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Sydney is quickly heating up and while the weather is still dipping between rainy and sweltering I wanted to compile my list of Summer essentials so I'm ready for the constant heat ahead of us. While I am not the biggest fan of hot weather {I much prefer the cold} I am learning to get out and about more and am trying to not let the heat get to me. Bailey is an outdoors/pool/beach kind of kid so there are plenty of occasions where we are in the sun. Over the past 3 and a bit years I have learned what we truly need and here are the 9 musts {not including water which I thought was too obvious to share}...

^Sunglasses are a necessity for me and I'm loving this pair of cat eyes from Mimco. When we're out I also like to pack a pair of sunglasses for Bailey {she will usually pick her pair for the day} and Husband too. I need to wear prescription lenses even with sunglasses so I'd need to have the lenses replaced in these with a prescription pair {worth it though, these are divine}
^In Summer my face is the first place to sweat {ugh} and I tend to favour perk up products like this Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz from The Body Shop to add moisture or to rejuvenate my face throughout the day. This spritz is also great for sensitive skin and smells wonderful
^Keeping my lips protected is also a major must for me during the warmer months {Bailey has also started wanting to wear a balm - mostly for fun} and these EOS balms are perfect because they are small, conveniently shaped and I find they don't melt in the heat like other balms. This flavour - summer fruit balm - is also perfect for the season/s
^When it's hot I don't want to sacrifice my make up for the weather but I also don't want to apply a full face and have it melt off. This L'OREAL Eau De Teint Foundation is a nice middle man because it's super light and perfect for warmer weather {read my recent review here}
^A good read is a must when relaxing in the sun and, of course, I must recommend my favourite - Summer Crossing. If we're all having a break from the water I like to take out a book while we're relaxing in the shade {and adore taking my warn copy of Summer Crossing with me to rejuvenate my love for life}
^One thing I've learnt about bags and kids is this - you need something big but not too big and it needs to be pretty. If it's too small you'll wind up lugging 40 individual bags around and if it's not pretty you're more likely to hate the damn thing and never use it {at least I am - pretty bags matter to me}. This Missoni for Target tote is the perfect bag for the whole family to take places where you need a lot but not a whole lot. The straps are comfy, the fabric durable and the inside is easy to clean
^I guess if listing water would have been stating the obvious then the same could be said for sun protection but, alas, I added it here. I adore this LeTan Coconut Lotion {30+ or higher if possible} because of the scent and for Bailey I favour the roll on versions - this Peppa Pig one from the Cancer Council is perfect
^Up until recently I was on the hunt for a pretty towel {usually I would just buy whatever} and then I finally gave in and purchased this one from Missioni for Target. It's made from velour so it's thick and it's massive so it could realistically dry all 3 of us {though B. would prefer her own towel} and would also work as something to sit/lay on. It's gorgeous and fit my "I need a towel with tassels" mission perfectly
^And lastly {phew!}, is a hat - to cover your head and provide shade from the sun. This fedora from Mimco is for me {mine! all mine!} but I'd also be packing a hat for Husband and for B too.

& that's it people
care to share any of your sun essentials?

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