friday five

I must warn you that I'm deep in Christmas mode and, so, my Friday Five posts will most likely feature Christmas-y items from now until the day. If you're one of those people who leave everything to the last weeks before Christmas then I apologise. I am an early Christmas planner and I just can't be any other way {trust me I've tried}. I also fall right into the Christmas themed stuff trap {sucker?} and this is where my mind is at right now. Though, do not fear {'cause you were, right?} not every single item will be Christmas related - at least not for a while {and maybe not at all}. Enjoy.

one. typo stamp sets {here & here} - this year for wrapping I want to use brown paper {which I adored last year} but instead of tags or stickers I want to use stamps to label and these are perfect
two. the most perfect mimco fedora - bailey & I tried this on in store and they are the most perfect hats for warmer weather
three. diy advent kit - this year instead of the lolly/chocolate advents you buy I want to make a joint advent for the whole family. I'm thinking of filling each bag with a different ornament {and, perhaps, some other things too} and Bailey can take it each day in the lead up to Christmas and put it on the tree
four. world map canvas - I love the idea of using a world map as art and I love the colours in this one
five. personalised intertwined bracelet - this is perfect and would work well with my Tiffany infinity bracelet that never comes off

& that's that - hooray for the weekend!


& click i'm in love

A little click love from me to you...

^I have been a long time heynataliejean lover because she's all sorts of awesome and, man, her writing is just envy-inducing in the best possible way because bad envy isn't my kind of thing. I don't know her but I love her. Simple as that.

Her recent post Keep This For A Rainy Day says everything about anxiety that I have ever felt but could never seem to say and I will be, most definitely, keeping this piece for every one of my rainy days.

j essentials//summer

Sydney is quickly heating up and while the weather is still dipping between rainy and sweltering I wanted to compile my list of Summer essentials so I'm ready for the constant heat ahead of us. While I am not the biggest fan of hot weather {I much prefer the cold} I am learning to get out and about more and am trying to not let the heat get to me. Bailey is an outdoors/pool/beach kind of kid so there are plenty of occasions where we are in the sun. Over the past 3 and a bit years I have learned what we truly need and here are the 9 musts {not including water which I thought was too obvious to share}...

^Sunglasses are a necessity for me and I'm loving this pair of cat eyes from Mimco. When we're out I also like to pack a pair of sunglasses for Bailey {she will usually pick her pair for the day} and Husband too. I need to wear prescription lenses even with sunglasses so I'd need to have the lenses replaced in these with a prescription pair {worth it though, these are divine}
^In Summer my face is the first place to sweat {ugh} and I tend to favour perk up products like this Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz from The Body Shop to add moisture or to rejuvenate my face throughout the day. This spritz is also great for sensitive skin and smells wonderful
^Keeping my lips protected is also a major must for me during the warmer months {Bailey has also started wanting to wear a balm - mostly for fun} and these EOS balms are perfect because they are small, conveniently shaped and I find they don't melt in the heat like other balms. This flavour - summer fruit balm - is also perfect for the season/s
^When it's hot I don't want to sacrifice my make up for the weather but I also don't want to apply a full face and have it melt off. This L'OREAL Eau De Teint Foundation is a nice middle man because it's super light and perfect for warmer weather {read my recent review here}
^A good read is a must when relaxing in the sun and, of course, I must recommend my favourite - Summer Crossing. If we're all having a break from the water I like to take out a book while we're relaxing in the shade {and adore taking my warn copy of Summer Crossing with me to rejuvenate my love for life}
^One thing I've learnt about bags and kids is this - you need something big but not too big and it needs to be pretty. If it's too small you'll wind up lugging 40 individual bags around and if it's not pretty you're more likely to hate the damn thing and never use it {at least I am - pretty bags matter to me}. This Missoni for Target tote is the perfect bag for the whole family to take places where you need a lot but not a whole lot. The straps are comfy, the fabric durable and the inside is easy to clean
^I guess if listing water would have been stating the obvious then the same could be said for sun protection but, alas, I added it here. I adore this LeTan Coconut Lotion {30+ or higher if possible} because of the scent and for Bailey I favour the roll on versions - this Peppa Pig one from the Cancer Council is perfect
^Up until recently I was on the hunt for a pretty towel {usually I would just buy whatever} and then I finally gave in and purchased this one from Missioni for Target. It's made from velour so it's thick and it's massive so it could realistically dry all 3 of us {though B. would prefer her own towel} and would also work as something to sit/lay on. It's gorgeous and fit my "I need a towel with tassels" mission perfectly
^And lastly {phew!}, is a hat - to cover your head and provide shade from the sun. This fedora from Mimco is for me {mine! all mine!} but I'd also be packing a hat for Husband and for B too.

