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friday five//perfect gifts for her

It's later than I'd usually post. It's also currently 43 degrees in my area and our air conditoner and miriad of fans seem to be only blowing hot air. Everyone is sweaty and pink cheeked and after a bad nights sleep {heat & back pains} and an early morning start {a dog named Freddie decided he needed non-stop tummy rubs} I'm just not feeling it today. Ugh. Anyway, enough complaining from me.

Today I've selected 5 wonderful items that would make perfect gifts for the woman {young or old} in your life {and are all something I'd love to receive}. Behold.

1. Kate Spade New York 'Dream A Little Dream' Eyemask - a posh looking eyemask that looks divine and reminds me of a nicer version of the one Matilda's mum wore in Matilda - obviously, this is reason enough alone to purchase
2. Kate Spade Gramercy Grand Bracelet Watch - I think a Kate Spade watch is up there in the need category with Michael Kors. I love this for the pink spade and hand. Also, I just got why there's a spade on it in the first place. Oftentimes, I am particularly slow
3. Palm Cami & Boxer Set - this set looks pretty and comfortable which, unfortunately, is often hard for pj's to pull off. The day I discovered Sussan {where these are from} was not an old lady brand was a happy day indeed   
4. Sydney Crossbody Bag - it's a freakin' robot! Enough said
5. Glazed Apple Treats Box - a perfect mini gift for the beauty lover and glazed apple just sounds delicious


a love letter to the golden girls//thank you for being a friend

I was first introduced to The Golden Girls when I was in year 8. I was instantly hooked but I was also, at the time, a little bit ashamed because none of my friends knew what this show was {or so they claimed}. I already felt different because my favourite songs came from Meatloaf and, well, that was different enough, thank you. And then, somewhere between 15 and 16 {grades 11 & 12}, I decided I didn't really care what people thought, in that area of my life anyway, and I became addicted, once again, to the lives of Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose.

Most of the time I can't even begin to describe what this show means to me but today this love letter, of sorts, has tumbled free and I just...I don't know. The Golden Girls was like having my grandmother with me all the time. Or having family that I felt really, truly, loved me for me. It was friendship and laughter and all those wonderful things. It also showed me how to truly appreciate cheesecake {mmm}. It showed me teasing and love in the same breath. It was all manner of wonderful things and it was, most of all, in my humble opinion, the greatest show that has ever come to be.

The writing.

The timing.

The characters.

The set.

The clothes.

The love.

It was all these things and more because, you see, it was, and is, like sitting down with 4 of your closest friends at the moment when you've never needed them more and being bundled up with all the love you ever needed and then some. There has always been something comforting to me about The Golden Girls. As if they are the kind of friends you can go without seeing for months on end and then, finally, when you see each other again it's like no time has passed and that, friends, is my perfect definition of friendship.

It was also good for me, I think, to have this "friendship" of sorts {yes, I am aware this is a TV show} with females because, you see, most of my life I've always preferred the company of men because I find girls {not all girls} to be mostly bitchy and jealous and ugh "my butt looks big" and that's just not me at all. It was as if these four were my kindred spirits. Funny and gorgeous and loved just as they are and that's all I ever wanted to be too. And with them it felt like I was.

And they made it ok to be yourself. They taught me that.

Blanche made it ok to like sex and be sexual and, really, not care if anyone called you names because of it.

Dorothy made it ok to be funny and smart and not care about anything else.

Sophia made it ok to be...well, Sophia. Funny. Smart. Wise. Kind. Mean {and everything in between}.

& Rose? Oh Rose...

Rose made it ok to be "dumb" and tell ridiculous stories and just be adorable all the damn time. And seriously, how does a thermos make things cold and hot? Really! How?

So, Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia & Rose - all of you - thank you for not only being a friend but the best TV family a girl could ever ask for*.

