dress my home//freedom does amazing

I am currently decor obsessed - again - and have discovered some amazing finds from Freedom. Damn it, Freedom, you've done it again. Can being broke in a well decorated home be a bad thing?

seven. palm cushion
thirteen. alvin the tortoise pot {his name is alvin! he's adorable! that's totally the name I'd give him too}


friday five

Hello. Greetings. Happy Friday. You know what I love? A really simple week where there's plenty to do but not plenty to do and it's easy & breezy & wonderful. I adore my little family. They are many shades of awesome and then some.

This week we visited a few animal shelters and it really hit home that we should all endeavor to adopt. Being there broke my heart but in the best possible way. I don't necessarily agree with the heavy-handed push to "don't shop, adopt" because I think all animals need love and a family {but, yes, puppy farms are awful and should be stopped but these dogs need help too} but I do think adoption should be our first port of call.

Anyway, that tangent is over - here's the five for this week {a pretty print, some gorgeous shoes a whimsical dress and a few other musts} -

one. nothing's black & white except pandas {I need this & wish to be unwrapping this for my birthday please. when husband saw this he said "but zebras are too", of course, the man has to ruin it - ugh...}
four. a teapot dress! a friggin teapot dress! {and there's one in orange too. these are like Pokemon - got to collect them all}
five. the famous posie tint which gives the most gorgeous sheen {I love the balm in this shade too}


recent buys//a box full of 'em

So, I went shopping. Beauty shopping to be precise. In my mind I need all of these things. I did. Yep. So here's what I picked up:

^Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Face Washing Cloths - gorgeously soft muslin cloths. one side is scrubby and one is smooth
^Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Wardrobe - it's just been reduced in price and features 3 powders to create the perfect finish
^Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium {yes, I know, I wrote a post - here- about how you should give this product a miss and I still stand by that statement if you only want one brow product for bold brows, however, as a gel and used in conjunction with other products this works well}
^TRESemme Keratin Smooth - 7 Day Smooth System Shampoo & Conditioner
& not pictured but worth mentioning out of sheer fabulousness:
^Elizabeth Arden Intensive Moisturising Body Treatment {purchased in a limited edition 530ml size}

&, of course, I recommend all of these so go get 'em


take a peek//what's in my bag

I don't know why but these "what's in my bag" posts/videos are some of the most interesting to me. I am a bit of a sticky beak and I love to see what's in people's handbags especially when they haven't been heavily edited and there's random receipts everywhere. I've been meaning to do one of these posts for quite a while now and I've finally done it. Woohoo - congratulations to me. So, if you're interested, here's what's in my bag.

^current bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Damier - Jamie Oliver collect & save stickers & pamphlet thing from Woolworths peeking out
1. Colette Dinnigan Prescription Sunglasses w/ case & cleaning cloth
2. Elizabeth Arden Make Up Bag {came as a gwp}
inside: bamboo hairbrush, {and not pictured} anti-bacterial wipes, tissues, asthma medication, pain medication, chewing gum, tic tacs & some make up for touch ups that's interchangeable
3. Louis Vuitton Damier Pouch {came with the GM} - I like to keep this handy for when I want to leave my bag in the car/with Husband, etc but on this occasion it was used to hold item number 5, my Mimco watch which I needed to have links removed from
4. Samsung Galaxy S3 - I used to be one of those people who always had their phone with them for fear of being without it and now it's always with me merely out of necessity {and for Instagram, of course}
5. Mimco watch {no longer available - similar here}
7. A little whimsical mirror {picked up from Daiso for $2.80}
9. Random Crap: a bobby pin, one Mimco earring, 50 cents & a hair tie
10. Mimco Card Wallet {no longer available - similar here} - has all my excess cards in


can we discuss kathleen kelly's apartment, please?

^today I found myself unshakably grumpy & sad - nothing major, just one of those days, you know? when Husband came home one of his first ports of call was to put You've Got Mail on for me {how I love his loyal service} and as I watched all snuggled up in bed I found myself in awe, again, at Kathleen Kelly's apartment. isn't it divine? 

I mean...