& that's it people
care to share any of your sun essentials?


j review//benefit instant brow pencil

If you're not already acquainted with this brow pencil let me introduce you. This is the Instant Brow Pencil from Benefit. It comes in 3 colours: deep, light medium & medium dark and it is supposed to turn your sparse, skimpy brows into perfectly natural, polished brows.

Benefit says: "the creamy powder-like texture glides on easily and comes with a special blending tip. It's soon to be the most indispensable beauty item in your bag."

I was excited for this purchase - I adore a good brow pencil and Benefit does a good brow product. Until this...

This is by far the worst brow product I have ever purchased and at $39 I feel entirely ripped off. Don't get me wrong the colour is gorgeous and until the first sharpening it worked well but then the stupid thing needed to be sharpened and it all went down hill. The product does not sharpen which is nice for a pencil. I have tried a handful of different sharpeners and each have given the same result - a crumbly pencil that gives no colour pay off and is more often than not scratchy and brow hair pulling.

Are brow pencils supposed to do this? I think not. And this is a brow product from Benefit for crying out loud. Benefit ain't no knock-off brand you buy in dollar shops {which only seem to sell things that cost more than a dollar anyway}. 

So tell me Benefit - what good is spending $39 on a product that can only be used once or twice? How is a brow pencil unable to be sharpened? How? Not only that but that spooly thing snapped off when I tried to do something really tricky with it - comb my brows. Ugh.

My verdict? Don't bother and Benefit really needs to take the damn product off the market until it can be, you know, used.


j style for spring & summer '14//let's hop to it

You may or may not know that, when it comes to fashion, I am 27 going on 2. I am usually attracted to some of the most ridiculous items of clothing I have ever seen - bunnies, cats & everything else in between. I don't know how or why this obsession came to be. I just woke up one day and there it was. Like a cold sore only fun and not itchy or blistery or any other the yuck things cold sores bring.

As luck would have it Dangerfield have released some bunny items in their range - a dress, a blouse and a tee {2 colours in each} and, of course, I need/want/crave to collect them all. Take a closer look below.

You can purchase all items at Dangerfield {in store & online} and Myer - find out more here.

and, hey, what about these bunny flats from Asos - overkill or perfection?


a little ditty//sir fredrick maxington jedi gaff

^if you follow me on instagram you may already know that on September 1 we welcomed a new family member of the furry kind. Sir Fredrick Maxington Jedi Gaff {I give you permission to feel sorry for him with this ridiculous name}. I've been contemplating writing a post on him since we picked him up and the only thing that has stopped me is this - I didn't want anyone to think he's replacing Minnie {though why I felt comfortable posting pictures of him on Instagram is anyone's guess.}

He is not a replacement for Minnie. Nobody could ever be. Also, it's been well over a year and a half since she died. Are we still mourning her? Yes. Always. Do we still miss her? Yes. Always. But as the days stretched on our aching to give love to another little furry friend who needed help grew until one day it was unbearable and, so, we decided to make an addition to our family. We searched rescue sites - this lasted some weeks - and then, finally, I gained enough courage to visit some shelters in our area {see, Minnie, was a rescue and I hated the idea of visiting a shelter again}. 