*seriously, did you expect a non-cliche ending? Did ya?


current beauty must haves

There have been some amazing beauty products that have caught my eye recently. I can tell you that I am having a very difficult time trying to whittle them down into a list that allows me to fulfill my beauty dreams and still celebrate Christmas as to how I've become accustomed {a.k.a awesomely}. Here's the list:-

ONE. Clarins Instant Concealer - I have heard amazing things about this. It comes in 4 shades and looks perfect for all skin types and concealer needs, particularly under the eye
TWO. Benefit Bene-Balm - I have this hydrating lip balm/tint in posie tint and it's gorgeous so I'm anxious to try this shade because I love a good red
THREE. Napoleon Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Mask - this prep mask sounds divine and is perfect for the pre-makeup rituals that I adore so much
FOUR. This Works Dream Believers Set - I have been curious about this pillow spray for quite a while and this set seems like perfection for the one who has trouble falling asleep
FIVE. Too Faced Melted Kisses Set - I find that sets are often the perfect way to try different lip products because the colours are usually universal and you have more to work with. This gorgeous set caught my eye with the name and look and I'd adore a try
SIX. Hourglass Ambient Blush Wardrobe - this wardrobe is everything and, obviously, I feel I need it. If it's anything as good as the Hourglass Ambient Powder Wardrobe {see my rave here} it'll be worth every dollar
SEVEN. Geisha Doll Lip & Cheek Stain - the packaging is adorably divine and I'm not sorry to say that that's good enough for me


beauty roundup//finishing sprays

I have a confession to make: I do not, nor have I ever, owned a make up finishing/setting spray. Shock. Awe. Outrage. No, but really, I have never seen the need for one until this very day. You see, I'm 27, and my skin isn't what it used to be and it doesn't seem to appreciate make up as much as it used to. I need to use primers and powders on the constant and, now, I've decided to one-up my aging skin and add a finishing spray to the mix. Here's a roundup of 4 potential suitors.

1. 2. 3. 4.

& tell me, do you use a finishing spray? what do you recommend? 


friday five//the christmas necessities

I made a pact to myself that I wouldn't do an entirely Christmas Friday Five but, alas, here we are. Forgive me if this bothers you but, you see, Christmas provides me with a ridiculous amount of joy and I do adore the lead up. Here's the five.

ONE. instant white snow {all my life, or for as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of having a snow-filled Christmas and since that is unlikely here this instant white snow will do nicely}
TWO. medium jingle star {a simply pretty ornament} 
THREE. gold glitter crowns {if you're going to go the Christmas hat route these are perfection}
FOUR. moustache party crackers {last year I made my own Christmas crackers full off lollies, chocolate and hand-written trivia but these crackers seem almost more perfect}
FIVE. D.I.Y paper wreath {often D.I.Y kits don't seem worth the price tag because you could most definitely make it yourself without the kit but this one is just delicious}

Have a wonderful weekend


the pin collective//christmas is around the corner

If you're aren't tired of me harping on about Christmas yet I assume you will be soon {I'm just going to pretend that tomorrow's post isn't Christmas themed too}. Pinterest is a Christmas lovers dreamland and I've compiled a small selection of my favourite Christmas-themed pins that I've collected.

A fabulously delicious idea for a Christmas morning breakfast.

I adore the idea of placing a tree {real or false} in a basket like this. Gorgeous and rustic.

I adore this idea but 'G' isn't the most beautiful of letters is it?

I quite fancy this idea and am hoping to find the perfect items for this.

If these memory ornaments aren't the most perfect ones to place on your tree I don't know what is. Although, I do regret not keeping keys from older homes of ours to make these from where we began.

I adore this idea for our hallway that joins our bedrooms, bathroom and laundry. Perfection.


j obsession//downton abbey

I know, I know- I'm hideously behind the times but, nevertheless, I've recently discovered Downton Abbey and I am obsessed. 

The obsession is not the same, heart pounding, lustful kind that I feel for How to Get Away With Murder or Scandal. Rather, it's the simple, quiet, peaceful kind that I've never quite felt for another show before. It's kind of magical the show, isn't it? The way they dress and talk. Their customs and way of life? Magical. And watching it one doesn't feel as though they are watching something modern pretending to be set back then. It's as if it is back then, as if you're tuning in to a show that your grandparents used to watch and has now had a television comeback.

I began watching with the notion that if Dame Maggie Smith was a member of the cast it couldn't be terrible. And it's not. Abbey has a beautiful, striking elegance that has one hooked from the get go and stays with you long after you've finished as if the music, the talk and the time has heavily perfumed your soul.


click love

Hello! Another little click love from me to you with some of the best things, I feel, the Internet has ever given us. Seriously. These are that good. You're welcome.

I love me some Daniel Radcliffe. It started with Harry Potter but I've loved everything I've seen of him since then and this video is everything amazing and then some. Watch it now. You must. Already seen it? Watch it again.

J.K. Rowling, I mean, what can I say? I love everything she's written in the Harry world and I loved and adored this piece. Umbridge is the new Charrington.