Kathleen Kelly & Joe Fox, I love you 

weekly spotlight//elizabeth arden eight hour range

When I think of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour range I hear "hello, you fool, I love you!" Why? Because I bloody well do & there's really not much else to say on the matter but, you know me, I probably will.

one. eight hour cream intensive moisturising body treatment - deliciously creamy. thick but easy to blend. sinks into skin easily and leaves a subtle sheen of moisture & it doesn't leave skin greasy and ick after application
two. eight hour cream skin protectant - a classic, just gorgeous
three. eight hour cream intensive daily moisturiser - creamy & smooth. perfect for the day and doesn't leave my face sweaty or oily 
five. eight hour cream skin protectant nighttime miracle moisturiser - this is thick but easy to apply. you can feel it on your skin but in the best and most luxurious way. it has the light scent of lavender and in the morning you wake up with the most silky smooth skin {tip: if it feels too thick on your face blot a little with a cotton pad after application}
six. eight hour cream lip protectant stick - just like the lip repair balm but less thick and not as long lasting. it's still super moisturising and gorgeous on the lips.

^holy grails all of them
if I could buy them all for everyone I would - they're just that good


friday five


shop with me//j style

Yesterday you shopped with me//beauty and today is a shop with me//j style and a special one at that. All the items shown are on sale and from online stores - there's also only 2 stores to visit, so, a two-stop-shop if you will. Interested? Look down...

one. snack time cardi {this makes me feel all giddy and child-like}
four. rouge skirt {print}
six. lobster red smoking gun slipper {on sale for $99}


shop with me//beauty

Can you imagine if I got paid to shop? That would be the most amazing career in the entire world. I know personal shoppers exist but I want to get paid to shop for myself and my family. Oh shopping, how I love you. Marry me won't you? So, with all that in mind - do you want to come shopping with me? Of course you do, you'd be crazy not to. I am awesome after all. Here's the list from Beauty Bay.


an announcement from gaffland

we've all been sick with the flu for over a week & the other night in a flu induced haze Husband, the Bum and I watched Spice World. It was my first time. It was not Husband's. He was not a Spice World virgin as it so happens and, now, neither am I.

that is all...


friday five

For some reason this week I really ironed out what I am most craving for my birthday. I know, I know. It's still a little ways away but my cravings reached optimum levels and I just had to get them down. Take note Husby Danza.

one. long bar necklace from etsy {I'd love this in silver with a heart engraved/embossed on it}
five. customised bar bracelet {I'd love the silver - not pictured online - with Bailey's birth date in Roman Numerals on it}


j wishes//august & september beauty wishlist

I'm currently craving a few new items that I'm deeming must haves: a scrub that actually scrubs and gives some glow, a mask for those days where I'm exhausted and looking it, a new foundation, something for the brows, some powder illumination for all over the face, some new blush and a primer. With all that said, here's my august & september beauty wishlist - some must haves and some just because things. Fourteen things so here we go

one. hourglass ambient lighting powder wardrobe palette - I've seen this on the queenofsheba youtube channel {who I've recently discovered} and it looks amazing

have you tried any of these? what did you think?
& what's on your beauty wishlist?


fragrance love//romantic, lovely, dotty, daisies & a chance

I believe that one can never have too many fragrances. I also believe that having a signature fragrance is important. As you can see, these ideas differ so, let me rephrase: I believe that one can never have too many fragrances until you exceed twenty. Twenty is the limit for me. I don't know why, just go with it. And; I also believe that having a signature fragrance for certain times of day, seasons or occasions is important. Of course, if you're happy with one fragrance then so be it {and, actually, more power to you and please share your secrets and infinite wisdom with me. Please do. How do you not get lured in to the fantastical world of fragrances? How? Tell me!}

I used to collect fragrances like they were going out of style until I realised that I was either a) only using my signature scents and not using the others or b) forcing myself to use them all and not wearing what I really wanted. So I paired back and now I only own my signatures, some smaller bottles of other fragrances that I love but don't love love and a body oil type fragrance from MOR. I also stopped buying scented moisturisers and body washes because I never used them {though I do own a Chanel Chance Body Mist which I use on days where I'm not wearing any scent}.

So, my signature scents - what are they? Well, actually, I'm glad you asked because I've snapped some pics and compiled some info on them just for you.

 ^here they are and there they be: Ralph Lauren Romance {slightly hidden}, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, Marc Jacobs Dot, Chanel Chance and Marc Jacobs Daisy.

