insta hauls//some bourjois, a polish & hair goodies

Yes, I am a tad lazy at times but if you can't use images from your own Instagram on your own blog when can you? 

Some new goodies that I picked up last week to make me all pretty for my anniversary and the days following.
Happy Light Foundation - pretty and light that fits my skin perfectly - I have the lightest colour, as usual
123 Perfect CC Cream - a fabulous CC Cream that is the perfect base or alone and really does colour correct
Mega Liner - ridiculously easy to use, the felt tip gives the perfect line. It dries quickly but touching up is easy.

^the face these three created -

& the hair lift

Edward Beale Moroccan Gloss Styling Dust - this is easy to use and gives hair extra body. It does leave hair with that "dirty" feel but it's easier to brush out than other similar products.
Revlon Chroma Chameleon Polish in 'Gold' - easy to apply, the brush is a perfect fit for nails. It dries quickly and has fabulous texture but only lasts around 2 days even with a top coat.

^not all products are available online but all were purchased in store at Priceline


a celebration of four years

Last Friday Husband and I celebrated four years of marriage {and 9 years of togetherness. 9 years!} and it was wonderful in its simplicity. Here are some phone snaps from the day - for most of it it was just Husband and I {B was at Kindy} and that night we stayed close to tradition with a pizza ordered in and a DVD {Law Abiding Citizen - one of Husband's presents was the 3 movies we watched on our honeymoon - the previously mentioned, The Blind Side and I Love You, Too. How sweet am I?}.

^the morning started a little something like this - waking up to these two adorable people snuggling & present opening. We decided on watches {his Emporio Armani and mine Mimco} and had an engrave off.
his: hold me closer tony danza
mine: do you think a princess and a guy like me?

^I wore Laura Ashley dress, Rubi boots, Mimco belt, bag, earrings and watch, Sass and Bide necklace and Colette Dinnigan prescription specs. Husband wore an entirely new outfit that was one of his presents.
^^we went to Adriano Zumbo in Rozelle for a combined breakfast/lunch thing and it was the best decision we ever made {besides getting married, of course}.

 ^we ordered the goats cheese & leek quiche {not pictured - delicious}, chocolate brownie {the best one I've ever had}, zumbarons {I forget all the flavours we ordered but I recommend the marshmallow and salted popcorn} and the lamington zonut {this is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted and we will certainly be back for more of their Zonut creations}

^after Zumbo we ventured out for 2 rounds of indoor mini golf. On the second round we did extreme mini golf. I won the first round. Husband won the second.

Other activities included: the games arcade which we visited on the night we got engaged and some shopping.

^and that night we slipped into matching themed pj's and when Bailey was in bed we ate pizza {pepperoni}, watched a movie and munched sticky date pudding & whipped cream {a favourite dessert of ours from our early years}.

All in all, a pretty darn fabulous anniversary. And we are a pretty darn fabulous twosome if I do say so myself. And not to get too ahead of myself but this means next year we will have been together for 10 years! 10 years! 


see my specs//see my specs

^the other week I picked up my new prescription specs and sunglasses - all by Colette Dinnigan {which you can find at Specsavers} and I adore them.

I adore the clear trim on these

*a few other things:
^I grew tired of the blonde so I went red
^^Specsavers have an offer where you get 2 for 1 so I get both prescription specs for $199 and then the prescription sunglasses were on sale for $99. All in all a pretty darn good deal right?
^^^the CD glasses all come with the most gorgeous shiny black cases and are divine


weekly spotlight//the lip balm to end all lip balms

This lip balm is the lip balm to end all lip balms. Seriously, out of every single balm I have tried, this is the best. The most luscious. Creamy. Moisturising. Delicious. The best. Do try it.

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm delivers intense, long-lasting moisture that soothes lips. This rich formula helps strengthen lips delicate moisture barrier, leaving lips healthier-looking and more beautiful than ever. The balm leaves lips with a subtle sheen. 