^head scarf tutorial

How to tie a perfectly sweet head scarf using a scarf. These instructions are the best I've seen and it's easy to understand and implement. Gorgeous.

^what kids around the world eat for breakfast

What a fascinating look into breakfasts around the world. I can't imagine Bailey's breakfasts being pictured because the other morning she woke up, positively gleeful, about eating a piece of bread with butter. Sigh.


personally j//to infinity & beyond

I've mentioned quite a few times that I despise wearing my engagement, wedding and eternity bands and more often than not I can be seen without them. For quite a while this has made my stomach clench with guilt but I eventually came to see that other items, particularly my Tiffany Infinity bracelet, hold the same meaning that wedding and engagement bands do for others.

It occurred to me that it was strangely silly that we automatically presume others married or un-married by rings, or the lack thereof, on their fingers. I've felt the particular, annoying, sting of the judgement from others when I've been out with Bailey without a ring on my finger. The idea that one has to be married to have a child is ludicrous and although part of the reason Husband and I decided to marry was to have a child I despise the judgement and harsh words I've received when I've been with child and ring-less.

Sometimes there have been parts of me that have wanted to stamp and shout "but this bracelet is my symbol!" Of course, I haven't and their comments haven't stung for long but it got me to thinking, and smiling, that this bracelet, gifted to me by my Husband, is mine, my thing and as time goes on I care less and less about venturing out without my 3 ring safety net.   

To me, this is my symbol of being "taken". This is my Husband's promise of forever. This is my wedding band.


essentials for b//'14

I know, I know I just did a post on clothes for B. But, I mean, have you seen my kid? She's adorable and she needs all this stuff okay? Try and tell me otherwise why don't you? Anyway, let me tell you a little story. As long as I have known Bailey I have dreamed of filling her closet with tutus and gorgeous clothing items and... {drum roll please} Star Wars shirts. But guess what? Stores don't sell Star Wars shirts for people Bailey's size and if they do they are very boy-centric and most certainly none can be found in the girl's sections.

That is, until now, because guess what I've just found? The most gorgeous Star Wars shirts from Cotton On Kids have been released and they are divine. Yes, they're in the boys section but they aren't ridiculously boyish and are in flattering shades for both genders. So, obviously, B needs them all and a few more items just because.

three. chewie tee
four. play tent

perfect and necessary right?


friday five//photo edition

This Friday, rather than boring you all with more Christmas related items, I wanted to share five photos that made my smile extra large while flicking through my phone this week {because these aren't boring in the slightest to anyone other than me, right?}

look at that face! this is one of my most favourite photos of Bailey. I don't know her exact age in this but this was before she began sleeping in her cot {hence the abundance of stuff in it} and before she began crawling {5.5 months}. Look at those little arm rolls and that adorable toothless grin. She makes my heart so happy.

& scrolling through baby photos of B on my phone? One of my favourite things in the entire world.

^Bailey's 1st Christmas. I adore this kid. I find her so wonderfully wacky and I think she pulls off the reindeer ears so very well.

^Bailey's 2nd birthday. When I see this my mind actually says "ha ha" because of her hat and her pose. She was so excited and she looks so adorable and, boy, I certainly don't miss the nappy bulge. And those curls! She stills has curls but since her hair is so much longer they are less bouncy {though still gorgeous}.

^the picture is terribly blurry and dark but I adore this. Bailey's face, the bubbles and the pure joy. I love my family.

^the other night Bailey insisted on sleeping on the floor of the playroom and when I peeked in on her later Freddie had joined her. My kid is weird, yes, but also the most adorable person I have ever met and Freddie just adores her.

I love you B.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone


the pin collective//organisation love

If you know me well or maybe not so well you may know that I love organising. Mostly my pantry and anything that can be organised at all, actually. I love the idea that everything can and should have a place and that when you're done with it, it goes back exactly where it needs to and life seems perfect if only for a second. One of the best things about Pinterest is it's an organisers treasure trove & dream.

I've been on Pinterest for a quite some time now and since my first pin I've been busy collecting perfectly organised ideas for the home - most of which I've implemented - and since they've worked so well for me, my family and our home I wanted to share them here.

I happened upon this pin over the weekend and implemented it immediately. We have a chest freezer in our laundry {as well as the one with our fridge} because I like to make sure we have plenty of meats, veggies and other frozen items on hand so it's an essential item in our house. The only issue with a chest freezer {and anything jam packed, really} is losing track of things so I know this idea will be a time and food saver. Genius.

