a love letter to the golden girls//thank you for being a friend

I was first introduced to The Golden Girls when I was in year 8. I was instantly hooked but I was also, at the time, a little bit ashamed because none of my friends knew what this show was {or so they claimed}. I already felt different because my favourite songs came from Meatloaf and, well, that was different enough, thank you. And then, somewhere between 15 and 16 {grades 11 & 12}, I decided I didn't really care what people thought, in that area of my life anyway, and I became addicted, once again, to the lives of Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose.

Most of the time I can't even begin to describe what this show means to me but today this love letter, of sorts, has tumbled free and I just...I don't know. The Golden Girls was like having my grandmother with me all the time. Or having family that I felt really, truly, loved me for me. It was friendship and laughter and all those wonderful things. It also showed me how to truly appreciate cheesecake {mmm}. It showed me teasing and love in the same breath. It was all manner of wonderful things and it was, most of all, in my humble opinion, the greatest show that has ever come to be.

The writing.

The timing.

The characters.

The set.

The clothes.

The love.

It was all these things and more because, you see, it was, and is, like sitting down with 4 of your closest friends at the moment when you've never needed them more and being bundled up with all the love you ever needed and then some. There has always been something comforting to me about The Golden Girls. As if they are the kind of friends you can go without seeing for months on end and then, finally, when you see each other again it's like no time has passed and that, friends, is my perfect definition of friendship.

It was also good for me, I think, to have this "friendship" of sorts {yes, I am aware this is a TV show} with females because, you see, most of my life I've always preferred the company of men because I find girls {not all girls} to be mostly bitchy and jealous and ugh "my butt looks big" and that's just not me at all. It was as if these four were my kindred spirits. Funny and gorgeous and loved just as they are and that's all I ever wanted to be too. And with them it felt like I was.

And they made it ok to be yourself. They taught me that.

Blanche made it ok to like sex and be sexual and, really, not care if anyone called you names because of it.

Dorothy made it ok to be funny and smart and not care about anything else.

Sophia made it ok to be...well, Sophia. Funny. Smart. Wise. Kind. Mean {and everything in between}.

& Rose? Oh Rose...

Rose made it ok to be "dumb" and tell ridiculous stories and just be adorable all the damn time. And seriously, how does a thermos make things cold and hot? Really! How?

So, Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia & Rose - all of you - thank you for not only being a friend but the best TV family a girl could ever ask for*.

*seriously, did you expect a non-cliche ending? Did ya?

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