Ingredients include: petrolatum, shea butter, palm tree butter, essential fatty acids, honey extract, arnica flower oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, watercress extract, menthol lactate, menthol and defensil - which provide moisture, smooth and soften lips, heal dry and chapped lips and create a protective barrier to seal in moisture. 

This balm has been the best thing for my lips which have been a constant source of trouble for me. They are usually forever cracked and chapped with balms, until this, only providing short relief. I like to apply this once before bed and in the morning before I begin make up application. 

^the balm provides a sheer tint, like your lips but better and leaves them perfectly soft even after the main source of moisture has left.


friday five//five things. four years

Welcome back to another installment of Friday Five. I hope you're all well. Today we're going to do something a little different over here because today the Husband and I celebrate 4 years of marriage. So... five things in four years or otherwise, and not as vague, here are five things I've learnt from marriage in the past four years.

Anyway, four years of marriage. Woohoo. As an anniversary present to Husband I really wanted to get him a book on divorce and say "surprise!" and have the scene already set so there were suitcases lined up in his line of vision but then I thought maybe that was a bit too mean and maybe the joke would keep going until one of us actually wanted to get divorced and that's how we'd tell the other person and then we'd laugh but then they'd be serious and all of sudden sadness. So, yep, that did not happen. We did watches instead and had an engrave off.

Going into getting married my thought process was something along the lines of this: I despise my last name. I want to spend forever with this man and he wants to spend forever with me but in no way shape or form are we allowed to promise forever because if forever doesn't happen then that would really suck. I hate weddings. Let's have an actual wedding. Tears. I don't want an actual wedding. Let's get married at the registry office but out overlooking the river. I don't want anyone there because this feels like a private moment that should just be us. Gosh darn it, we need witnesses. Photos. No photos. Fine, photos. I want to get my hair and make up done and wear a pretty dress. Let's have a semi-kinda-wedding thing. On our anniversary. Ok then.

And that's what happened. Less then a year after getting engaged we got married and it was perfectly us because it wasn't really a thing and there wasn't really a ceremony and the reception [if you could call it that} was at a dog-friendly hotel so we wouldn't have to spend the night away from Minnie and only a few people were invited and we ate appetizers and drank a lot and my sister and Husband gave a speech and that was that. And, really, if we could have just said we want to be married now and that was that we would have been but it was kind of nice to make a small song and dance about it.

It wasn't the best day of my life but it was up there. I love him more now. He is a better friend now. We are wiser now and so, without further ado, here are five things I've learnt in these last four years...

one.sometimes your best friend and husband can hurt you in ways that you never thought possible and while it may seem easier to get out and leave, forgiveness and moving on is much more rewarding. I don't want to sound so preachy but after you get through that big hurdle you can look at him and yourself with so much more respect because you actually made a promise to work on it together and when you do and can get back to the jokey cuddly twosome that you used to be it feels so much more earned and, well, delicious.

two. light saber fights are the best thing to diffuse tension {especially when you win every time - like me!}

three. go to bed angry {yes, really} time to cool off is important.

four. going through great trauma or huge obstacles and coming out the other side with bumps and scratches but together, holding hands and smiling is kinda one of the best feelings in the world.

five. laugh together even during this most intimate {ahem!} moments.

And that's kind of our marriage summed up in five mini points. Sometimes our life together is fantastic and sometimes it's not so fantastic but even in the worst times when I couldn't stand being his wife he was still my best friend. We have lots of in-jokes and we must seem joined at the hip and ridiculous. After 4 years we still hold hands in public. We still want to spend a night snuggled up in bed together doing nothing. We still have fun together and have more fun with each other than with anyone else.


a fave read//don't push the button

We are a family of readers. Husband loves to read. I love to read. Bailey loves to read. Alone or together. Whatever it may be a day doesn't go by without words read and shared in this house. We also visit the local library quite a lot, once a week at the least, mostly for Bailey but Husband and I adore it there too.

It was on one of those visits where we came across this book by Bill Cotter, Don't Push The Button. It's very rare that we can find an age appropriate book for Bailey that all three of us love and find joy in, waiting anxiously until we can all read it again. It's a gorgeously fun book that tests our fingers patience all the way through.