As simple as it may seem I had never actually thought about using bins like these in a pantry. As soon as I saw this I implemented the idea and although my pantry looks nothing like this and is really one tall skinny cupboard and then one smaller wider one it has still helped a great deal - mostly sanity wise. I dislike seeing open packaging {like chips; for example} and I hate all the little bags of things that we keep around for snacks so these bins are perfection. And, bonus, they look pretty too.

Again, my pantry looks nothing like this but the idea for lots of glass storage where you can actually see all of your food is perfect for some areas in our pantry or open shelving. I love seeing pretty pasta, nuts, dried fruits and lollies out in the organised open.

I only implemented part of this pin as we had nowhere to put any hanging racks but just the laundry basket portion of this has been an amazing help. I purchased 3 large, white laundry baskets and labelled them "whites", "colours" and "darks" and placed them on free surfaces in the laundry. Now, when it comes time to do laundry there's no sorting {something I hated with a ridiculous passion} and when there's no time to do anything but chuck clothes in the laundry room there's separate piles for them to go into. 

A hall table is a must in our house but an organised hall table is a must for me. I love using little bowls and trays on the surface of the table and then baskets underneath or next to for storage of things you need close but you don't want out {like everyday shoes, etc}. I also love this umbrella stand and will be adding one to my hall table area as soon as I find the one which will hold umbrellas and light sabers for optimal tidiness. 


summer '14//5 must have eye palettes

When it comes to eye colours I tend to stick to neutrals and have found, rather than feeling as though I am in a rut, that is has created some amazing eye looks. Neutrals, to me, are never boring and always fun and, somehow, as soon as you think you have all the neutrals that could ever exist you come across some amazing neutral palettes that seem to have all new shades that you never knew you needed and now you need them all. First world problems, right?

Mecca has, as usual, got a great range of eye palettes all of which I, obviously, need/require/crave. See here:-

Bobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette - a gorgeous faux-croc case with nine shades in shimmer, metallic and matte finishes. Shades include: Flesh, Beige, Golden Pink Metallic, Bonfire Shimmer Wash, Rosé Metallic, Gold Sparkle, Velvet Bronze Metallic, Golden Bronze Metallic and Rich Caviar.

Kit Cosmetics Summer Fiesta Eye Palette - 10 shades with a mix of shimmer, sparkle and satin finishes that can be used wet or dry.

Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Palette - Smashbox's best original shades are combined in this palette that feature 14 shimmer and matte shades and a double-ended brush. The palette also include a how-to booklet that will allow you to identify your eye shape and tailor your look to enhance your eyes.

Chantecaille 15th Anniversary Eye Trio - this trio is inspired by land, sea and air. The trio includes: - Elephant: a deep, earthy aubergine that can be applied wet or dry to the crease or lash line. Butterfly: a warm buttery vanilla {how delish does that sound?} that can be used to smooth and highlight the eyelid or brow bone and Sea Turtle: a delicate copper infused with light-reflecting rose-gold pearl. 

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette in No. 03 - each palette in this range {there are 11 in all} includes 5 intense ready to wear shades in each individual Couture Palette. The shades are crease resistant with a 12-hour hold and No.03 is my top pick.

& can we discuss how perfect each palette and shade are for the holiday/festive season?


christmas tree, oh christmas tree//let's root for the underdog shall we?

To tell you the truth I think I belong in America because I've always craved their traditions especially when it comes to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trick or treating, festive Halloween decorations, turkey dinner with all the trimmings and going to pick a real live Christmas tree - oh how I love all of these. Also, the cheap make up. Yes please.

Every December 1st {ok, and sometimes earlier when I get really proud} when we put up our Christmas tree I wish fondly for a real live one like the Americans do and even though Australia has Christmas tree farms {or whatever you want to call them} I just feel like our heart isn't in it. Maybe if it was snowing? I don't know. 

I want a Pottery Barn Christmas and I feel like Australia is yet to really catch on. I could ramble on about this forever and it's not even the point of this post. The point is that I have always craved a traditional proper tree and this year I want an underdog tree.


Yes. I want this twig tree. I know, I know. It's not really an underdog tree. It costs $69 from Target and it's a pre-lit tree and blah blah blah. But let's face facts, it's not all puffy and green {or white even, I have also always wanted a fancy white tree}. It's a twig for crying out loud but it's also kind of cute and I think it will look adorable all festive-d up and I need it now.