But I was brave. I sucked it up. I cried a bit. I was in disbelief at how many larger dogs there were at the two we visited as if being big suddenly meant you were vicious and unworthy. Of course, it wasn't right for our family {Bailey & Summer mostly} to welcome a larger dog into our home but how we wished that we could take every single dog with us and love them all unconditionally. 

At the second shelter we found Fred {though at the time he was unnamed - he'd be found on the side of a road}. We were put on the waiting list {in case his previous owner claimed him} and then on September 1 {the same date 8 years earlier we had taken Minnie home} we got the call that he was ours and we were his and then our family felt a little bit more complete.

He is timid and shy and always looking for love. He's the kind of dog who licks out his stitches after being desexed. He likes hugs and tummy rubs and in so many ways he reminds me of Minnie. He has a lot of her characteristics and this hurts, always, but mostly it's the good kind of hurt. Summer and he love each other - they play in the most ridiculous doggy, butt sniffing way. When we talk for him {yep, we're that kind of family} he talks like a "street" dog because he was on the streets, like he was in a gang of mistreated and awesome dogs. Yo!

As he snuggles up to me, no matter the time of day, I feel grateful that we got to meet him and take him home with us. I know we choose him but I feel like something grand made it so because he fits so perfectly into our little family. And hey! Sir Fredrick Maxington Jedi Gaff* we love you so.

*His first name is Fredrick Maxington and his middle name is Jedi {fitting in with the "J" that all our children {human and furry} have}. When we saw him and before we knew he was ours we named him {bad idea, by the way, the wait was excruciating} Freddie because he looked like a Freddie and, at first, we were going to go with a name like Freddie Mercury or similar but then I said he had to have something to remember Minnie/Max in his name and, so, that's how Maxington came to be. And then we looked at the picture of him on the Internet over and over again and his name seemed lacking, somehow, and then we decided he needed a title in front. And, of course, Star Wars nerdy family = Jedi. And that's that.  


friday five

Does anyone ever feel like they need to use Monday-Friday to recuperate from a busy weekend? I do. And a hate it. Especially when there are going to be two jam-packed weekends in a row. My body needs rest and entertainment. Early mornings and sleep ins. Lounging around time and go-go-go time. So when I, perhaps stupidly, jam-pack a weekend and a Monday and then become semi bed-ridden with terrible leg and back issues that leave me limping pirate style I wonder what the heck is wrong with me? I mean, shouldn't I have learnt my lesson by now?

The answer to that would be - nope. Because while I've been busy trying to cope with this awful pain I've also been planning next weekend's escapades which are bound to fill up both days and leave me panting for some down time. Alas, such a first word problem to have. Poor me, too many fun things to do with my family and not enough time. Boo hoo. Anyway, enough yammering on. Today I have an adorable list of 5 things that are making this Friday bright.

one. personalised drink mug - of which mine would read: jaye. tea. strong. no milk or sugar.
two. pom pom wreath - every Christmas I want a wreath and every Christmas I never get around to buying one. This Christmas that may all change because I want/need/crave this one. Adorable and different. And the crafty side of me {you know that 1%} wants to make one myself. Could be easy, no?
three. coloured elastics playground game - does anyone remember these as fondly as I do? Gosh, this game was my thing in year 7. Now I need 2 people to play it with me. Warning, I'm probably not very good.
four. handloom weave kit - heynataliejean has made me want to try weaving {see here} and I think this kit seems pretty neat and I don't know how I'd fare but I want to try. And, I guess, the one thing stopping me is my Husband who is the kind of guy who'd want to proudly display anything I made even if it was awful because I made it and to him, therefore, it's not awful and, gosh, I don't want to have awful things made by me around, you know? 
five. mexican rose espadrille - I've now moved on to the sandal espadrille portion of the style and all I want to say is: move on from the espadrilles already! but I can't. I just can't. Also, B. and I were in Rubi the other day and she was very adamant that I should buy a pair of silver espadrilles and then this cool polka dotted pair and if there's one thing you should know about little Bailey Jane right this very second it's this: most of the time the kid is not one iota of materialistic. Sometimes I try to get her to pick some more cool things {toys usually} and she says she only needs one. Same with clothes and other such things. In fact, the only thing I've ever seen her be all NEED. WANT. NOW. about is egg surprises {damn you disney collector!} and shoes this one time I took her shoe shopping and even then I kind of had to push her in the right direction of needing all 3 pairs. Ugh. Anyway.  