Every bed time Bailey's room was filled with funny voices {courtesy of the reader - Husband}, laughs and squeals {from Bailey} and me throwing faux-tantrums because I want to push the darn button.

It's since been returned to the library but as soon as we come across one in store {though you can buy it on Amazon here} it's coming home with us. Yes, it's just that good. Better, actually.


pj wishlist//star wars & harry potter

I am a massive Harry Potter fan. The books. The movies. The games. Love Harry Potter. Being married to Husband has also seen my love for Star Wars grow. Light sabers {and light saber fights}, R2-D2, Jar Jar Binks {he's awesome, deal} and some of the films {hey, Jake Lloyd, I thought you were pretty darn good}.

I've become one of those people who squeal with delight whenever I see a Star Wars item that I can buy for Husband, Bailey or myself so when I came across the new Peter Alexander collections - Star Wars & Harry Potter - I was ridiculous amounts of excited for obvious reasons.

^^^b: mini darth pj set {they only have "boys" star wars pj sets for kids - outrage!}


product spotlight//natio skincare

Here's a look at some of the products I'm currently using on my face - all from Natio.

Natio is a plant based beauty care range specifically designed for a contemporary lifestyle. It combines the finest natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oil blends. The result is a plant based and easy-going beauty regime, offering healthier and more radiant skin. Their gentle, plant base formulations work across a wide range of skin types.

Cleanse - Morning & Night: Pure and Gentle Cleansing Cream
Exfoliate - 2-3 Times Per Week: Gentle Facial Scrub
Moisturise - Morning: Renew Radiance Day Cream
Eyes - Morning: Eye Contour Treatment Gel {I use a different eye cream from Clarins for night}
Makeup Base - Skin Brightening Face Balm {used as a makeup base or middle of the day 'boost'}
Face Mask - 1-2 Times Per Week: Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier 

So why do I use so much from Natio? I adore the simpleness of their products from the packaging to the products themselves. The creams are luscious and not heavy on the skin and most perfect of all, for me, is they don't make my face feel suffocated and sweaty while they do their thing. The eye gel is soothing and doesn't burn, the face mask works wonderfully though can't be left on longer than 15 minutes and the skin brightening face balm works like a dupe of sorts to Clarins Beauty Flash Balm {which I also adore}.

Unlike other plant-based products the smells aren't overpowering and don't irritate my sensitive skin.

I also adore that each product is so affordable and that Natio does beauty and men's products too - a one stop shop for everything I need.


weekly spotlight//laura ashley steal

Only a few words necessary:

75% off 
Laura Ashley Dress
Originally $129

I'm so glad I snapped this up - they're going quick


friday five

Listen, after a certain point there's nothing to say on these posts. My weeks are usually the same - playgroup and other classes for B, park visits, Disney movies - all that stuff. That's it And at a certain point you get to Friday and don't have much to say because every week is the same-ish. Not that I'm complaining because I adore routine. Crave it. Routines make me happy dance but it also leads to nothing much to say because at the end of week you can't really give a rundown of what transpired because nothing did that didn't happen the week before and the week before that you know?

Anyway, for over a year I have been looking for bags from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade and I haven't been able to find any that I like but this week was different, friends because I found a bag from each that I need in my life right this instant - see here.
two. np set eye slicks {these sound quite fascinating actually - cream shadows that dry instantly to a powder finish}
five. oversized boyfriend shirt {I tell you, if I don't find the one in a white collared shirt soon I will have a nervous breakdown and will be forced to go live somewhere isolated where white collared shirts are not a wardrobe necessity and make a friend named Wilson}


currently reading//gone girl by gillian flynn

^I feel like I'm behind the times with this one, way behind the times. Too often, I get too caught up with only reading the "classics". Alas, I randomly picked it up during one of those ridiculous Kmart shopping trips where you mean to spend $20 but spend $400+ instead. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - I'm sure you've all heard the rave reviews and I can say that after a few pages in I can see why.