 ^Lovely is the scent that Husband requested I wear on our wedding day and is reserved for special Husband & Wife occasions. It has top notes of bergamot, lavender and apple martini, middle notes of patchouli, paperwhites and creamy orchid and bottom notes of cedarwood, white amber, sultry woods and musk.
^Romance is the least signature of my sigantures but a signature all the same {that totally makes sense}. My sister owned it first and I used to steal spritzes of it during high school. I now wear it on date-y times when I forgo Lovely. It "evokes the timeless essence of falling in love" and has notes of velvety woods, extravagant florals and seductive musk.
^Chance is my current go-to/signature scent for two reasons. One; it's gorgeous and the newest one of all five listed here and two; it's handy to travel with because of this packaging. It has notes of white musk, hyacinth and citron, pink pepper, jasmine, fresh vetiver, orris absolute and amber patchouli.

^Dot is my second everyday/whenever scent and comes a close second to Chance. It is my "hey I'm wearing polka dots" signature scent. I love it because I adore polka dots and the scent is divine and personifies me {if that's a thing}. It has top notes of red berries, mid notes of jasmine and base notes of driftwood.
^Daisy is my "hey I'm wearing something boho/hippy/floral" signature scent. I don't know why. Just go with it. It has notes of wild strawberry, violet petals, gardenia, jasmine and white accords of birch and cedarwood.

As you can see, all of my signatures follow the same kind of fruity floral type theme, however, they're all remarkably different and evoke different feelings.

What are your favourite fragrances?
& do you have any recommendations for me? I'd love to hear them.


weekly spotlight//oh the places you'll go

Today, the only thing I could write about for this here weekly spotlight is the book that quite literally had me sitting there, mouth open in awe, at its brilliance - oh the places you'll go by Dr. Seuss. It's hard for me to believe that I've never read it before and I am even quite cross with myself that it's taken me almost 27 years to get around to it. This book quite literally changed me. I'm not even kidding.

We borrowed it from the library, Bailey and I, and she asked me to read it to her so I did. And I'm not going to lie, my first thought when she handed it to me was "oh no, not Dr. Seuss" because Dr. Seuss books, while wonderful, usually leave me quite tongue tied but as soon as this one began I wasn't tongue tied I was amazed. This book is amazing.

^this is my new mantra for when the anxiety gets bad

^this is what makes the book so brilliant - a lovely "you can do lots of things and go lots of places but sometimes you can't or won't and that's ok". Of course, Dr. Seuss says it beautifully.

To me, this book teaches kids and adults everything they/we need to know and why it's not recommended reading for everyone I'll never know.

When I was done reading I insisted Husband read it too and as he toddled off to find a quite place to do so I was left with that thumping heart, tingly, proud, dancing in public kind of feeling that I get after watching or reading or seeing something truly uplifting like whenever I watch Enchated and want to dance through the streets or when I watch Frozen and can't stop singing "do you want to build a snowman".

Gosh, I love it so.

If you haven't read it before {or are Husband and I the only ones} you need to read it now.


friday five

This week has danced along like all the others and in all honesty my favourite moment this week was finally finding a copy of Elmo in Grouchland to watch with Bailey. I love that movie and can't wait to share it with her {and here's hoping that she actually watches it and loves it too}. While that might sound slightly sarcastic it's not and it's also not a testament of a crappy week - this week was wonderful but the excitement I felt when I scanned the E sections at the library with Bailey holding my hand, found it and squealed with delight and then having Bailey squeal with delight was pretty darn awesome in my book.

two. a gorgeous browns palette from Dior {and Dior palettes are so darn pretty}
four. this print was meant for Bailey {life is pretty wonderful with her in it}
five. a pinky chubby cheek stick from Clinique {quite intrigued with these}


five youtubers i love

I first discovered that YouTube was more than random "funny" videos over 5 years ago. I stumbled, Alice in Wonderland style, into the world of beauty and fashion videos and I have been addicted ever since. I'm one of those watchers that quickly became addicted to haul videos along with tutorials and other such things. I have since compiled a fabulous list of YouTubers who I love and adore and watching their videos has become a relaxing and informative past time.

Here are five channels I love -

Rachel Talbott
^she's gorgeous and has fabulously done videos. She's a new mumma and a wife and has fantastic style.

^follow on Instagram: racheltalbott
Lisa Duncan
Lisa is famous for her "Friday Hauls" and, boy, does she like to shop {a woman after my own heart}. She has wonderful style and a great eye. She's welcoming and her videos kind of swallow you whole with warmth and kindness.

^follow on Instagram: lisalisad1

Melissa is in her 50's, yet when I first started watching her I thought for sure she was in her 30's. When she mentioned her age I was gobsmacked {as was Husband when I mentioned it to him} because she looks so darn young. I've gobbled up every video she's ever uploaded and continue to do so. Her accent and spark drew me in but I also love her style and her make up. I also adore that she speaks of being a wife, a mother and a grandmother with such warmth.