have a wonderful weekend


the "rocking chair" technique//for amazing lashes

When it comes to beauty & skincare I like to think that I'm pretty laid back. Nothing too fancy, but when it comes to techniques that actually work I'm a big fan and will incorporate them into my routine no matter how silly or fancy they are {or, rather, seem}.

One of my favourite techniques is what I like to call the "rocking chair". I use this with my NARS eyelash curler and I firmly believe that {along with a good quality curler} this has ensured my lashes look and stay curled longer. 

^pretty simple, no?

Ensure the curler is as far back on your lashes as it will go without pinching your skin and repeat the rocking motion 10 times {ensuring that you don't rush your counting}. Apply your favourite mascara {I'm currently loving the Benefit They're Real Mascara} shortly after curling and enjoy a nicer/longer curl. 

You can even use this method for no-mascara days where you want/need/crave a curl but don't want to wear mascara.


h&m in sydney//for the home

Since H&M came to Australia {they launched in Melbourne} I have been most obsessed with their homewares range. I adore buying bits & pieces for the home {usually with no real plan in mind for them because I'm quite scattered} that are at the affordable end of the scale because I get bored very easily, I like to mix things up and I don't want to spend a fortune on something only to have it be broken. With H&M launching in Sydney tomorrow I've compiled my 8 must-have items for the home...
1. pink metal pot - to pretty up a plant for inside
2. pink cotton table runner - I'm not a big dining table person when it comes to eating at it. In fact, I could think of nothing so tediously boring but when our table isn't being used for crafts, work or ping pong I do love to have it dressed up a bit but not with a full table cloth and this runner is perfect. I also love to use runners like these to spice up pieces of furniture like a bookcase or chest of drawers
3. pineapple tray - the perfect thing to serve ice-cold drinks on outside with company or just the three of us {& if you can't get enough of pineapples take a look at this}
4. life is good pillowcase - I love how simple this is and I adore the message
5. mini glass vase - I'm not a big flower person because I hate when they die but it's always nice to have gorgeous vases like this around for when you're gifted them {even from yourself} anyway. I also love decorating with little vases without any flowers
6. pink cool bag - the watermelons and limes with faces on had me at hello. I've been on the hunt for an easy but pretty picnic basket but perhaps this is the easier way to go for picnics and trips to the beach
7. wooden tray - I love a good tray. I don't know why I always am looking at and buying them but I just can't get enough. I also like to use a tray like this unexpectedly as a shelf of sorts {see an example here}
8. silver storage basket - this looks gorgeous and remind me of the popular Uashmama bags. Perfect for storing all manner of things in {particular B's toys when I can't be bothered}

^and if you're interested, or if you missed it, have a look at my h&m in sydney//j style post from yesterday


h&m in sydney//j style {& a bonus for the danza}

H&M Australia has finally come to Sydney, opening at Macquarie Centre this week. In celebration of the opening I've compiled my 11 must-have items for myself {& look out for my must-haves from their home range tomorrow}

1. fringe shoulder bag - of course, in person it may look cheap and tacky but online it reminds me of the Twiggy bag by B-Low The Belt which retails for just under $500 {AUD}
2. spotted trousers - these are gorgeous, just gorgeous and I need them 
4. cherry key-ring - perfect for summer {should I begin changing my key-rings per season?}
5. jersey top - I adore the trim on this, taking the tank from basic to something a tad more special
6. orange bangle - I like these types of bangles because they're no-fuss but pretty and this colour is something I've never had
7. mickey nightdress - which I'd wear tucked in/out with shorts or a skirt
8. embroidered skirt - I favour skirts like these for around the home/at the park with B and for dressier occasions {you know to the supermarket}. I like it's simplicity and how a different top, shoe or accessory can dress it up or down 
9. denim shorts - I kind of really detest ripped jeans/shorts. The style is just not for me but if I had to wear a pair then this is the type I'd go for - only a few rips
10. pink & glitter espadrilles - I don't get my obsession with espadrilles. On one side I think they're ugly and on the other I just can't get enough. I want these
11. polka dotted headband - I've been looking for scarves to tie in my hair lately and have been unsuccessful in the hunt but this headband achieves the exact style I was after