Flynn has a wonderfully unique and descriptive writing style that pulls you in instantly. She has me hooked, drunk with her words. So far, it's the kind of book you don't want to put down but are scared to pick up because you know you're likely to devour it too soon and then, when it's over, all you feel is infinite sadness because it was gone too soon.

Perhaps, a proper review to come soon?

Have you read it?

What did you think?


weekly spotlight//a powder & the one

The other week I went on a little shopping bender - makeup, skincare, clothes - too much stuff, really and as it goes only some of these beauty items have gotten a work out {and the majority of the clothes still hang unworn in my closet because, let's face facts, as a stay-at-home mum I don't have many places to be}. 2 of these items are featuring here today for all the ways they've made my beauty routine easier and how they've made my skin look and feel {that is, fabulous to be precise}. Here they are.

 ^I am not ashamed to admit that I adore beauty brands that you can pick up at most supermarkets or chemists {drugstore products, if you will}. I don't believe that you always have to pay top dollar for beauty {or even skincare products} and that's while you'll see that I usually gravitate towards products at the cheaper end {though in Australia it's still ridiculously expensive compared to other places}. 

This Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder is a fine example of a fantastic product for a fantastic price. It's silky smooth, conceals pores and most redness and assists with longevity. It also works well as a powder foundation of sorts and has enough coverage for the most simple of beauty days. 

My colour is, of course, the lightest shade {115 Ivory} and it fits my skin tone perfectly but if this colour isn't for you there are 11 other shades to choose from.

^^this week I've also been loving the Napoleon Perdis 'The One' Concealer. It's a creamy little beauty that hides dark circles and excess {eye} baggage. It evens out redness, blemishes, and pigmentation patches. But its biggest selling point? It syncs with {almost} every skin tone which is why it comes in this peach/nude shade which suits me just fine {though it now comes in a newly released lighter shade}.

After some experimentation 'The One' is best used with finger tips rather than a brush. It works well under and over foundation and is also the perfect thing to wear alone on fabulous skin days where you just need a little something. 

On lazy/good skin days I've been wearing the Fit Me with The One for an easy but slightly together look.

Have you tried either of these products? Let me know your thoughts on them


when harry met sally//& jaye met peter

When Harry Met Sally is one of my all time favourite movies. For many an iconic moment is the "orgasm" scene and while I do love it so, the one for me is when Sally {Meg Ryan} talks about Sheldon and her days of the week underwear {where was Sunday?} and since I can remember I've wanted days of the week underwear too {I've also wondered if, when I found them, whether they'd have Sunday and if they didn't would it be because of God? Well would it?} Years passed. Nothing. And then it happened during a random online wonder through Peter Alexander. Oh yes it did.

&, yep, as you can see there is Sunday and a polka dotted pair no less.

So, how does having all my dreams come true feel?
Pretty darn great. Thanks for asking...


friday five

Some things to brighten up your Friday - and, perhaps, buy on Saturday & Sunday... yep, that's all I've got today - forgive me

^estee lauder double wear all-day glow BB {this is amazing! amazing! and I only have the sample size}
^mozi classic candle - vanilla & peach {gorgeous packaging. gorgeous}


i need//this bed

I am a TV and movies in bed kind of person all rugged up in blankets either alone {delicious} or with a loved one {delicious, also}. For me there is nothing as relaxing as doing just that. This bed is everything I need and more {take a proper look here}.

I have dreams that I'll return home one day {from where I have no idea - shopping probably} and my Husband will have surprised me with this media bed all decked out. I need this in my life as soon as possible.


friday five

three. prada candy - finally gave this a whiff in store and it is a delicious candy scent
five. estee lauder double wear all-day glow BB {I was at the Clarins counter lusting for their BB when this was recommended to me by the Clarins lady instead. If you're pale like me do not go with the Clarins BB before testing. The lightest colour is very dark for pale skin}


blonde locks & threaded brows

I finally went blonde. It's a process and I didn't want it to be but there it is. I was advised against stripping my colour so opted for a full head of foils with more on top of that. Soon I'll try and go lighter. I want whiter but I'm actually quite happy with the brown intertwined.