Ruth Crilly

Ruth is a model and then so much more. She's smart, hilarious, stylish and beautiful. Her recommendations are spot on and she adores her cat {Mr Bear} and dog {Dexter} an insane amount. 

^follow on Instagram: modelrecommends


The girl who spurred the decision to buy my Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Her designer collection is insane and she's gorgeous. She's always well put together and stylish and she has another accent I adore.

^follow on Instagram: nastasiam53


new tech//lenovo ideapad yoga 2 13.3" ultrabook

I don't often talk or write about tech because I'm just not that into tech-y things {see, I have a nerdy Husband for that} but I couldn't pass up talking/writing about my new laptop from Lenovo {mine is the silver grey} for the simple awesomeness factor alone. Also, I could be a tech writer if I wanted {scoff}. Ok, I couldn't really but sometimes it's nice to read some tech recommendations without all the nerdy mumbo jumbo {otherwise known as the actual important stuff}. So here's my attempt.

I've named him Bilbo Bagnovo in case you were interested and he's a laptop, tablet & tent and then some more because he's got a touch screen too.

^quite possibly my favourite feature is that the touch screen is available in all modes. Ooh fancy!

Now let's get all techy for a moment: its high resolution QHD+ multitouch display flips back 360 degrees to offer four different usage modes: laptop, tablet, stand and tent. Life has many modes, so should your technology.

It comes with Windows 8.1 and usually I am more of a Linux girl but Windows 8.1? Could. Not. Resist.

And, yes, it's kind of ridiculous and costs more than my Louis Vuitton Neverfull  but it's also awesome and I already love it so. It's perfect for everything I need a laptop for: Internet, Word & Excel {which need to be purchased separately} and watching TV and movies {the speakers & sound - amazing}.

I highly recommend {obviously, otherwise this post wouldn't exist}.


link love//things to watch

I'm an Internet trawler - there is always something new to watch and to discover and it's something I live for {in the sense that I don't know how I'd survive without it. Really}. Most of the time I happen upon things by chance. Sometimes Husband shows me something {mostly nerdy/rarely funny/sometimes sweet} and other times I click something someone else has linked along the way.

I have never been a big "funny" video watcher mainly because the "funny" videos people point out are usually animals hurting themselves and that will never be something I find humor in, but when I stumbled upon Jimmy Fallon and his "lip sync battle" videos on YouTube I found myself in love with this brand of humor. And, honestly, if you haven't watched all of these videos yet I don't know what's wrong with you/where you've been {though I'm sure some people will think those exact things about me and my distaste for animal videos}.

Anyway, here they are -- in no particular order. Four of my favourite videos the Internet has ever shown me.

Don't ask me to pick my favourite. That would be impossible.

Which is yours?
Also, how adorably cool is Emma Stone?


did you fall for a shooting star//one without a permanent scar?

^because, even though some days it's a struggle, I love mine & I never thought I'd get there...
&, after years of never believing it, I know my Husband loves them {and has always} too

weekly spotlight//a beautiful mess app

The majority of apps on my phone are free - that's just the kind of girl I am. I haven't had to spend a cent on my most used and loved apps and it's worked fine in every area aside from photos. I'd heard about the A Beautiful Mess app and loved everything about it - aside from the fact that it needed to be paid for. Yes, it was only $1.09 {on Google Play} but it's the gosh darn principle of the matter. 

I finally gave in a few weeks ago and I am glad I finally did. $1.09 well spent people. The app lets you make solo images or collages with options for backgrounds and cropping images. You also get to add filters {and change opacity, brightness and contrast}, borders, doodles, text and phrases {you can purchase extras of these too}.

{if you love adding something extra to photos then this is for you - recommend}


friday five

It feels strange that this time last week I was celebrating my wedding anniversary and today I'm not. I like to live every day as though it's special but it would be nice for wedding anniversaries to happen more than once a year if only for the Zonuts.

This week I'm a coveting five pretty things -
one. ahoy shirt dress - polka dots! this would look fabulous belted
two. zip front slouch bag - I have decided that I need a large-ish bag that I can wear like a satchel for days that Bailey and I are out and about at the library/shops, etc 
three. embroidered anchor sweater - adorableness personified
four. home republic 'arizona' sheets - why do I think collecting sheets is a thing? no, seriously, someone tell me why
five. hollywood 85 pump - spots & stripes, divine