& just because, here are my 6 musts for the Husby Danza*
1. moods of darth vader t - I buy most, if not all, of Danza's clothes - we both prefer it that way. Most of the time I prefer him in something that isn't covered in nerd-memorabilia but I do love buying him shirts like this because if I'm trotting around in bloody poodle skirts then he needs to be just as ridiculous. And also, this shirt is awesome
2. grey cardigan - gosh, I love a man in a cardigan. There's something sexy about it
4. beige chino shorts - I love a good short on a Danza
5. dark blue sneakers - for non-dressy occasions 
6. sailor swim shorts - these really are more me but, hey, I'll settle for living vicariously through Danza

*if you're wondering why I call him Husby Danza or just Danza it's because I'm annoying. But also Husband and I like to sing along to Tiny Dancer with "hold me closer Tony Danza" or "hold me closer Tiny Danza" or "hold me closer Tony Dancer" and, so, whenever either of us needed some extra love or a hug or whatever it may be we begun calling each other "Tony Danza" and then it progressed to "Husby/Wifey Danza" and, yes, nobody will ever love us as much as us. We know. Moving on...


colour me amazed//christian louboutin nail polish

Look, most nail polish looks pretty - some more pretty or fancy than others. And I've never really cared that much. Nail polish is nail polish. Some applies crap and some applies good and, really, it feels like the luck of the draw more than anything. I've never purchased any high-end polish from stores like Chanel or Dior before. Lusted after, yes. Purchased, no. Because I'm not that much of a polish girl - not enough to warrant the investment at least. But I think that's all about to change because Christian Louboutin has the most amazing polish around and it's gorgeous - the packaging. Amazing. Take a look...

I mean. I can't. I just literally can't even. Ugh.

They're all priced at $60.73{AUD}. Individually. Cripes. But so worth it right?


27 things//27 years

Today I turn the grand old age of twenty-seven and now that I'm here it doesn't seem so old. I feel accomplished, content & semi-wise but I still feel young which is just the way I like it. As the years go by I feel less inclined to make a song and dance about my birthday, not because I'm annoyed at getting older, because I mostly feel grateful that I get the opportunity to do so, but because as I age I feel less obsessed with needing to do and receive things.

Because I feel like I've done a fair bit in my 27 years I wanted to list 27 things I have never...

