10 years ago//who were you?

Yesterday I was reminded of what {or is it who?} I smelt like 10 years ago. Random. Bailey and Husband had just returned from the arduous journey of collecting catalogues from the mail box and Bailey had plopped her treasures {the kid loves mail in all forms} on our day bed {p.s. if you're anything like me, a.k.a lazy, you need a day bed in your lounge room} and I proceeded to casually flip through them. You, know, as you do. I adore catalogues.

I came across an ad for some perfumes and in the lowest price category {$29.99 if you please} I happened upon Tommy Girl which was my jam 10 years ago. Picture it, Sicily, 1929 - no, really, picture it, Sydney, 10 years ago and there I am, 17 years old, probably on my way to work at Lonestar {oh yes she did} in the early morning where I would be no doubt carting a massive Starbucks coffee {oh, back in the days when Starbucks was happening here}, with a bag of sour lollies in my bag for breakfast {I was always a health nut} and if you were to get a whiff of me that up there^ is what I would smell like.

This was back in the day, mind you, where I had no idea perfume even had notes. I just looked for something affordable that smelled nice and bam! there was Tommy Girl. People used to tell me I'd smell nice and I'd get all embarrassed because I thought Tommy Girl was for girls but, actually, as I've just discovered it was, apparently, "created for the girl in all of us" {and what does that even mean, really? I have no idea}. Anyway, after a few months, when I first started dating Husband I found Lovely by SJP and I moved on from Tommy Girl and then never touched it again. 

I guess, in other words - I grew up. But now, I have a certain itch to have Tommy Girl back in my life. And I've also got to thinking what else was I like 10 years ago? Here are some things I remember...

*As above mentioned, I regularly drank a large coffee {the largest cappuccino actually} and ate sour lollies for breakfast and then I'd be sustained for the majority of the day. Sometimes I'd snack on a few hot chips from the tray of chips my work had {everyone did this, mind you} and then for dinner I'd have very little. And I still thought I was fat. Ugh. I also took Panadol to curb hunger pains and only stopped when this weird looking guy named Husband {not, really, his name was Lindsay back then} told me to stop because it was stupid. And then he bought me a plant to apologise for yelling at me even though his anger set me straight. And then a few weeks later the plant died because I forgot that it needed water

*I had a roster of guys who were all older than me {how old I didn't care} and whose full names I didn't care to know or remember and I never wanted to settle down/get married/have kids. I just wanted one thing {and I think we can all guess what that thing was so I should just stop talking about it already}

*I hated living with my mum and kind of wished that I hadn't left my abusive father because, gosh, that woman was worse than him in almost every way. Most of my time at home was spent dreaming of leaving and biding my time until I could

*I flirted with boys at work to get them to do things for me {mostly with the boy who I had no idea would become my Husband}

*I shopped a lot and had a penchant for jeans {or any pants, really} and pyjamas. And ugg boots which I wore out in public even when it wasn't freezing cold

*I had no idea about make up and my eyebrows - thin - *shudder* 

*I watched Sex and the City a lot and didn't think Carrie was annoying {in relationships she was - I see this now} and Samantha was my hero {she's still awesome}

*I devoured chick-lit and had no idea Capote even existed 

& 10 years ago, this was me. I thought I was pretty awesome and, to be honest, going back the only thing I would want to change was this stupid eating/obsessing over my weight thing because, really, how stupid.

Also, I think it's weird that these are the things I remember. Yep, I have a terrible memory {best friend in primary school - what was your name?} but, still, only being able to recall a handful of things and the lingering, faint, scent of Tommy Girl ain't that great now is it? I wonder in 10 years from today what will I remember?

And, I'd love to know, who were you 10 years ago?

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