The thing is when I've dreamed of myself at a Christmas tree farm I've always imagined buying the biggest, lushest one there {and, ok, maybe more for every room in the house} but, then, I've always envisioned walking away from the farm feeling slightly empty as if something was not quite right and then...gasp...there it is, the perfect tree, the one everyone else turns their nose up at because it's not a perfect tree at all. It's more like a jumble of twigs with some Homer Simpson hair-like green scattered around and when I point it out to my Husband he's like "that tree? really?" and B. is all like "I want a bread roll" or something and I'm like "yup, this is the tree!" and the farm people pay us to take it away and we take it home and decorate it and love it with all our might and...yup, I feel like I dream too many weird things.

But, whoop, there it is...


10 years ago//who were you?

Yesterday I was reminded of what {or is it who?} I smelt like 10 years ago. Random. Bailey and Husband had just returned from the arduous journey of collecting catalogues from the mail box and Bailey had plopped her treasures {the kid loves mail in all forms} on our day bed {p.s. if you're anything like me, a.k.a lazy, you need a day bed in your lounge room} and I proceeded to casually flip through them. You, know, as you do. I adore catalogues.

I came across an ad for some perfumes and in the lowest price category {$29.99 if you please} I happened upon Tommy Girl which was my jam 10 years ago. Picture it, Sicily, 1929 - no, really, picture it, Sydney, 10 years ago and there I am, 17 years old, probably on my way to work at Lonestar {oh yes she did} in the early morning where I would be no doubt carting a massive Starbucks coffee {oh, back in the days when Starbucks was happening here}, with a bag of sour lollies in my bag for breakfast {I was always a health nut} and if you were to get a whiff of me that up there^ is what I would smell like.

This was back in the day, mind you, where I had no idea perfume even had notes. I just looked for something affordable that smelled nice and bam! there was Tommy Girl. People used to tell me I'd smell nice and I'd get all embarrassed because I thought Tommy Girl was for girls but, actually, as I've just discovered it was, apparently, "created for the girl in all of us" {and what does that even mean, really? I have no idea}. Anyway, after a few months, when I first started dating Husband I found Lovely by SJP and I moved on from Tommy Girl and then never touched it again. 

I guess, in other words - I grew up. But now, I have a certain itch to have Tommy Girl back in my life. And I've also got to thinking what else was I like 10 years ago? Here are some things I remember...

*As above mentioned, I regularly drank a large coffee {the largest cappuccino actually} and ate sour lollies for breakfast and then I'd be sustained for the majority of the day. Sometimes I'd snack on a few hot chips from the tray of chips my work had {everyone did this, mind you} and then for dinner I'd have very little. And I still thought I was fat. Ugh. I also took Panadol to curb hunger pains and only stopped when this weird looking guy named Husband {not, really, his name was Lindsay back then} told me to stop because it was stupid. And then he bought me a plant to apologise for yelling at me even though his anger set me straight. And then a few weeks later the plant died because I forgot that it needed water

*I had a roster of guys who were all older than me {how old I didn't care} and whose full names I didn't care to know or remember and I never wanted to settle down/get married/have kids. I just wanted one thing {and I think we can all guess what that thing was so I should just stop talking about it already}

*I hated living with my mum and kind of wished that I hadn't left my abusive father because, gosh, that woman was worse than him in almost every way. Most of my time at home was spent dreaming of leaving and biding my time until I could

*I flirted with boys at work to get them to do things for me {mostly with the boy who I had no idea would become my Husband}

*I shopped a lot and had a penchant for jeans {or any pants, really} and pyjamas. And ugg boots which I wore out in public even when it wasn't freezing cold

*I had no idea about make up and my eyebrows - thin - *shudder* 

*I watched Sex and the City a lot and didn't think Carrie was annoying {in relationships she was - I see this now} and Samantha was my hero {she's still awesome}

*I devoured chick-lit and had no idea Capote even existed 

& 10 years ago, this was me. I thought I was pretty awesome and, to be honest, going back the only thing I would want to change was this stupid eating/obsessing over my weight thing because, really, how stupid.

Also, I think it's weird that these are the things I remember. Yep, I have a terrible memory {best friend in primary school - what was your name?} but, still, only being able to recall a handful of things and the lingering, faint, scent of Tommy Girl ain't that great now is it? I wonder in 10 years from today what will I remember?

And, I'd love to know, who were you 10 years ago?