I also got my brows threaded for the first time and I'm never going back to waxing. There is no comparison. The process felt a little uncomfortable,  like one of those electric zaps you get on an escalator.

And that is the end of this story.


a confession//anxiety

I have a confession to make. I have anxiety.

Last year I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and put on medication but it took years to get to that point. Years of knowing I needed help and doing nothing about it. I can't pinpoint the exact moment when the anxiety came but I know that growing up in an abusive home {emotionally and physically} with one parent and having another who I always felt abandoned by - who I looked at as having left me to start another family with someone else - who then, once I left the abuse, was as demeaning as the first, well, suffice to say, I always felt displaced, worthless, like nothing.

Growing up I seeked love in all the wrong places. I was terrified of being left alone. I wanted someone to love me. Anyone.

I constantly fear being left. I fear being hit. I fear hugs. I fear everything. Driving is a major fear of mine. I don't drive and when I'm in a car I clench my thighs and try not to let the fear overwhelm me. I don't look at the sides of the road. The one time I did, after Minnie, I saw a dead animal and completely lost all control. I like the doors locked when we're inside. When we're not, usually right before bed, even if I know the car is locked I need the doors to be checked again.

I check windows in the house. I check the doors. And then I check them again. I think about death all the time. I worry on my Husband's way to and from work. I worry that a car is going to drive into Bailey's kindy and kill her. I worry she'll be kidnapped. I worry about Summer dying. I worry about death every single second of my waking hours and in my sleeping ones I see it. Over and over again.

I check the time before falling asleep. And then I check it again. I have an obsessive need with knowing the time so much so that it takes me hours to fall properly asleep. I need things just so. A messy house can send me into an anxiety spiral that can take days to recover from. I get blackouts when something unexpected happens. I need order. I need routine. I need a clean sink and cans in the pantry to be straight and I need the Tupperware cupboard to be in a specific order.

I can't deal with repetitive noises or a temperature rise or fall that can't easily be fixed. I can't watch a movie or a TV show without other things to occupy me too. I can't relax during beauty treatments. If I start to feel uncomfortable I need a shower right away to wash it away. I can't switch my brain off. I don't sleep properly. I cry for no reason. Small spaces scare me. Being in a crowd is a frightening prospect.

But, hey, it's not as bad as it used to be. The medication helps. I'm still not entirely comfortable with this anxiety thing. I am embarrassed by it. I call myself "crazy" to make it seem like a joke. For a while there I blamed everyone. My parents. My Husband. They'd all done really shitty things that didn't help. I even blamed Minnie because her death and seeing her as she was was the tipping point. But, really, it had been years in the making - pregnancy and even before that. And I was too ashamed to seek help. And it got worse. And there's no one to blame for that but myself {and really I shouldn't even be doing that - but, hey, that's where I am right now}.

So I'm here today to let you know that I have anxiety and one day that admission is going to be ok. And if you think you might have anxiety don't be me - don't wait for years until it's at its worst before you seek help. I promise getting help is ok and it doesn't make you weak.

I can see some changes in myself - I react normally to temperature now. I don't need the fan or air conditioner on all year and all day long now. I don't freak out as much as I used to at a messy house which I'm sure my Husband is grateful for because, rest assured, he used to return home to a crying wife because the bench was messy. Everything still makes me anxious but my extreme reactions are lessened and I hope one day when faced with the idea that my Husband is taking Summer for a walk at night that my mind won't instantly jump to the image of him getting stabbed to death.

I still have bad days. I still have trouble getting out of bed but it's not every single day anymore. I still have those blackouts and head spins. I still have anxiety attacks but I'm getting better and one day I hope I won't have anxiety any more but until that day comes I'm working on being more open with this thing and not be ashamed of something that is a part of me.

And if you're like this then I hope the same for you too.

-with anxious, jittery love,