1. Traveled any further than Bali and Fiji - I did want to travel to New York when I was younger but that passed around the time the fear of flying set in
2. Had a desire to ever travel through Europe - Husband has expressed a bit of an interest in it but my motto has always been: if you want to see the Eiffel Tower just Google it 
3. Taken any drugs - but, when I was younger, I did lie about having taken some to seem "cool" {oh, how naive I was}
4. Smoked cigarettes - no explanation needed. Also, I have asthma
5. Spent a night away from Bailey - and I don't intend to until she's old enough to be away for sleepovers
6. Spent more than a week at a time away from my Husband - he's annoying but I love spending time with that man
7. Sky-dived or bungee jumped - and never will. I'm afraid of heights and, you know, death
8. Drove a car or had a license - cars and travelling gives me major anxiety
9. Spoken another language - I just can't master one
10. Mastered my times tables - I had a hard time in school and my dad was not a good math teacher {for every question you got wrong you got slapped, taunted or both}
11. Mastered any other Math apart from Algebra - as above. I loved Algebra but don't ask me to do it now
12. Finished my novel - because I've got "it's not good enough" issues
13. Painted my nails well - I doubt I'll ever master this
14. Remembered to take good care of my feet - I complain about gross skin on my heels and then never do it consistently 
15. Enjoyed waxing - it hurts!
16. Had hair extensions - though I'm tempted to right now because I'm currently "short hair, do care"
17. Had a crazy hair colour - but I want pink hair
18. Swam with sharks - could never. Would never
19. Not thought that this list was taking forever
20. Been able to resist watching a Real Housewives franchise - they are addictive!
21. Enjoyed books like Twilight - horrible, just horrible
22. In the past 10+ years: I have never had a full night of sleep - I either have to get up and pee or I'm overheated or too cold or too proud or any other number of things and I'm so tired
23. Not loved being a Mum to Bailey - it's my favourite thing ever
24. Been able to go a month without buying anything {since having my own money, that is} - I have a shopping addiction
25. Not loved writing - I adore it so
*oh crap, I thought this was the end...
26. In the past 9 years, I have never not been in love with my best friend 
27. Been able to cook pancakes - it is a culinary weakness


spring-summer wardrobe//for b.

You know, I have a bone to pick with kids clothes. Wanna know why? My kid is 3 and in a normal height and weight range {above normal adorable range} and she has some clothes in size 1 that I purchased when she was 6 months old {you know, to be organised} and they still don't fit her. Annoying. But, to look on the bright side, at least I don't have that much shopping to do for Bailey's spring-summer wardrobe this year {more tops than anything, really}. Here are my current picks for B {keeping in mind that I like to shop not only for what I'll know she'll like but for things that don't scream licensed - aside from Hello Kitty 'cause she's awesome - or "I'm a princess. save me!" - excuse me while I go vomit}...

6. triangular shawl from h&m aus {shawl? is that fancy for scarf?}
10. jersey shorts from h&m aus{pineapple print!}

*h&m australia finally opens in Sydney at Macquarie on October 16
excited? 5 second dance party...


& click i'm in love

You know what I love about the Internet? How you can be reading one thing about, say, lipstick and a few minutes later you're reading about celebrities riding the subway and it feels random and organic in the same breath. That. I love that. And since the Internet, whether it's on my laptop, tablet, phone or TV, is a big part of my life {we Gaff's are Internet junkies} I thought I'd start to share my random Internet finds on a more regular basis. Here's what I've clicked and loved recently.

I always think of celebrities as being "normal" {because they are} but I liked these snapshots all the same {& Meryl Streep... has she ever not been gorgeous?}

Photos that recreate the last meals of death row inmates. I have always been intrigued by criminals and their behaviour, so a sticky beak at their last meals is a fascinating look. 

I have become obsessed with the Vogue 73 Questions series of videos and their most recent offering with Reese Witherspoon is, quite possibly, my favourite. Reese is sweet and adorable and does an amazing flip on a trampoline in a skirt. A must watch {as well as the others}...

*and if you haven't seen this post: link love//things to watch it's a much read/watch too


j reads//sharp objects by gillian flynn - review

After my review of Flynn's Gone Girl {see here} you may be wondering why I bothered to read another of her offerings. To that question I can only answer this: Flynn is an amazing writer and story teller. Also, I was hoping the ending to Sharp Objects wouldn't feel as rushed and untidy as Gone Girl did. I was wrong.

Sharp Objects is beautifully written and brilliant, though it did not leave me as awestruck by Flynn as Gone Girl did. It tells the story of a reporter at a Chicago paper, Camille, who, on assignment, returns to her home town to report on the story of two murdered young girls. She's reluctant to return because it will mean facing the family she's long avoided. While there she is forced to delve back into her troubled past - a dead sister and a distant mother - and this is where the true mystery lies.

The story is twisted and all the characters are mysterious with their own scars {with a different spin on how they got them}. Nobody is perfect but here, in this small town, it seems as though everyone is pretty darn fucked up and it's all someone else's fault.

