internet has ever given us. Seriously. These are that good. You're welcome.

I love me some Daniel Radcliffe. It started with Harry Potter but I've loved everything I've seen of him since then and this video is everything amazing and then some. Watch it now. You must. Already seen it? Watch it again.

J.K. Rowling, I mean, what can I say? I love everything she's written in the Harry world and I loved and adored this piece. Umbridge is the new Charrington.

^head scarf tutorial

How to tie a perfectly sweet head scarf using a scarf. These instructions are the best I've seen and it's easy to understand and implement. Gorgeous.

^what kids around the world eat for breakfast

What a fascinating look into breakfasts around the world. I can't imagine Bailey's breakfasts being pictured because the other morning she woke up, positively gleeful, about eating a piece of bread with butter. Sigh.

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