christmas tree, oh christmas tree//let's root for the underdog shall we?

To tell you the truth I think I belong in America because I've always craved their traditions especially when it comes to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trick or treating, festive Halloween decorations, turkey dinner with all the trimmings and going to pick a real live Christmas tree - oh how I love all of these. Also, the cheap make up. Yes please.

Every December 1st {ok, and sometimes earlier when I get really proud} when we put up our Christmas tree I wish fondly for a real live one like the Americans do and even though Australia has Christmas tree farms {or whatever you want to call them} I just feel like our heart isn't in it. Maybe if it was snowing? I don't know. 

I want a Pottery Barn Christmas and I feel like Australia is yet to really catch on. I could ramble on about this forever and it's not even the point of this post. The point is that I have always craved a traditional proper tree and this year I want an underdog tree.


Yes. I want this twig tree. I know, I know. It's not really an underdog tree. It costs $69 from Target and it's a pre-lit tree and blah blah blah. But let's face facts, it's not all puffy and green {or white even, I have also always wanted a fancy white tree}. It's a twig for crying out loud but it's also kind of cute and I think it will look adorable all festive-d up and I need it now.

The thing is when I've dreamed of myself at a Christmas tree farm I've always imagined buying the biggest, lushest one there {and, ok, maybe more for every room in the house} but, then, I've always envisioned walking away from the farm feeling slightly empty as if something was not quite right and then...gasp...there it is, the perfect tree, the one everyone else turns their nose up at because it's not a perfect tree at all. It's more like a jumble of twigs with some Homer Simpson hair-like green scattered around and when I point it out to my Husband he's like "that tree? really?" and B. is all like "I want a bread roll" or something and I'm like "yup, this is the tree!" and the farm people pay us to take it away and we take it home and decorate it and love it with all our might and...yup, I feel like I dream too many weird things.

But, whoop, there it is...

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