I devoured the book in a matter of hours and then the ending came and I wished I hadn't. I don't know how to describe it. Like Gone Girl the end came too quickly. It felt rushed like Flynn had a word limit and couldn't be bothered editing the other parts down. When I described the ending to Husband I said: it was like Harry Potter ending with - and then Harry killed Voldermort. The end. 

And I stand by that statement. I'm not against books that end suddenly. In fact, my favourite novel {Summer Crossing} ends like a cliff drop that I didn't see coming and left me thirsty for more. However, Crossing is different in the sense that the ending worked. It wasn't rushed. It just was.

Sharp Objects didn't end seamlessly for me. It felt as though Flynn gave up. Although after reading two of her works now I know that's not true. That's just how she writes. I just don't like it. Of course, there's another end to that spectrum, a writer who makes the ending another epic all on its own. Tolkein with Lord of the Rings springs to mind here except in this case it makes sense even if it's long-winded and frustrating at times.

To me, it feels as though Flynn uses all of her descriptiveness up and then has no effort for the ending. She draws us in with the beauty of the written word and then casts us off like we're not important enough to deserve a proper ending. Am I expecting too much here? Is this what people do now?

The ending to Objects was predictable, the shocks were shocking in nature but obvious. Each character was so deeply flawed that it was hard to think any differently. I knew who the killer was and who Camille's mother really was long before I wanted to and that was frustrating. To me, the truly good book, doesn't let you know these things until the writer wants you to. Take 1984 and Mr. Charrington, for example, a book with a character who truly didn't reveal himself until he was meant to {or was this just me?}. Objects reveals everything about its characters almost immediately. 

Still, it's a good, if not anti-climatic, obvious read, that's beautifully woven but not as gorgeously so as Gone Girl. Flynn's writing, until the last scene, is on-point and as her debut novel I am amazed at her ability. 

There's a quote from Metro on the back of the book that reads: "grips like an iron fist from the start...a great book and a compulsive thriller"

I like this description but would edit it to say: "grips like an iron fist from the start until the finale where the fist falls limp and lame to the ground...a good book and a compulsive but obvious thriller"

Now, will someone please either a) back me up here or b) please tell me what the heck is wrong with me that I'm just not getting it?

*also am I a masochist because I still feel the insane urge to read another Flynn offering, Dark Places?


weekly spotlight//the ultimate summer foundation

When the weather starts to heat up, as it has begun to in Sydney, my face is the first part of my body to notice. In the warmer months its tolerance for products, skin care and make up wise, is low. Even a normal daily moisutriser can set it off down the sweaty road and, trust me, that's not good for anyone. Make up tends to be the same and even worse at times - mascara, even the waterproof kind, can sweat off into my very sensitive eyes and, ugh, that hurts. And also, who can pull off the runny make up look? Certainly not me. Anyone else?

And right here, right now, it feels as though the weather has changed drastically from minus temperatures at night to being in the 30's in the blink of an eye and, well, I wasn't prepared. I have the clothes for the warmer seasons but that's about it. My first port of call, after turning the fans/air conditioner on and opening the windows up, was to Priceline for a new foundation and as luck would have it I stumbled upon something truly amazing.

^L'OREAL Eau De Teint Nude Magique Foundation reinvents traditional foundation with a formula lighter than water for a no-makeup feel and a perfect nude finish.

The product needs to be shaken before use and then deposited onto your fingertips. The foundation is a texture lighter than water and feels "light as a feather". Apply on to your skin with fingers or with a brush/sponge. I like to apply mine with a damp beauty blender for easy application and a dewy finish.

What I love most about this foundation is that it feels like water but it isn't watery like others of it kind. It doesn't slip and slide all over the place and it doesn't drip either. It's the perfect formulation for a lightweight look and feel. It has nice coverage that's build-able and let's your skin breathe. And best of all, as it feels like nothing on your skin, it doesn't sweat off during the day.

I used to think that a BB or CC Cream was perfect for warmer weather, however, I'd find that because they were thicker they would make my skin sweat and my face would end up look patchy and streaky. This foundation provides a nice coverage {you will need concealer to hide any spots or dark circles} but it also doesn't make my skin feel claustrophobic as other products do. To me it's like MAC's Face & Body but without the runs or expense.

If you like wearing tinted moisturisers but find they don't give you enough, or any, coverage then this foundation is for you. I love the "naughty" factor it gives of not wearing anything on my face.

& you can purchase it here {currently on sale!}
*my shade is the lightest: 120 pure ivory {a gorgeous shade}


friday five

Hello. Insert some rambling that I usually waffle on about here. Not having it today...
one. erica closed toe sandals in silver - I'm a big fan of a closed toe sandal for spring/summer
two. chalkboard wall clock - husband & I have been on the hunt for a wall clock to put in our dining room since December last year and I think we finally found one that we both love and that fits our home's style. yes, this is from the kids section of pottery barn but I think it works well for adults/the whole family too
three. stacked rectangle shadow boxes - I love these in the home to replace the shelf and crave some for the lounge, my bedroom and B's bedroom
four. slip on metallic canvas espadrille - when I saw the Chanel espadrille offering {see here} that so many people seem to be obsessed with I decided I hated espadrilles then and there but then I happened upon a much cheaper metallic version {of the shoe not the design} and I decided I need them. I think these will be perfect for spring/summer also for walking adventures with B where slip on sneakers would be too stuffy*
five. this wrap over skirt - this is from suzanne grae which I have always viewed as an old lady store {sorry!} but I walked past this skirt on the mannequin and I fell in love. The wrap over is lovely and I adore the print.


dangerously dangerfield

Dangerfield is dangerous. I can't resist toddling over to their section whenever I am in Myer and I can usually be found trawling their website once or twice or thrice a week and I always have a wishlist on the go. I always receive compliments when I wear their clothes and I love the way their designs make me feel. I can't get enough - here's what I'm currently craving.

^and this is why Dangerfield is dangerous - need them all


10 must-have items from the missoni for target australia lookbook

You've all probably heard now that Missoni launches for Target Australia on October 8 {that's 1 week today people!}. Aside from thinking, about bloody time!, I've been filled with nervous anticipation about the launch date and have been known to run up to Husband shouting something like "quick someone just took the last Missoni bath towel! What do you do?" {answer: tackle them or steal their trolley}. You could say that I'm excited. I guess, you could also say that I'm crazy. Each to their own I guess.

Since the look book was released I have been browsing through it every day, writing lists, making wishlists and dreaming. The first list I made came close to a total of $2,000 and with Christmas coming up we all know that's not going to happen {it could but it probably shouldn't}. So, I've whittled and whittled and now I can firmly say I have 10 must-have items that I need and am going to share with you. But! You must promise that if you see a crazed woman with an adorable kid and a balding Husband tackling people then you must hand her the items you want because that crazy woman is me and I need this. People I need this.

*don't forget the collection launches in store and online on Wednesday October 8

about time//how long will i love you? as long as stars are above you

About Time is one of my all time favourite films. I'm not a big romantic film person {too soppy for me} but there's something different about this Richard Curtis offering. Somehow it's never soppy. It's just perfect and the soundtrack...? Oh, how it gets me every time. 

It's as though each song was written just for the film itself. They're magical and the most magical of all, the one that speaks to me the most, and lifts my soul and spirits, is How Long Will I Love You? 

I happened upon many a version and just couldn't decide which would become my go-to until I heard the one by Ellie Goulding and felt my heart swell with happiness. I find myself listening to it multiple times a day for no real reason at all. If you haven't heard it have a listen here.

Every time I hear it or find myself singing the lyrics without even realising it I feel happier and lighter - as if the song, like the film, has healing powers. And when it finishes or when I really think of the lyrics individually I come to the conclusion that, right now, I have a love like this. With my Husband and with a little girl named Bailey too.

Quite possibly my favourite part:

how long will I love you?
as long as stars are above you
and longer, if I may